Man photoshoot Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Man photoshoot Mallorca

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Now that the summer is fully underway we are finally allowed to work as a photographer in Mallorca. I love it when the phone starts ringing every day. They ask me for everything, weddings, family sessions, children’s sessions or in this case a man photoshoot in Mallorca.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a guy called Sebastian. He wanted information on how to get a man photoshoot in Mallorca. He asked me if I had any dates available in the next few weeks. I immediately noticed that he was a very polite guy and that he told me that he had the necessary physique as he is 1.95cm tall.

"ALT"book de fotos hombre Mallorca de pie"

Agency model

When I could, I told him a slot I had in the calendar for him to come to the studio. Firstly I was going to shoot him indoors and secondly outdoors. He would have three wardrobe changes. He was interested as he wants to try his luck in the fashion world as a model.

On entering, the first thing that struck me was his height, of course, because at 1.95m I had to pull the studio all the way up for him to fit. He brought a suitcase full of different clothing choices. He hadn’t decided on the three changes and needed help with it.

This happens to me a lot and I usually tell them to bring something formal like a jacket or suit and something more casual. It would be something like casual street clothes and some swimwear, bikini, underwear or lingerie in the case of the girls.


"ALT"book de fotos hombre Mallorca fumando"

Studio session

In conclusion, we immediately agreed on what he was going to wear and I started the man photoshoot Mallorca.

While I was taking pictures of him I asked him questions about him and his life. As I have said before, I like to get to know the people I photograph. I am interested in their tastes and aspirations. Sebastian was telling me that he is 19 years old and that what he likes most is sport.

So now he is going to study something related to it and he is also very interested in learning languages. Apart from German, which he is starting to learn, he told me that he wants to learn Chinese. He plans to go to China a few months later.

He explained to me that the best way to learn a language is to go to the country. Once there, soak up the language and the culture of the country.

He was also clear that he wanted to travel a lot and that he was going to do whatever was necessary to make it happen.


First he wore a casual outfit with jeans and a white t-shirt and then I put him in a leather jacket. As time went by and he told me things he relaxed for this man photoshoot Mallorca.

It was the first time he was having his photos taken professionally so it was natural for him to be a bit shy.

"ALT"book de fotos hombre Mallorca humo"

Photo book man Mallorca

He has medium-long hair as he is growing it out. I wanted to try it with wet hair as well. It gave him a more playful and carefree look. He was doing all the things I told him to do very well and I liked the result.

When I knew that I had the photos that would be good we went to do the session outdoors.

These days in July the evenings are spectacular and the sunsets are brutal. I love the light and also that it gets dark late and the days get longer. We went by car to an area of beach and rocks nearby that I particularly like.

We took a couple of shirts that I wanted to put on him while he was telling me that he had been very good at basketball when he was a kid. Apparently he stood out a lot and was going to be able to go to good teams and have a great future.

Unfortunately he injured his ankle when he was 15 years old and had to quit. He was very sad when he talked about it and it’s upsetting when these things happen and cut your progression. Especially when you have a passion for something.


"ALT"book de fotos hombre Mallorca luz de atardecer"

Outdoor session

We arrived at the beach for this man photoshoot Mallorca and I made him take off his shoes. As a photographer in Mallorca I am one of those who go into the water. There I am giving my all for good photos. When you want to do things right and you add passion and professionalism to it, the results come.

Sebastian who is a super polite guy was already relaxed and used to the camera so he let himself go. I put him in the water and got his hair wet again, he was happy kicking the waves. I knew he was having a great time in this man photoshoot Mallorca.

"alt" Book modelo hombre"

Professional model

"ALT"book de fotos hombre Mallorca camisa de Polo Ralf Lauren"

The funny thing was when I told him that we were done and that I had the pictures I needed. Then he told me that he didn’t like getting dirty in the sand. Nor did he like getting in the water with the waves or anything like that.

That showed me that he trusted me and that he has good work discipline when he is told what to do. He is going to be a great professional model.

"ALT"book de fotos hombre Mallorca chaqueta cuero"

Moreover, as a person, I loved the way he was so polite. Above all, knowing that he has enormous goals and a great future ahead of him. I thank him for having counted on me and I hope we will keep in touch.

Man photoshoot Mallorca

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