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by Inma del Valle
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Fashion editorial

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I’ve been wanting to shoot a  fashion editorial to this model for a long time. I knew I was going to get that necessary connection between the photographer and the model. When there is that union and you can let your creativity free is the moment when the best artistic part comes out.

Every art needs some tools and for me to have a great model although it is not essential, it always helps a lot.

I was very clear about what I wanted to do in this fashion editorial and when they trust in your vision, photographs like these come out.

The day started very well with sunshine and an ideal temperature to be late October.


We left early and headed towards this house that I love and inspires me a lot. It has a lot to play with it’s fireplaces and that particular Arabic style.

The day before we had made a selection of all the clothes I wanted to use. We had everything ready and in this fashion editorial, the model couldn’t be better. Apart from having an incredible personality and an immense heart, his body is like a Greek sculpture. Very well cared for with many hours of gymnasium and a perfect height. I had wanted to photograph him for a long time and that day had arrived.

First we arrived at the house that is fortunately abandoned. It is a hidden place surrounded by woods with horses and sheep.

The road is made of stones, you have to be very careful and it takes a long time to get there. You suddenly find yourself in the middle of nowhere with this incredible mansion that anyone would like to have.

We lowered all the things from the car we had brought with us.

Entered the living room of the house that a few months ago had more furniture and lamps. Now we found everything empty but it didn’t matter. We found the Arabic sofa that we like so much outside and we put it inside with a lot of effort because it weighs a lot.


The light at that moment was beautiful and I immediately knew where I wanted to start. It was going to be an impressive fashion editorial.

I used some palm leaves, flowers, fabrics and several other accessories we had brought. It was important to take advantage of the moment and natural light. Sometimes the sun was hidden between the clouds and everything was key to certain photos.

We changed places inside the house as I got what I wanted. In front of the fireplace, on top of a table, on an old shelf, on the sofa.

The house let us every corner so that I could express my creativity and vision. The model was unbeatable and gave me all the facilities.

Once satisfied we went to another area. There is another little house with huge windows that I used with the reflection of the trees. I thought it was a magical moment that is reflected in the final photos in an amazing way.

From there we went to the pool area where there are some incredible spaces. The sun was already going down and little by little we finished.

It was a very gratifying fashion editorial and the result couldn’t have been better. I thank my gorgeous model and wish we could do many more editorials together.

Fashion editorial



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