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"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta portada"

Editorial in Finca Morneta

Last March I had the opportunity to participate in the latest BodaViews organised by Tu boda en Mallorca magazine. It is the third consecutive year that it is held and it is an event in which the best companies in the sector in Mallorca participate.

This year this editorial was carried out in Finca Morneta, an emblematic 12th century estate. Its current managers are Lucia Doglio and Nicolás Morell, great-grandson of Alfonso Vivo who bought the estate in 1953.

"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta lámpara"

Nicolás and Lucia got married in it 60 years later and they faithfully continue the family tradition having renovated it in a magnificent way. Now we are fortunate to be able to enjoy it for weddings and events of all kinds.

Finca Morneta has 2,000 square metres of perfectly manicured gardens, with a Tafona from 1729, a 16th century Celler and a 17th century cistern.

"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta sentada en la ventana"

BodaViews by Tu boda en Mallorca always manages to bring together the best professionals in the sector who strive to present the latest trends. For this editorial in Finca Morneta we had 8 teams participating, each led by a wedding planner:

Lluïsa Llull Events & Deco, Mallorca Hochzeiten By Grupo Tot a Punt, Decoevents by Fina, Exquisitae, Issei Events, Wonderweddings, Mille Papillons and Talia Bells Events.

"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta sofa azul"

Editorial in Finca Morneta spaces and equipment

Each team was assigned a space in the beautiful Finca Morneta and each team created eight different types of showrooms for the photo shoots. We were divided between El Celler, the Aljub, the Patio de Ca L’amo, the Clastra, the Garden, the Lake, the Blue Room and the Cascada.

Of course, due to the situation we were in, everything was organized following the highest possible security measures.

"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta espectacular foto "

I was lucky to have a great team as I participated with Mallorca Hochzeiten By Grupo Tot a Punt. We were given the wonderful space of the Clastra where the decorators and florists did a great job. They had been organising this event for a long time and designed a totally modern concept and at the same time in keeping with the rustic atmosphere of Finca Morneta.

"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta escalera"

The hairdresser and make-up artist from Essential hair and make up were going to prepare Marcela Miró, our model who I chose specifically and to whom I am very grateful for her selfless collaboration. I had a photo shoot with her beforehand on the beach of Alcudia in very cold conditions and she showed me what a great professional she is. I always like to have a first contact and this way we both know how we like to work. Then when it’s time for the editorial in Finca Morneta or any other session it’s always easier and more comfortable. 

We were also lucky enough to have Coollook jewellery and My Macora headdresses for this editorial. 


"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta pamela"

Elegant dresses

The dresses provided by Yolancris and Lena Lena were very playful and beautiful. Malena got us a pair of trousers and a jacket designed and created by them, very modern and in line with the elegance we wanted to give. For this editorial in Finca Morneta we had planned to do a style based on the Netflix series The Bridgertons. Something very elegant and at the same time rustic that would be in line with the dresses of Yolancris, LenaLena and Finca Morneta.


"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta luz natural"

We wanted to do four costume changes, which was going to be unusual for a BodaViews, usually they only do one outfit. Among them was a blue guest outfit that I loved from Yolancris and I had already thought about what to do with it. I like to have everything organized and plan everything very well.

On the day of the editorial we went early with all the dresses in the car and all the camera equipment and lenses.
The decorators had already started to put everything in place and the big structure that would be in the main part of the Clastra stood out. The top part was going to be completely decorated with mimosas in a spectacular yellow colour. Below there would be chairs for aperitifs and a separate bar and a champagne trolley with glasses and bottles. The armchairs and tables stood out for their cheerful and modern colour, perfect for any wedding.

"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta maquillaje"

Editorial in Finca Morneta

Marcela Miró was already getting the final touches in make-up and hairdressing. We started quickly and everything was perfectly organised minute by minute so that we had time to do all the locations and dress changes.

We used part of the beautiful interior rooms that Finca Morneta has to take some photos. I wanted to make a detailed one of Marcella’s eyes with a grid using roses that I had ordered and bought the day before specifically for this photo. The light coming through the living room windows at that time of the morning was beautiful. It was the perfect combination for what I had already had in mind beforehand and what seemed to me to be “the picture” of the editorial in Finca Morneta for Tu boda in Mallorca – BodaViews.

Gradually we finished after a frenetic pace having been able to do everything we wanted and we toasted happily for a good job done. Thanks to all the team for trusting me and I hope that we can coincide in many more. This year I have several weddings at Finca Morneta and it will be a great pleasure to be able to return to such a wonderful place to do them. Thanks to Lucia and Nicolás for their hospitality and for having recovered this incredible place and in this way for Mallorca, it is really a luxury. 

"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta blanco y negro"
"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta mimosas"
"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta decoración"
"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta techo de mimosas"
"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta detalle"
"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta decoración con mimosas"
"ALT"editorial en finca Morneta Tot a Punt"


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