Elopements in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"elopement en mallorca Calle Jaime tercero"

Elopements in Mallorca

Three weeks ago while I was in Valencia for a few days I was contacted by a couple. She is called Dana and she is American, he is called JP and he is from South Africa. They both live in London and when they called me they were planning a trip to do elopements in Mallorca.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca zapatos"

I was immediately interested in their story and wanted to meet them. I am lucky that with this job I can meet many people from all over the world. Mallorca is a favourite destination for many couples, whether it’s a honeymoon, a wedding or an elopement, as it is today.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca entrando al hotel"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca escapada"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca escaleras del Hoel Can Bordoy"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca beso en las escaleras"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca corriendo"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca hotel Can Borboy""
"ALT"elopement en mallorca ascensor"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca espalda"

Intimate wedding in Mallorca

As I have said in other posts, I think intimate weddings are very nice. There are as guests maybe only a few friends or family members, the most important ones for the couple. The celebration is smaller and therefore perhaps more romantic. It gives you time to have fun and get excited at the same time as you don’t have to attend to a lot of people. You don’t have to keep an eye on everything and you don’t have the typical problems and stress of big weddings.


"ALT"elopement en mallorca vestido elegante"

I was able to have a video conference with Dana and Jp from a café in Valencia. They were sitting in front of me at the computer and their faces were full of excitement and joy. They wanted to travel to Mallorca and meet me one day to take pictures of their elopement in Mallorca. I immediately found them very nice and there was a connection on both sides. We arranged to meet one day in June to do it and I thought it was great.


"ALT"elopement en mallorca abrazos"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca colores"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca novio enamorado"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca caricias en el hombro"

Elopements in Mallorca

They told me that during this elopement in Mallorca they were going to stay in one of the most beautiful hotels on the island, the Can Bordoy Grand house and garden. Of course I already knew this hotel before and I love its style and decoration. I suggested them to take some photos inside the hotel before leaving. They were going to come to Mallorca a few days before and tour the island with a car they were going to rent. Then they were going to stay a few days in Palma during which we were going to take advantage. In addition, they wanted to take photos in the streets of Palma, which they found very beautiful with its style and architecture.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca sonriendo"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca suite"

They told me that they wanted to find a park or a quiet place in the city where they could read their vows to each other. I thought it was a very nice and romantic idea.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca enamorados"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca"

Hotel Can Bordoy Grand house and Garden

"ALT"elopement en mallorca caricias en la espalda"

The day of the photo shoot for this elopement in Mallorca arrived. We went in the afternoon to the beautiful Hotel Can Bordoy Grand House and garden and they helped us to go to the suite that Dana and JP had.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca amor"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca ternura"

We loved the suite and after finally greeting each other in person we started the couple photo session. She was wearing a very elegant and delicate outfit that suited her perfectly. Her make-up was simple and modern and her hair was done up in beautiful waves. Jp was also very elegant with a blue suit and a white shirt that looked great on him.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca ternura en la suite"

We started on the leather Chesterfield sofa in the room. Little by little, by doing different things, their nerves went away and they started to enjoy themselves. Apart from the suite I wanted to take some more pictures in other parts of the hotel that I liked. I thought the lift was a beautiful place, very film-like, and also the stairs with the strategically placed mirrors.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca suite"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca de espaldas"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca momento romántico"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca guapa pareja"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca felices"

Mallorca ideal destination

You could feel the romanticism in the air and the love that reigns between the two of them in this elopement in Mallorca. After a very hard time that we have all lived through in the world, to be able to travel and have holidays, especially with your couple, is magical. They told us that they have been in the north of the island going by car between towns and cities. For her it was the first time and she was loving it. The truth is that Mallorca is a paradise, more and more people are coming from abroad to enjoy the island.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca beso romántico"

As a wedding photographer I am also lucky that many people who live abroad find me and hire me for their weddings here in Mallorca. There are some amazing fincas, hotels and places both near the beach and in the middle of nature where all kinds of weddings can be held.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca bailando"
"ALT"elopement en mallorca terraza"

The streets of Palma

"ALT"elopement en mallorca diversión"

After taking some photos at the hotel Can Bordoy we headed for the streets of Palma. We were able to find some streets that were empty or with few people and I took the opportunity to use them as a stage.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca Calle Jaime tercero"

As we went from one place to another I was looking for an ideal place for their vows to be read. It had to be a quiet place where there wasn’t too much noise from cars and where they would have some privacy. It occurred to me that it would be perfect to do it near the gardens next to the cathedral. When they saw it they loved it with the fountains pouring water and there was a guitarist playing in the distance. It was an ideal place full of romanticism.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca paseo"

They had told us that they met a couple of years ago in Ohio. She lived there and JP had to go there because of his work and they coincided. It was like a love affair of destiny, a few days before they had got married in a simple way in Gibraltar and now they were enjoying this elopement in Mallorca.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca de la cintura"

Romantic vows in Mallorca

In the beautiful atmosphere of the gardens they read their vows to each other, looking into each other’s eyes in a tender and romantic way. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to take pictures of them so they could have the best memories of this magical moment. When they finished, they embraced each other in a very special and tender way.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca felices"

We said goodbye at the end and I thank them for trusting me and for letting me share this elopement in Mallorca with them. I wish them all the happiness in the world, I’m sure we will keep in touch and we will see each other very soon.

"ALT"elopement en mallorca beso en el jardín"

Elopement in Mallorca

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