Sustainable weddings in Mallorca

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"ALT"sustainable weddings in Mallorca wedding

Sustainable weddings in Mallorca

"ALT"sustainable weddings in Mallorca inma del valle

The bridal industry in the Balearic Islands is a branch of great interest and growing potential. It therefore represents very interesting figures for the economy of the islands. More and more couples are deciding to get married in the Balearic Islands, motivated by their dreamlike surroundings and landscapes. Not to mention its paradisiacal beaches. A whole industry has been created around weddings and there are many great professionals involved in each of them.

From those in charge of furniture, catering, decoration, flowers, musical entertainment, videographers, transport services. Without forgetting that the photographic reportage is of course a crucial part all the sustainable weddings in Mallorca that takes place. We are in charge of making and capturing memories that will remain forever.

"ALT"bodas sostenibles en Mallorca

Ecological Awareness

Today, especially with what is happening with the Coronavirus, our society, or at least a fairly large part of it, is already impregnated with respect for the environment. Trying to be environmentally conscious people is essential for the future of the planet. If we understand the fragility of our environment and are eager to protect it, any business should promote ways to become eco-friendly.

What better time than now to act and make sustainable weddings in Mallorca change for the better.

The bridal industry is in constant transformation and we believe that all its activity should be aimed at being sustainable over time.

"ALT"bodas sostenibles en Mallorca diversión


The further we get in our reach, the better and more important the promotion of the Balearic Islands will be, but ALWAYS from a sustainable point of view. Thanks to this we will also be an option for many potential clients who will also support our work. They will know our message in each of our areas of work.

We have to start by evaluating the environmental impact of our personal and professional actions in order to be able in the future to achieve an optimized use of resources and control pollution and waste management.

From my point of view, I believe that this has happened for a reason, we were literally killing the planet. I don’t think there is a greater warning than this for us to realize what we have, to learn to take care of it and respect it.

Our most immediate goal is to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible. There are many measures we can take as companies in this bridal industry to reduce the production of waste. One of them is to make sustainable weddings  in Mallorca.

"ALT"bodas sostenibles en Mallorca postboda

"ALT"bodas sostenibles en Mallorca dunas

Ecological Awareness

Through this awareness and in order to make not only my business sustainable, but also to be able to influence other suppliers related to the bridal industry, I have devised a series of measures to refocus my business.

We want to help and raise awareness to contribute to the sustainability of the planet. As a company I will try to raise awareness of the impact on the planet of everything we do and so encourage sustainable weddings in Mallorca where we work to be designed with recycled and sustainable materials from local suppliers with an ethical philosophy. In this way we will be able to help locally but create a global effect for the planet.

"ALT"bodas sostenibles en Mallorca piscina

Eco-friendly photographer

In that ecological line we personally as a photography company will try to :

– Buy from suppliers and manufacturers that demonstrate ecological awareness. They will be those who use less packaging material and follow strict environmental policies.

– We will try to make our clients aware with a series of advices gathered in a document to have a wedding as eco-friendly as possible.

– Keep energy consumption to a minimum. Turning off (or keeping at rest) camera equipment, computer, screen, printer, scanner and other electronic devices whenever possible.

– Using rechargeable batteries.

– Using carpooling to our sessions or weddings with other suppliers or clients.

– In our album delivery, use recycled photo paper and vegetable-based inks.

– When purchasing new equipment, we will look for products that offer long durability so that we do not have to replace them too often.

– If new equipment is needed, we will reuse the old one, using it as a reserve. Selling it on the second-hand market or donating it so that others can benefit from its use. Another option will be to reuse only some parts or the whole.

– Recycle irreparably damaged cameras, batteries that no longer hold their charge and empty ink cartridges.


"ALT"bodas sostenibles en Mallorca músicos

"ALT"bodas sostenibles en Mallorca inma del valle fotografía

In another post we will give you tips on different eco-conscious suppliers and how to make your wedding as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable weddings in Mallorca

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