Sustainable weddings Mallorca

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Sustainable weddings Mallorca

We continue to write about how trying to be environmentally conscious is essential to the future of the planet. These days we especially understand the fragility of our environment and are eager to protect it. We need to be aware that any business should promote ways to become eco-friendly. To do this we must achieve sustainable weddings in Mallorca.

The most positive and beneficial thing in this industry is to create a culture of environmental teamwork. Together we can change and improve with shared responsibility.

I would like to offer you a series of recommendations and take the opportunity to advise you on a number of suppliers who, like me, are aware of this need. They have already made a change or are in the process of doing so in many parts of their company’s production process.

There are several factors to take into account when it comes to making a wedding more environmentally friendly.

"ALT"bodas sostenibles Mallorca decoraciónPLACE OF CELEBRATION 

This is perhaps the most important factor in achieving our sustainable wedding purpose in Mallorca. There are estates that already specialize in this type of event, places with an ecological objective.

The ideal and most beautiful thing would undoubtedly be an outdoor celebration. This would allow the personalization of the event according to the tastes of the bride and groom. Nature itself would be a witness to their happiness and would thank them for it. If the whole event, that is, the celebration and banquet, takes place in the open air and in the same environment, a more optimized use of time will also be achieved, thus avoiding the tedious journeys that pollute.

Sustainable Fincas  : Finca Binissati

Finca Sa Bassa Rotja www.

Finca Osa Major Mallorca :    

"ALT"bodas sostenibles Mallorca detalle Finca Binissati

"ALT"bodas sostenibles Mallorca cajas recicladas


Nowadays it is no longer so difficult to find farms or caterers that offer totally organic menus based on local products. These are companies that have chosen to have a marked commitment to nature. This way you will delight your guests at your sustainable weddings in Mallorca. It would be a more natural, tasty and healthy menu made with seasonal products and raw materials free of chemicals and pesticides.

If all the products are grown in the area where the event will take place, you will be supporting the local economy and also achieving savings by eliminating transport costs.

Never forget to include the vegetarian menu option. More and more people have stopped eating meat or fish. In this way you will also be encouraging your guests to eat a wide variety of products. It is undeniable that meat production has a high environmental cost. Another recommendable option would be to prepare the whole menu with small dishes, for example pinchos, and to distribute several thematic stands where you can taste different types of food.

"ALT"bodas sostenibles Mallorca vicky pulgarin macarrón "ALT"bodas sostenibles Mallorca vicky pulgarin masterchef"ALT"sustainable weddings Mallorca vivky pulgarin ecological


Every action we take can cause a positive reaction or result. In this sense, when hiring a catering service, you can make it a condition that the leftover food be delivered to a soup kitchen or to an ONG that will distribute it the next day at a food bank, social centre or residence.

The wine you choose can be organic and always produced within 100 kilometers of the event site. As a wedding liquor, you can give your guests some digestive liquor made in the area.

The garbage generated during the wedding will be recycled later. The farm or venue chosen must have the appropriate containers for this purpose. Everything has to be thought about in order to have sustainable weddings in Mallorca.

Cutlery, glassware and traditional dishes, if reusable for each event, comply with this ecological awareness. Also if you wish it can sometimes be replaced by biodegradable or disposable products.

-Catering with sustainable products : Vicky Pulgarín : www.vickypulgarí

-Environmentally conscious furniture: Exclusive Rent 4 Events, much of their furniture is manufactured by them reusing all they can, the products they use to clean are environmentally friendly and the packaging is biodegradable.

fotógrafos de boda mallorca preciosa mesaWEDDING DECORATION

Another element to which couples give a lot of importance is the decoration of the event. In this sense we bet for a completely natural and handmade decoration.

By choosing an outdoor environment with spectacular views, you will hardly have to provide any additional decoration. It is undeniable that the environmental expense in flowers of a wedding is enormous. Following our line of optimizing resources we offer several alternative options in sustainable weddings in Mallorca:

"ALT"bodas sostenibles Mallorca detalle decoración

-Making use of elements from nature: river stones, pineapples, branches… that provide a welcoming and unforgettable environment.

-Centerpieces or flowers in their pots so that they do not die and can be planted again or returned to their place of origin.

– Hire a specific service for the floral decoration and the decoration of the ceremony in general. More and more companies are renting out everything they need to create a dream setting, offering you a wide range of products. All these services, when rented can be reused later. The couple reduces the economic expense by choosing to rent, saving also the time that would be spent in buying everything related to the decoration.

– Choose flowers that come from the area, to at least minimize the transport costs.

-The flowers, once the event is over, can be donated to a senior center to brighten up the decoration of the place.

"ALT"bodas sostenibles Mallorca detalle mesa


-Use of low energy LED lighting is essential for sustainable weddings in Mallorca.

-When it comes to giving your guests a gift, choose a company with ecological products, today they make a great variety super original.

You can also give products that are homemade: homemade jam, organic honey, handmade soap, tree planting kits. Another option is to donate to an ONG of your choice.

-Use of natural materials such as green leaves or ferns to give more freshness to the tables. Reusing decorative elements such as vases, bottles or cans to give a touch of originality and make the place unique.

-Choosing fabrics made from natural rather than synthetic fabrics, such as linen or cotton.

-Candles made of soy wax. They bring warmth to the lighting and romanticism to the atmosphere.

-When it comes to choosing the invitations we should pay attention to the paper so that it is recycled or even, you can send invitations online thus avoiding the use of paper.

-A good organization in a wedding is fundamental. That would avoid asking that if we have to request something by mail we do it several times. Just one package would be enough, thus reducing packaging and transport costs.

-Use of biodegradable and water-soluble confetti.

photographer in mallorca weddings

M- Moments :

Tot a Punt :

Azalea Florist :

Flores Mallorca with Brigitta Norrenbrock in charge :

Greenthem for all kinds of eco-friendly gifts :


For those guests who really want to buy an original dress and surprise by looking spectacular, they can do it and also be eco-friendly. It would be a good option to look like never before and achieve a significant good action with the planet. There are incredible brands that are sustainable where you will find that special dress. A good choice would be :

Aubergin :


For both brides and guests, it is a special day and we want to feel like never before. There is nothing better than trusting excellent professionals who also use ethical and natural products:

Carlos Martin Hairdressers :

Silke Von Rolbiezki :


We can’t help but think about all the trips your guests will have to make to get to the venue, especially if they are coming from abroad. All this will result in carbon dioxide that will inevitably pollute the atmosphere. The best option would be to rent a bus from the area that will transport all the guests living in your area. This will prevent many cars from having to be used for that purpose.

fotógrafos de boda mallorca mesas decoración


The most appropriate choice will always be live music. Large speakers will consume a lot of electricity.

If you have the possibility for sustainable weddings in Mallorca , the best way to give a more authentic touch to your wedding is to hire a live band. Furthermore, there are DJ companies that already work under the ecological precept and have sound equipment and low consumption lighting system. If it’s an intimate wedding, it can be acoustic music without the need for microphones.

Panela Productions :

Lights and events :

Sustainable weddings Mallorca

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