Yolancris editorial

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"editorial yolancris"

Yolancris editorial

Last year was a year to forget for many things as we know. However, as I have said on other occasions, I was able to take advantage of the time. I was able to dedicate myself to thinking and creating editorials from scratch. The one I present to you today I call it Yolancris editorial because they gave me all the confidence in the world to use their wonderful costumes.

"ALT"editorial yolancris las apariencias engañan" "

As you can see from the photos it was all very magical and fantastic. I wanted to combine a number of things such as childhood memories and the love I have for animals. In this Yolancris editorial I could use my imagination without limits and I had an incredible team.

Great team of professionals

I wanted to have Emma Glinski again as a model because she is a mixture of pure love and innocence. Her character is one of the most beautiful I have ever met and she always gives me everything she can and more. I am so lucky to have met her and she always supports me in everything I propose to her. Emma is an artist too, so she understands my vision and I can share it with her.

"ALT"editorial yolancris globos"

I also had Pavel as a model with whom I had already collaborated with in another editorial and who agreed to pose in this one. He looks divine in everything he does and I was delighted to be able to work with him.

For this Yolancris editorial I wanted to have two dogs that fill everything with their beauty. Their owners are dedicated body and soul to them and take care of them in an unbeatable way. They are two Afghan greyhounds and their names are Bonbom and Mr.B. For me animals are the most beautiful and honest things in this world. My dog Noah is everything to me so being able to do this editorial with them was amazing.


"ALT"editorial yolancris modelo y galgos"

For the styling I found Constanza Cecchetto who helped me a lot in this Yolancris editorial and especially when it came to finding the dresses, byloleiro headdresses and Isabel Guarch jewellery.

In the make-up and hairdressing I counted on the great experience of Allison Tregarthen, I love working with her and she always captures perfectly everything I ask her to do. At this Yolancris editorial I wanted a very specific hairstyle for Emma and she did it perfectly.

"ALT"editorial yolancris galgos afganos"

Best florist

When it comes to flowers I always trust Gabriela from Floristeria Majoris. It’s not that she understands flowers and decoration, it’s that she is an artist in her own right. She has such a magical and beautiful vision, she does everything so well that I always love to count on her with my eyes closed because I know she will make it perfect.

"ALT"editorial yolancris arcos del palacio"

I also wanted to have one of my best friends for this editorial, which was special to me and which I created from scratch. I have always been in love with his sensitivity and artistic sense. Jose Alegre offered me his unconditional help and gave his unique touch to many of the images in this editorial. As I say I have been very lucky with this great team of magnificent professionals.

Yolancris dresses

There is not much to say about Yolancris that is not already known. They are world-famous designers who always manage to surprise us. Every year they come up with wonderful new dresses and gowns so that many women can see their dreams come true. With them they feel like queens in a fairytale full of design and fantasy.

For this Yolancris editorial I was able to order and I had several designs of party and guest dresses. Each one more spectacular than the last, they were in accordance with everything I had imagined and thought of. It was a spectacle to take them out of the box and fall in love with them.

"ALT"editorial yolancris modelo con perros"

Jewellery by Isabel Guarch

I had to have something very special and unique as jewellery for this editorial. Of course in accordance with these incredible dresses and with all the elegant styling that I wanted for this Yolancris editorial.

For some time I have wanted to collaborate with one of the best jewellery brands in Spain and it has finally become a reality. Isabel Guarch is synonymous with luxury, style and elegance. I asked her to lend me certain pieces and when I saw them I went crazy with joy. Without a doubt it is fabulous to be able to work like this when these great brands trust in your work and vision.

"ALT"editorial yolancris escaleras"

Yolancris editorial Day

From the moment we started in the morning until we finished at sunset, every moment was precious. I had everything very well studied and I knew perfectly what I wanted. The palace where this Yolancris editorial took place is one of the most beautiful and magical places I have ever seen.

Its decadence for not being used and the stories hidden in its walls make for a perfect fairytale setting. Its gardens and especially the promenade with the arches and columns on the sides are beautiful. The green mixed with the elegance of the dogs and Emma who is always divine in everything.

"ALT"editorial yolancris momento Cola Cao"

We had a lot of fun doing it and I was able to get some spectacular photos that I think you will really like.

I am thankful to have been able to develop my creativity in a few months when everything was at a standstill. We have to take advantage of the opportunities they give us to continue without stopping and turn the bad into something positive.

"ALT"editorial yolancris modelo y galgo en brazos"
"ALT"editorial yolancris flores de Majoris"

Yolancris editorial

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