Children’s photoshoot in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca diversión"

Children’s photoshoot in Mallorca

This year with the good weather we have started doing photoshoots with some great people. This is one of the things I like the most as a photographer in Mallorca. Being able to meet interesting people that I wouldn’t meet otherwise. Today I want to introduce you to Carolina who I did a children’s photoshoot in Mallorca.

"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca silla"

Her father phoned me one day and told me that they wanted me to do a children’s photo shoot in Mallorca. He sent me a few photos of Carolina and I immediately realised what an original physique she has. They are a family of Russian origin but they have been living in Spain for a long time. Carolina’s red hair and freckles show off her distinct Russian features.

"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca mano"

Modelling agencies for children

"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca chuches"

I immediately looked for a space in the photo shoot calendar for her. I really wanted to do a children’s photoshoot in Mallorca for her. They wanted the photos to send to agencies. As a photographer in Mallorca I offered to help them by giving them the contact details of several agencies. I work with agencies in Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. When dealing with children you have to be careful where you send the photos and what conditions they give you.


"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca blanco y negro"

The agency world is a big one and when it comes to children it is a very delicate subject that requires serious professionals. I have had many children during all these years doing sessions for agencies. Doing a children’s photoshoot in Mallorca is one of the things I like the most. Children seem to me super sweet and the innocence they still have is one of the most beautiful things.

For many it’s the first time they’ve been in front of a camera and that can be scary. It’s normal because you take them out of their routines and out of the things they know. It can be a great new experience and depending on how they live it they will like it or not. Knowing this and how much fun I have with them, I make them enjoy the time they spend with me.

"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca"
"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca corriendo"

Outdoor photo session

It was exactly the same with Carolina. We met one afternoon on a beach in Palma and she came with her father. They brought a suitcase full of cool clothes. During the children’s photoshoot in Mallorca I always do three changes of clothes and I like them to bring several options. She brought a lot of fun clothes and it was cold on the beach that day. We chose warm clothes for her so she wouldn’t get cold and she looked very pretty.

She loved the beach and running along the shore, she even had no problem tucking in the booties she was wearing. As I like them to have fun, I made her play lots of games and do some dancing. She was spinning around, raising her arms and having a great time. I even got to put my shoes in the water between photos. The father was always attentive and helped us when we changed her clothes.


"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca sol"

Studio photo shoot

When we finished on the beach, now used to the camera, we went to the studio. Carolina is only 7 years old although she is tall and looks older than she is. In the studio we also chose different clothes for her that she liked. It’s funny but she doesn’t like to wear trousers at all, she totally rejects them. I was only able to take her one with them, but dresses look very nice and funny on her.

"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca sentada"
"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca estudio"

I gave her a nice basket to play with while I asked her questions. We put on some music that she loves to dance to and it made everything livelier and more fun. Apparently her passion is sweets. We had a lollipop at home and as soon as she saw it her smile lit up. Of course my dog Noah was also a big hit with her. All the children that I make a children’s photoshoot in Mallorca love Noah. She is so good and adorable, and she is so well behaved that the children want to take her home with them.


Children's advertising

"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca cesta"

Many agencies are looking for children who are spontaneous and show different personalities. Clients, i.e. clothing or toy companies or whatever, are looking for many different types of profiles. It’s not that children have to pose in one way or another but they want them to be themselves in a natural and original way.

"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca silla"

Carolina was having a great time and between dances and games I photographed her showing all her naturalness. Children can’t be asked to pose or stand still for too long. Sometimes the best photos come out between doing one thing or another and not being attentive to the camera. They can quickly get bored if you make them do things they don’t like and that’s why you have to have a professional who knows how to do it.

"ALT"book infantil en Mallorca pelirroja"

I have had children who have already worked in TV commercials. In series or for clothing catalogues. Nowadays there is a lot of interest in children’s fashion and more and more agencies are asking for new faces. With this children’s photoshoot in Mallorca Carolina will be able to send her photos to these agencies. Surely they will choose her for advertising and other things, I wish her the best of luck. I was delighted to meet her and to be able to help her on her way.

Children's photoshoot in Mallorca

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