Photographic team in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Photographic team in Mallorca. Maria José and Joan’s wedding

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We met Maria José and Joan in a café downtown. From the beginning we knew they were made for each other. Maria José was very excited about the wedding and with many plans. She wanted to have a good photographic team in Mallorca for her wedding.

The ceremony was to be held in the Church of Santa Eulalia in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. The subsequent celebration would be at Finca Ses Cases de Sa Font Seca near Bunyola.


As a good photographic team in Mallorca the wedding day we went first to the groom’s house. He wanted to get change in his father’s house where the grandmother was in charge of everything.

She would help him with the tie and the father with the cufflinks and other accessories. Joan was very elegant with his navy blue suit and turquoise tie.

From there we went to where the bride was going to get change. She had chosen the big room of the Finca Ses Cases de Sa Font Seca. Everything else would take place there that afternoon.

Her parents and sister were there already dressed and ready. They were going to help her with the dress. She had chosen a very original and elegant one from Pronovias. It had a coloured rhinestone top and an impressive bottom. It consisted of two superimposed parts and a large bow on the back. The bed was full of gifts for her friends. It was beautiful to see her with the dress already on looking like a princess. As a photographic team in Mallorca we loved it.


From there we went to the center of Palma where is the Church of Santa Eulalia. A beautiful church where all the guests were already coming to the wedding. Joan received them with a smile on his face and he looked excited.

We greeted with Sonia from Más allá de tus sueños wedding planner. We always like to work with her as it is a guarantee that everything will be perfectly organized and will go very well. For the video was the company Sarts Productions.

The time has come for Joan to make the entrance in his sister’s arm. She was wearing a beautiful red dress, all proud of her brother.

Once he had taken his place at the altar he prepared to wait for the bride’s arrival.

Maria José came in by car with her father. He grabbed her arm and they walked down the hallway of the beautiful church. Once together the bride and groom at the altar made a beautiful couple.

The ceremony took place in a solemn way with some readings by guests and relatives.

At the end of it, as photographic team in Mallorca we took some family photos on the altar. Then came the church exit of the bride and groom, which was spectacular. There were many confetti cannons with even white butterfly designs. It was one of the most colourful outings of the year for this photographic team in Mallorca. Immediately they all approached to congratulate them.

I took advantage of the fact that we were in the centre to shoot the two of them out alone through the picturesque streets of Palma. Both of them were very happy as they were more relaxed.

Cocktail and Banquet

From there the photographic team in Mallorca went to the Finca Ses Cases de Sa Font Seca.

Before all the guests came I took them to the upper terrace. There I took some pictures and also around the Finca that has gardens and a kind of amphitheater.

When all the guests were there, they entered the cocktail party. They toasted with two glasses of cava and joined their friends and family. Turquesa catering had prepared appetizers that were everyone’s delight.

From there we passed to the banquet area. The cloister area was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. Mas allá de tus sueños had organized everything to perfection. The bride and groom entered the banquet dancing happily between the tables.

Everything developed in a super pleasant and fun way. The food was spectacular, the guests were enjoying the Turquesa catering. There were several gifts given during the banquet. The most exciting being the bouquets of flowers to his grandmother and her mother.

Then the two sisters of the bride and groom made speeches full of tenderness during which there were many tears.


After the cut of the cake, the coffees and so on, we went the whole photographic team in Mallorca to the disco place. They had prepared a cake for Joan’s 30th birthday in the form of a Majorca football. He was very excited.

The music and the party started where the strong point was the super dance that the bride and groom did. All the guests joined them and the fun was assured.

We said goodbye to Maria José and Joan with two kisses and hugs congratulating them. We love these bride and groom and wish them happiness for the rest of their lives.

Photographic team in Mallorca. Maria José and Joan’s wedding



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