Protocol for evening weddings

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"ALT"Protocol for evening weddings dress

Protocol for evening weddings

Lucky you, you just received an invitation to a wedding in Mallorca from a friend. Going to a wedding means having a great time and that always makes us happy. Even more so if it is a wedding in Mallorca and in a wonderful Finca.

The first thing that comes to mind is, what should I wear to the wedding? Wedding dresses for women, I have to find the perfect one. What is the protocol for evening weddings? Or will it be during the day? First read the invitation well because it is very important the time. Everything changes depending on whether it’s a daytime, evening or late-night wedding.

"ALT"Protocol for evening weddings guests

So here I’m going to help you know the rules. Because there is a protocol for evening weddings. It’s the best way to bring order to a wedding, although it can always be adapted to the taste of the bride and groom.

It’s very important to learn it so as not to make any serious mistakes. We do not want to have looks on anyone for having left the protocol.

Dresses for evening weddings

First the type of dress, for an evening wedding it can be a long dress or a cocktail dress. To be sure, you’d better go for a cocktail dress. Long guest dresses are dangerous. They are usually for late evening weddings only and in other cases are reserved for the godmother and mother.

The cocktail dress for guests is worn at knee height or a few inches above or below.

"ALT"evening wedding protocol pink dress

The good thing about these cocktail dresses is that they can also be worn at weddings during the day. But of course the design must vary and the colors, because in an evening wedding the colors must not be so cheerful and daring.

Keep in mind that one of the most important points of the protocol for evening weddings is the color of the dress. It is strictly forbidden to wear white or similar shades. You don’t want the bride or her friends or family to throw a glass of wine on you to get you out of that dress. It is that prohibitive to wear white. It is reserved exclusively for the great protagonist of the day yes or yes.

"ALT"Protocol for evening weddings black dress

Another color you should avoid even if you know that is a great dress you have from the sales, is the whole black. At a wedding, it is preferable that the guests do not wear it, according to the protocol for evening weddings. Although there is an exception if the wedding is at late night. Let’s also say that if you work hard you can combine it with some colorful notes in the design or in the accessories that break that black mourning. But you’d better check out Vogue magazine to see what color is in style and be sure.

The perfect guest look

Because that’s another thing, and even if it’s not a rule of wedding protocol, you have to be comfortable and feel well. An evening wedding guest must endure the entire wedding as if her feet did not hurt or she was afraid to bend over.

Comfortable wedding guest shoes, if they are medium or high heels better but know that you will resist well in them. In tune with the dress, that’s very important.

For the perfect evening guest look please be careful with the neckline. Also if the ceremony is religious in a church and not say a cathedral. The protocol for evening weddings requires that you are not seen more than your mother would like you to show. Of course you have to be discreet, less is more in the evening weddings in Mallorca.

"ALT"evening wedding protocol long dress

I should add that pamelas and hats according to the protocol for evening weddings are forbidden. They are exclusive to daytime weddings, to protect you from the sun just like the glasses. You can wear if you want a discreet evening wedding headdress, a headband or perhaps a fancy hairpin. But know that you can’t take them off throughout the wedding, so choose wisely.

Wedding guest accessories

For the guest accessories for the evening wedding, think also of the handbag. This one if it is small better,  clutch style, where it fits the minimum and necessary. Even if your guy asks you to bring him the car keys and the lighter, refuse, tell him that your lipstick is more important than all that.

There’s no protocol for hairstyles in the protocol for evening weddings, but think that it might be windy and that it has to last. So an elegant pick up in a good hairdresser in Mallorca will always be a winner. It will get you intact at the time of the disco where you will literally let your hair down.

The jewellery, of course, should not be too conspicuous. Discretion and good taste will make you look like the perfect guest at an evening wedding. Always think that a single piece that is beautiful will be finer than three pieces spread around your body.

If you go with your guy they have it easier. How to go well dressed as a man with the typical and elegant suit jacket with tie never fails. Unless the bride and groom specify that you have to wear black tie, that means a chaqué for them. However, the jacket should never be removed under any circumstances, and neither should you if you wear one. Things of the protocol for evening weddings that is not so complicated either and serves as a perfect guide.

protocolo de bodas de tarde

protocolo de bodas de tarde

Protocol tips

The rest of the things are easy like not getting up during the banquet to gossip with the table next to you, because it can delay the times. Don’t take the kids unless they specify that you can. Try not to take out your cell phone or use it, you’ll tell your mother everything later. If you have allergies, please warn the bride and groom in advance, there may always be peanuts in a snack.

The last thing you need to know is that the dance is opened by the bride and groom, so don’t throw yourself on the dance floor and give it your all. Wait a bit, enjoy the dance of the bride and groom who have rehearsed for many months and then give it all to Shakira.

The most important thing of course, have a great time and tell us all about it later.

Protocol for evening weddings

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