Wedding Finca Comassema

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"boda fonca comassema

Wedding Finca Comassema

This wedding Finca Comassema  has been one of the most awaited ones this year as a wedding photographer in Mallorca. We met Mar and Javi several months ago before their wedding.

When they called us we met them and that same day there was a great connection. We liked each other so much that from then until their wedding day we have met many times. Being a photographer in Mallorca I am lucky enough to meet many amazing people because of my work.

They are those couples that you love to meet and have fun with. They have a personality and sympathy that attracts you. We knew that we wanted to have them always as friends and to be part of our lives. That’s why we were looking forward to their wedding day. I knew as a photographer in Mallorca that it was going to be incredible for them and because it would be at Finca Comassema, we were all going to have a great time.

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"ALT"wedding finca comassema bouquet

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"ALT"wedding finca comassema smiles

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This wedding Finca Comassema has been one of the most expected this year as photographer Mallorca. We met Mar and Javi quite a few months ago. When met that same day there was a great connection. We liked each other so much that from then until their wedding day we have seen each other on many occasions.

It’s one of those couples that you love to meet and have fun with. That’s why we were looking forward to their wedding day. We knew it was going to be amazing for them and because it would be at Finca Comassema, we were all going to have a great time.


It was a day wedding Finca Comassema so we met early at the hotel where they had both taken two rooms. This way as a photographer in Mallorca is much more comfortable for themselves and for everyone. When we finish with the groom and go to the bride if she is not ready we can go back to taking pictures of the groom.

We knew that Javi was going to be very well surrounded by his friends. His father also wanted to be there for the preparations. I had something special and fun for them. Because I knew that Javi was willing to do anything, which I love so I can do something different. Made them go up to the hotel pool and Javi got into it. The others from outside made jokes and it was a good way for him to have fun and finish waking up.

Then as you can see in the pictures I made them put towels on their heads and it was super fun. I like to do this kind of things as wedding photographer in Mallorca.  When I finished with them I went to Mar’s room. She was spectacular and already made up and hair done. Her mother, Margarita, was also beautiful and ready. Both nervous and excited at the same time for this wedding Finca Comassema.

Mar’s best friends were with her and were going to help her. The dress was beautiful by Rosa Clará. Her mother, grandmother and friends helped her with the details of putting it on. Once with it Mar was amazing and beautiful, we loved it. Her brother also came and was in charge of giving her the bouquet. We used the area of the terrace overlooking the sea. We were looking forward to a great wedding Finca Comassema .


The ceremony was to be held at the Portals Nous Ermita in the outside pine grove. Mallorca offers so many beautiful places to get married. All the chairs and the decoration with precious flowers was already prepared when we went. Javi began to receive all the guests and they sat down. Mar was already arriving inside a beautiful old Bentley. Javi made the entrance of his mother’s arm and prepared himself at the altar.

Mar got out of the car, it was very exciting to see her so incredibly beautiful. They gathered at the altar and made a beautiful couple. The ceremony was very pleasant and when they came out everyone threw rice and petals at them. I like to see so much love as a wedding photographer in Palma de Mallorca.

After they congratulated them I took the opportunity to take some pictures of them since the site has beautiful views. Then we went to the Finca Comassema . Everything was prepared in a very elegant way. The catering at this wedding Finca Comassema was going to be Amida catering.

Cocktail and banquet

The cocktail started with Mar and Javi ringing the bell on the stairs. It’s something tipical in Finca Comassema that every photographer in Mallorca knows.
There was live music and all the guests were enjoying themselves. Finca Comassema with its lake and vegetation was beautiful. From the cocktail we went on to the banquet at this wedding Finca Comassema where they made the entrance happily dancing between the tables.

There were some very emotional speeches. Eva ,Mar’s best friend and her brother read and cost them some tears. The atmosphere was very relaxed and there were also gifts from the bride and groom. One of them was very funny, a baby pacifier to some of his friends.

From there we went to where the cocktail had been. The dance part was going to be held there and already a group was ready to play live. Paco’s brother DJ Jaime Colombas from Panela Productions followed them and the bride and groom did the nuptial dance.

All the guests danced having a great time and it was a tremendous party. I took the opportunity as photographer Mallorca to have my dance with Mar. I knew she likes to dance and we’ve been waiting for it for a long time. We were all very happy at this wedding Finca Comassema. They are a couple that we love very much and we loved sharing this special day. We are very lucky to have them as friends and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

Wedding Finca Comassema


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