Wedding reportage in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Wedding reportage in Mallorca

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There are times when couples are very sure what they want and Olga and Keko are like that. Since I spoke to them on the phone the first time, they told me clearly that they wanted me. When there is that sincerity and decision about my photography I feel very happy. I knew it would be a great wedding reportage in Mallorca.

When we met to get to know each other, the connection was great from the beginning. They are animalists and have greyhounds like me. This is important because it defines that they are good people with a big heart and I love that.

They were going to get married at Finca Son Burguet which I know very well and like. The two decided to change there so it was perfect for everyone. To make a good wedding reportage in Mallorca it makes things a lot easier.


First we went to say hello to Olga in her room. She was with her son Pablo, who is 17 years old and very handsome.

They were giving her the final touches of makeup and hairstyle. She was a little nervous but it’s normal, it happens to all brides on the day of the wedding.

We went to greet Keko who was waiting for us with the suit already prepared. We loved it with details of pirates on the suspenders and the bow tie. It gave it a very original and personal touch.

We called Pablo to help Keko put on the suit. There’s such a good vibe between the two that it was fun. After one thing and another he got dressed and looked perfect. He was elegant and with that cool pirate touch. He was giving us a lot of game for this wedding reportage in Mallorca.

After leaving him in good hands with his friends we went to Olga’s room. She had chosen a super elegant Pronovias dress with a spectacular cape. Pablo was also dressed for the occasion and started to help her. The dress looked like a glove and she had the air of a movie actress with her wavy red hair. The green shoes stood out very original. This couple had a great personality that we love.

Her friends came and Olga put a bracelet with flowers to each one. They were all very happy to see her so elegant and beautiful.

The ceremony

It was time for the ceremony. Keko didn’t want to make an entrance, he was still original in this wedding reportage in Mallorca so he was already waiting for her.

Olga came in the arm of her son Pablo. Both smiling and happy. Keko’s face changed when he saw her, his eyes were shining. It was such a beautiful moment that filled us all with emotion. This is a couple that loves each other very much and you can see it.

The ceremony was pleasant and fun with several speeches from friends. They were sitting on a bench enjoying the moment. They said yes and came out with happy faces between petals and rice. After receiving congratulations from friends, I took them with me for a while. In the area of the olive trees I took some photos of them in a natural way as they are. Very authentic and I love them.

The catering for this wedding was Vicky Pulgarín. We are very happy to work with them they have an incredible team and they are one of the best in the island. We do always great wedding reportage in Mallorca with them.


When we arrived near the cocktail area there was the surprise of a van full of beer waiting for them. They climbed into it and with green smoke coming out they entered the cloister of Finca Son Burguet. All the guests were there waiting for them and looking forward to the party. What a great wedding reportage in Mallorca it was being.

Singing was Fausto dj that set the perfect atmosphere for everyone to dance. The guests cheered up and started a party that would not stop. There were rolls of friends dancing and having a great time. Olga and Keko were having a great wedding.


From there we went to the banquet area. Olga and Keko were still original and had prepared stations with different types of food. Perfectly arranged elongated tables waited for all the guests. They approached the stations wanting to try Vicky Pulgarín’s great food. The waiters spun around serving the drink to everyone.

A card with a red nose awaited each guest at the tables. She belongs to an organization called Felices por narices that helps greyhounds in need. We loved the beautiful detail with the animals. Much better than offering the typical gift Olga and Keko were helping the association with this detail. It was a great wedding reportage in Mallorca without a doubt.

There was a beautiful cake and a few speeches during dinner. Olga gave away her bouquet which was divided in two to give to her two nieces. From there we went to the dance area where they did the bridal dance.

I took a moment to have my dance with Olga who had changed her dress and was now wearing another beautiful one. It fit very well and was more comfortable than the previous one. She was an impressive bride.

People were in and out chatting and having a great time. The party continued and we said goodbye giving them two kisses and looking forward to seeing them again. They are a couple that we love for their great personality and authenticity and we are lucky to have met them and share this day with them.

Wedding reportage in Mallorca


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