Sustainable editorial in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca plastics to the wind"

Sustainable editorial in Mallorca

"ALT"sustainable editorial in romantic mallorca"
2020 has marked a before and an after. This year has not been a small wake-up call. On the contrary, it was a full-blown reality check to tell us that we were not doing things right. It took a pandemic for people to start to reflect. And if the excuse for not doing so was lack of time, 2020 also gave us almost 4 months, forcing us to pause. Pauses are valuable, a powerful resource for reflection. 122. 400 minutes to refocus our lives, our businesses and everything to make the earth a better place.
"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca dresses by  jesus peiro"

It is never too late to fight for the sustainability of this planet. Although the current situation is not making things easy for us, couples continue to fall in love and despite the obstacles, they do not give up celebrating the most important day of their lives. Love does not change, but the way we celebrate this great day should undergo a major shift towards finding a balance with the resources of our environment.

Achieving an elegant wedding, where good taste and sophistication are a priority, does not have to be linked to wastefulness or at odds with the cult of the environment.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca ramon sanjujo"

We must succeed in meeting our needs without compromising the desire of future generations to meet theirs. The trend towards sustainability should be the fruit of all that time that life has forced us to stop.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca by Inma del valle"
"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca face to face"

In general, the world will henceforth be governed by the desire to do things that have the effect of promoting a better place to live.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca suit by ramon sanjurjo"
"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca couple"

Weddings with an ecological concept

Imagine for a moment that from now on all weddings on the planet were conducted by the ecological concept. Weddings held during the day to make the most of sunlight, invitations on recycled paper or with elegant Save the Date via mobile phone, dresses made from recycled fabrics.

"ALT"editorial fashion wedding dresses vogue"
"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca bridal table"
"ALT"editorial moda vogue"

More and more designers and bridal houses are opting for this type of design. Floral decorations made with natural and recycled elements such as coconut fibre, dried artichokes, palm trees and an endless number of colourful dried flowers that will look great at this type of wedding.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca"

Artificial lighting using candles made with natural waxes, textures such as esparto grass, rattan or linen that are the perfect combination for decoration with vegetable elements, menus with local and organic products, biodegradable cutlery, gifts for your friends and family in which you should bet again on local and seasonal products…

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca bridal table and model"
"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca with Noah"

Imagine for a moment the impact on the planet of a whole year of exclusively eco-friendly weddings.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca jesus peiro"

Universal Love

The stop we were forced to make also helped us to realize that, more than ever, we are all the same. This virus does not understand race or social conditions. It affects everyone equally and when it touches you, it doesn’t ask.

"Alt"vogue sustainable fashion editorial"
"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca tenderness"

This should lead us to commit ourselves to a universal love that knows no colour or race. In the 21st century this should not be a topic of conversation or debate, but given recent events in the world, perhaps we should reflect on it and fight for it. Universal love is pure physics, like the law of gravity, or the law of action-reaction. It should not be a purpose or a goal, but a life choice.

This sustainable editorial in Mallorca has been possible thanks to the collaboration of great professionals who have done it in a totally disinterested way.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca wearing jesus peiro"
"ALT"fashion editorial in mallorca"
"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca running in couple"

Credits for this sustainable editorial:

Photographer and production: Inma del Valle.

Videographer :Arantxa Rustarazo.

Models: Emma Glinski y Caramo Fanta.

Wedding dresses and accessories: Jesus Peiro.

Groom’s suits: Ramón San Jurjo.

Make-up and hairdressing: Allison Tregarthen

Jewellery: Linea Argento.

Shoes: Jesus PeiroClarks.

Florist and decoration: Gabriela Calé, Majoris.

Tableware and furniture: Tot a Punt.

Waistcoat Dolce Gabbana and accessories from Prada

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca forest"

Eluxe Magazine sustainable publication

This sustainable editorial in Mallorca has been published in Eluxe Magazine in London. It is the world’s FIRST publication entirely dedicated to sustainable luxury.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in romantic mallorca"

It is a quarterly paper magazine and daily updated digital publication based in London. ELuxe Magazine is dedicated to showcasing luxury brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to good ethics and environmental sustainability. They determine a brand’s sustainability based on a number of factors, including whether :

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca dance"

-Use organic, biodegradable, recycled or renewable materials.

-Traces environmental product responsibility throughout the supply chain.

-If it follows a strict corporate sustainability policy, with transparent annual reporting.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca sunset"

-Uses recyclable, recycled or no packaging.

– Whether it is transparent about its employment and pay policies.

"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca model in sunset"
"ALT"jesus peiro wedding dresses editorial"
"ALT"sustainable editorial in mallorca black and white"

-It helps to empower artisans and preserve craft traditions, with fair remuneration.

-Creates a product whose consumption can greatly reduce the owner’s environmental impact.

ELuxe Magazine takes a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness and advocates vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Eluxe Magazine donates a percentage of its annual profits to environmental charities.

We are very proud to have been published in this magazine and it encourages us even more to keep fighting. We believe that sustainability is possible in all areas and very necessary in order to preserve our planet.








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