Coronavirus epidemic, postpone don’t cancel!

by Inma del Valle
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Coronavirus epidemic


Solutions exist

This 2020 is not a year for celebration. The damned Coronavirus epidemic that has us all in fear is the main problem. Especially for any kind of gathering, celebration, party or anything like that that brings people together.
It’s amazing how vulnerable we are and how it can change lives from one day to the next.

This is certainly a lesson for many of us, to learn to value things more, to take more care of what we have and above all to live in the present.
All kinds of events have been suspended: the Fallas, Easter, the sports competitions, the Olympics no less. And unfortunately, yes unfortunately, many weddings have had to be postponed because of this Coronavirus epidemic.

And you may have noticed that I say “postponed” on purpose. In our case, we’ve already had several changes. This way we have helped each other to find a suitable date for all the suppliers to perform the wedding. Postponing and NOT cancelling gives us all the opportunity not to lose our jobs.

It is something very important and we have to be aware of it. I also think that if you have been preparing this special day for more than a year or have a Wedding – planner who has gone out of her way to make your day unique, don’t give up.
Give us a chance to make your dream come true.

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In a recent survey conducted by, more than 9 out of 10 couples choose to change their wedding date, mostly within the next 6 months and only 8% move the date to 2021. These are data that fill with hope.

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There are so many professionals who contribute in this world of weddings to make everything perfect. They spend months and months preparing, thinking about every little detail. Caterers, wedding planners, florists, DJ’s, hairdressers, make-up artists, videographers, photographers...

Besides, it is not a small thing, this Coronavirus epidemic does not affect only one city or one country in particular, it is something global, everybody is literally affected.
I put myself in the place of the bride and groom who had everything almost fixed and were delighted. I know this from my experience of getting married last year.

Knowing that you’re going to bring everyone you care about together for one day. A lot of family and friends that maybe you didn’t see a long time ago. Sometimes they come from far away countries to be with you that day. You are going to be the main characters and you are going to have such a good time that you will remember it all your life. That’s normal until these things unfortunately happen.

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Be positive

I had just a wedding on March 21st. It was going to be amazing with a super cool couple who had everything organized by themselves with lots of stuff. Plus, they had friends who were even coming from Australia and the United States. Suddenly they had this Coronavirus epidemic that no one had invited. What a horrible situation have happened to them.

Well, they are so nice that they tried to take it in the best possible way because there was no other way. So they both made the decision that they did want to get married in style. That they weren’t going to let this Coronavirus epidemic deprive them of it.

That’s why they talked to all the caterers and the venue for the wedding. Together they were able to find another available date for the wedding. So they called all the guests to tell them that it had not been cancelled, they had postponed the wedding to another date later. That was incredible, it made all of us suppliers very happy, we were very excited about this wedding. They are very nice and they deserved something like that.

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Great gesture

We have the case of another couple who are getting married next June 13th and they have made a gesture worthy of admiration. Two days ago they contacted me to tell me that given the very bad situation for the self-employed they wanted to help me by advancing part of their wedding money. This really made me cry and see that there are very humane people who think about the situation of others.

We have to be optimistic, these horrible days will pass, they have to pass. We have to try to solve the date change and make everything go back to the best way for everyone. You just have to be patient and know that all the professionals in the sector are going to try to help you during these days of the Coronavirus epidemic.

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As most of us are self-employed, we are in a very difficult situation right now. The more we can help each other the better.

In order to be able to send you an adequate budget for your needs, please, answer the following questions.

                                If you want to help us you can do some of the following things:


-You can leave a positive comment on our social networks, give me like to the photos or things that we hang, this helps.

-Make a story about us and talk about why you chose us, what you like about our style,

-Put up some pictures of our work that you love and tag them.

-Hire a future session with us or ask us for a gift ticket that you can buy for a friend.

In the meantime, we will continue to plan your wedding day which will be an even more incredible celebration because we will all catch up with each other. We are so excited to get out there and give it our all. Take the best pictures of our life in my case and enjoy with you the normality.

Your’s is going to be the perfect wedding that you deserve and we’re all going to have a great time.
We like to be optimistic, love always triumphs. So when all this finish we’ll have time to celebrate and dance all that comes our way. Right?

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Coronavirus Epidemic

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