Wedding season trends 2022

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Wedding season trends 2022

The 2022 wedding season is here, it seems unbelievable but it is so and we all say ¡¡Aleluyaaa!!!! We want to live again that joy, that emotion with all those incredible couples we have.

In this post we are going to talk a little bit about the wedding season trends 2022. Guests and trends for them, bridal hairstyles, decoration, etc….

Guests wedding season 2022

We have just finished watching And Just Like That and we are still angry. We don’t understand why Big was killed off. It wasn’t necessary, we wanted to see his mature romance with Carrie. So they’ve left us without a show and now we’re thinking about that wedding we’re invited to this year. We try to imitate a bit what is trendy according to the series because as it is in New York everything is cooler, right? That’s why we want to be elegant, fashionable and original, so we are working on it….


"ALT"tendencias de boda 2022 invitadas"

According to the wedding trends for the 2022 season, the colours for guest dresses are bold. No neutral and boring tones, bright and cheerful colours dominate. According to the website Lucia se casa the colours are not combined and there are no prints either.

You have to take into account the tone of your skin and hair when choosing the colour of your dress.

Long gowns are also in and the neckline shape should be chosen according to your bust size to make it look ideal. Think about how good you are going to look in the photos this wedding season 2022.

Peinados temporada de bodas 2022

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According to the fashion bible that is Vogue, naturalness rules in bridal hairstyles. The updos and half updos should be casual and not look at all sophisticated. Loose hair is always a good idea but with waves to give it movement. The ponytails that were seen in Carrie especially in the first seasons of Sex and the City. All kinds of ponytails, high, detachable, with accessories etc….

Above all you must take into account the style of the dress and go according to it. And one important thing, if you want to change the colour of your hair think twice because it is usually a very normal and dangerous temporary madness. The most important thing is to be comfortable and be yourself so you can enjoy the whole day without having to worry about anything.


Flowers wedding season 2022

One of the most important things for many brides is the theme of flowers. They go through thousands of pictures on pinterest to choose what kind of floral decoration they want. What are the trendy colours, the flowers in season in the month of the wedding and all the possible compositions.

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Well, you should know that bouquets of dried flowers are becoming fashionable and can be in many combinations. It is one of the wedding season trends 2022. In addition, it is easier to keep as a souvenir in your home. Without a doubt, the best thing to do is to let a professional advise you. Here in Mallorca we recommend Otro Cantar and Tot a Punt.  They will advise you according to your tastes and the style you want for your wedding decoration.

This wedding season 2022 is very popular with arrangements that are placed on the floor as if they were planted. Flowers along the aisle of the ceremony, the sides of the table at the banquet, on a sofa that you want for photos.

Decoration wedding season 2022

According to the experts this year is going to be more festive than ever. We are all looking forward to partying and we want to give it our all at weddings. A lot of importance will be given to the party part where nothing will be missing. From smoke to lasers, coloured lights and of course live music is a must.

"ALT"tendencias de boda 2022 diversión"

When it comes to the banquet, tables that are all the same are no longer in style. Couples can choose round tables, long tables and a combination of tables. Moreover, they themselves may sit alone, they may change tables, a bit of everything. And long cocktail parties can become fashionable instead of multi-course banquets. This will create chill outs in the aperitif area and various seating areas for the guests when they get tired. All very active and fun so that the party never lets up.

Of course lighting plays a special role and it will be important to choose the right lighting. As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I always give advice on lighting to couples. I go to the Fincas with them and together we see what kind of lighting they are going to use and if more or different lighting is needed. I like the light to be as natural as possible to get good photos.

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Another wedding season trend 2022 is for all colours, textures and materials to be very natural. There are going to be a lot of outdoor weddings and the earth and green colours of the countryside will predominate. There will be a lot of natural candles on the tables which gives a more rustic feel.

One thing we are sure of is that this is going to be a year full of emotions, happiness and lots of partying. We are going to have a great time living each wedding to the fullest.

Wedding season trends 2022

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