Girl book for agency Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca fotos exterior"

Girl book for agency Mallorca 

Today I want to introduce you to Raisa, she is a little girl that fascinated me since I saw her. She has a great personality even though she is only a few years old and I was won over by her energy and naturalness. Her mother called me one day asking me about doing a girl book for agency in Mallorca.

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca estudio bailando"

Getting a book is necessary as it is a letter of introduction or resume if you want to send your photos to agencies. If you are interested or you have a daughter or son that you think has possibilities it is the first step. Maybe he/she is very extroverted, everyone tells you that he/she is gorgeous, that he/she loves to be in front of the camera …. You are thinking about what to do and how to start.

Well, starting with a book is what you have to do. It is a professional tool to introduce yourself in this world. Maybe your son/daughter wants to be a model, actor or actress or maybe he/she likes the world of commercials, television,

So you need to have a professional photographer who knows how to take quality pictures for that book.

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca alegre en la playa"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca corriendo"

Model agencies Mallorca

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca de frente"

That’s why this girl book for agency Mallorca that I made for Raisa has helped her to get many agencies interested in her. Already the week after sending the book they were contacting her.

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca pensando"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca estudio sentada"

She is a lot of fun and at 11 years old she naturally loves to play. I immediately understood what I had to do with to get the best out of her. I don’t like children to be overwhelmed or feel bad when I photograph them. I prefer them to feel at ease and see how much fun it can be while they are with me. Many times it’s the first time they have professional photos taken and they may hate it if it doesn’t go well.

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca vestido verde"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca bañador rayas"

I have been doing this for many, many years and have had hundreds of children. I love my job and being able to see what they can do. A camera can be scary and make a child shut down. But if you have my experience you can be sure they are in good hands and will be sorry to see the session end.

I know exactly what agencies want and need. I shoot in studio and outdoors, in total it’s about an hour and a half. I always use three wardrobe changes asking for something dressy, something casual and clothes you like. Maybe they have that favorite jeans or that little dress that you always want to repeat, so bring them.

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca cara"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca guapísima"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca"

Studio session

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca diversión"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca sentada playa"

When you come to the studio I will ask you to bring a suitcase with clothes and I will help you choose which combinations go best. Sometimes parents get confused with these details and I like to help.

Depending on the time of the day and the light we start first in the studio for about 45 minutes and then we go somewhere cool, a beach to do the outdoor photos, with Raisa we did it this way since it was summer and the light takes a long time to go outside. So while she was telling me all her experience with the school food which she prefers to her mother’s food. That’s what she said and we started to laugh with her sincerity, including her mother, I was taking pictures of her.

Besides, apparently she attends Chinese and self-defense classes, this girl doesn’t stop and she likes it. I asked her for songs she wanted to dance to and the ones she told me she knew the lyrics by heart, a crack. This girl is good for everything.

Outdoor photos

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca silla grande"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca piernas arriba"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca diversión en estudio"

So little by little this girl book for agency Mallorca was coming out in a fun way. Once we finished the photos in the studio we took the car and went to the beach. The weather was great and the light was beautiful. Raisa had a super fun swimsuit with colorful stripes. We started running along the shore, throwing water, making a hole in the sand… I don’t know if she had a better time than me because I was having a blast.

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca saltando"

Her mother, who is a nurse, had to come in for her shift and she was afraid to cut us short so she asked to come in a little later. She was also delighted that this experience went so well. Naturally the parents are worried and since it’s an unknown world they don’t know what to do.

Once the photo session is over in about a week I deliver the photos. You can choose about 15 that I will guide you which ones are ideal for agencies. I will also give you the contacts to where you have to send the photos because being a minor you have to be careful.

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca pantalones estudio"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca estudio fotos"

I had a great time with Raisa and so did she, we said goodbye with a super hug. As I said a week after sending the photos she already had agencies that wanted to hire her, I am very happy for her, I know she is going to do very well.

"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca mirada arriba"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca bañador"
"ALT"book niña agencia mallorca gafas"

Girl book for agency Mallorca

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