Family photo session

by Inma del Valle
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Family photo session

The other day I was contacted by phone for a different family photo session. It was a family that lives in Luxembourg and was in Mallorca on vacation. She is a young woman of Portuguese and African nationality.

Because it is the time of Coronavirus and there are special measures I had to make a different organization for this family photo session. She is a young entrepreneur who is starting her own business. She needed to have her photos taken in a studio to use in social networks and in her new website.

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Vacations in Mallorca

As she was on vacation with her husband and two small children she stayed in a hotel in the north of the island. She needed these profesional photos and wanted me especially as a photographer in Mallorca to take them for her during her vacation. She also wanted us to go somewhere afterwards to do a family photo session.

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The only problem we had was that she could not travel to my studio. I had to go with the studio to her hotel and in a totally spontaneous way organize it. The truth is that it was quite a challenge to set it up in her hotel room. It was a small room where I had to place everything and at the same time have the right precautions.

These months in Mallorca are being especially hot and working in these conditions was difficult. Luckily, in spite of everything, I managed to put everything in the right distance. Little by little we started and we saw which wardrobe was the best for her photos in the studio and I started taking pictures of her.

Fascinating stories

As she told me things about her life I began to know her story. One of the peculiarities of this work as a photographer in Mallorca is to meet new people.

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I am fascinated by everything that a person may have experienced. In this family photo session I discovered a woman who has struggled and continues to do so every day.

She is a young person who has already created her family by having a husband and two small children. Has reached a moment in her life where she wants to grow as a woman and as a professional.

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She has created a beauty business that she wants to succeed and develop as an entrepreneur. While she was posing for me in that improvised studio, she told me about all the difficulties she has had up to now.

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I have a lot of respect for all these women who have been challenged by their families in order to grow. We are used to having a series of freedoms and rights that we take for granted here in Spain. However, we are not aware of the difficulties that exist in other countries or cultures for educational or traditional reasons. It is not always easy to develop as a person and even less so as a woman. It was being an interesting family photo session.

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United family

While we were almost finishing the studio session at the hotel her husband came with the children. I loved that the husband took care of showering and dressing them without disturbing us at all. They discreetly went downstairs to wait for us to finish.

Once we had picked up the studio after taking all the pictures I could, we went downstairs. They took their car and we met in Cala Mesquida. It is one of the beaches that I like most in Mallorca and was near the hotel.

When we arrived she introduced me to her husband and two children. They were charming and very handsome. The youngest one has curly hair and I could spend hours taking pictures of him, he is very cute.

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As a photographer in Mallorca I depend on the light and sometimes I have to hurry because the sun is in charge. For this family photo session I wanted to take advantage of the natural dunes at the back.

Funny photo session

I knew that the kids would like to play in them and that it would be fun too. They were all in spotless white and ended up with sand everywhere. The youngest boy was fascinated by the idea of making the croquette with his mother throwing themselves down the highest dune. As a photographer in Mallorca I always like to do different and fun things.

"ALT"" family photo session dunes"

They all looked like little kids having a great time, I’m sure they won’t forget this family photo session. I offered them to also go to the beach area with the rocks and the sea. We all went almost running trying to take advantage of the last rays of sunshine there. The two kids were running along the shore playing with the waves in this family photo session.

Having once again enjoyed meeting interesting people, the session ended. I love discovering stories and strong women trying to make their way. I’m sure she’ ll make it and we’ll keep in touch so she can tell me all about it. I thank them and hope they come back soon.

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Family photo session

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