Wedding photographers in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Finca Ses Voltes

We arrived at Finca Ses Voltes and greeted Claudia of M-Moments. We were lucky to have this wedding planners for the day. It is undoubtedly one of the best wedding planner companies in Mallorca. We also greeted Magdalena from catering Tot a punt . They were preparing everything and we were very happy to have them. As djs we had LoMusic Espectacles who are amazing. There was a great team at this wedding. Immediately we went to see the spaces decorated by M- Moments. The ceremony was going to be on a beautiful esplanade. We loved the decoration. The whole floor was full of carpets, a burgundy sofa was prepared for the bride and groom. A circle with precious pampa leaves and feathers presided over the altar. It is a pleasure as wedding photographers in Mallorca to work with such a good wedding planners. Everything promised a great wedding.


Then we went to greet the groom in his room. Joan Toni was very well organized. Talking with him we decided to take his pictures in the pool area. There was a great chill-out. It would give us a lot of play for his photos. His family helped him put on the suit and everything else. His parents and his brother were charming. Between jokes he dressed up and was very elegant. When we finished with him we went with the bride. Nuria was very well surrounded by her family. We met her wonderful grandmother. We knew how special she is for her and she was going to be a main character at the wedding. Her son Nil was sleeping, no doubt gaining strength for the big day. We love kids as wedding photographers in Mallorca they are great for pics. The dress was beautiful. We took pictures of it hanging from a window. Nuria after finishing her hair and makeup by Elena Castrillo began to put it on. Little by little, under the tender gaze of her grandmother, she was getting ready. Some tears of emotion came out. It was going to be a beautiful wedding. Meanwhile the guests began to come. The ceremony area was spectacular. M- Moments gave the welcome drink to all the guests. The moment of the entrances approached and everyone took their seats.


Joan Toni’s entrance with her mother was incredible with a Moby song. He took his place at the altar and was ready with Nil next to him. Nuria’s entrance in her father’s arm was very emotional. When they met at the altar they were radiant with happiness. The whole ceremony was very pleasant with speeches of her brother and friends. M-Moments took care of everything ,it’s great as a wedding planner in Mallorca. Many feelings surfaced and the bride and groom enjoyed themselves. At the end of the ceremony the exit was made with Nil in the arms of his father and Nuria next to him. She did not know that there was a surprise prepared. They made her a Castell, that is a human tower of several floors that was spectacular. They admired it and everyone applauded at the end. As wedding photographers in Mallorca we are lucky with so many traditions here.

Cocktail and banquet

After receiving congratulations from the guests we took them to take some photos together. Already relaxed we took advantage of the sunset light with them. The cocktail was already marching with everything that had prepared Tot a punt. The guests enjoyed themselves very much. Nuria and Joan talked and moved between them all. Later, with the perfect coordination of M-Moments, they made the entrance to the banquet with Nil. It was a lot of fun with everyone standing celebrating. The tables were beautiful with the decoration full of details. Dinner was great with everything that had prepared Tot a punt. The guests enjoyed themselves very much. After the banquet the bride and groom had prepared something special. As Joan Toni is a musician, it was natural that at his wedding there would be a band playing live. Little by little after the banquet people began to move towards that area. The band played super well and there was a big party. The disco area was ready for later as well. They had prepared a neon with the hastag of Joan Toni and Nuria that was very cool. The music and the open bar encouraged all the guests and the wedding became a great concert. With everyone dancing and having a great time I had my dance with Nuria. After participating in the party and enjoying we thanked both of them. We love to have couples that are like friends and know how to have a good time. We wish them all the happiness in the world.

Wedding photographers in Mallorca

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