Photo session woman Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca principal"

Photo session woman Mallorca

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a girl called Hazal. The truth is that Mallorca is a small island where in one way or another we all know each other. She is from Turkey but has been living here for many years. Hazalcould totally pass for Spanish, as she says for Andalusian. The reason she called me is because she wanted to have a photo session woman Mallorca.

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca divertido"

We happen to have Carlos Martin as a mutual acquaintance, one of the best hairdressers in Mallorca, if not the best. I am also very interested in Istanbul where I have been several times. I love its music which I think is brutal and its gastronomy as well as other things. We were chatting on the phone and we met one day to do the photo shoot.

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca sentada"

Studio session

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca feliz"

As I always do at every session I told her she could bring three wardrobe changes. So she came to the studio with a suitcase full of clothes. When she entered the first thing that strikes you about Hazal is her height. At 1.80 cm she doesn’t go unnoticed which is very good as she would like to try modelling. Then apart from her height, what is most striking is her eyes because they are full of light, very clean and honest.

She has such a nice personality that it is difficult for her to get angry with someone or to say something bad. She also has an easy smile and is cheerful and funny. So being her like that, I really wanted to do this photo session woman Mallorca.


"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca chaqueta"
"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca"

We started with the photo session first in the studio. As she was so tall I had to raise the studio so that she could fit properly. As I started taking pictures of her, she told me a bit about her life. She was studying something related to finance and business but realized that it wasn’t her thing. So now he wants to start studying International Relations in Barcelona. She is only 21 years old although she looks older I realized that she is very mature for her age.


"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca risas"

Her family has a very well known Turkish restaurant here in Palma. It’s called Anatolia and it’s definitely a place to go because the food is spectacular. You can tell her family is great and has given her a lot of good things to learn, this girl will achieve anything she sets her mind to. At least now she is pursuing modeling. She is taking the right steps which first is to go to a professional photographer in Mallorca like me. Then with these photos she will be able to write and apply to all the agencies.


"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca pose"

Photo session woman Mallorca

The photo session in the studio was going very well with Hazal already more comfortable with the camera and doing everything I asked her to do. It was the first time she was being photographed and I’m used to that. At the beginning it is difficult until the person feels comfortable and it comes naturally. I have several ways of achieving this and with Hazal it was very easy. The truth is that she is a great girl and we were able to talk about Istanbul and Turkish food.

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca de pie"
"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca movimiento"

In the restaurant her father makes the food and she says it is very good. But when you ask her what her favourite food is, she says a typical dish called dolma that her mother makes for her. It is peppers or grape leaves stuffed with minced meat and tomato, spices etc. There are several ways of making it, just the way she described it made my mouth water.

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca piernas arriba"

Outdoor pictures

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca mirada"

Little by little we finished the photos in the studio and gathered everything to go to the beach. We had to take pictures outside and nothing better than a nice sunset by the sea. We took Noah my dog too and we got in my car. One of the areas I like the most in Palma is Portixol and there the sunset is beautiful if the weather is good. We parked up and went straight to the beach, well it’s only a piece of sand but more than enough to take some nice pictures. It was a bit chilly and Hazal had left a party dress on that we used in the studio.

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca silla"

The truth is that she looked spectacular in it and it was perfect for the contrast with the beach and the sea but of course it wasn’t very warm. As she is so open she let me when I asked her to do things on the beach too. I made her take off her shoes and we both started to run and play on the shore. It was a great way for her to warm up and for me to catch her on the move for the photos. The afternoon had turned out great with perfect light and colours for this photo shoot woman Mallorca.

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca playa"

So we ended up with a few smiles, having had a great time and with some good photos. On the way up to the boardwalk we met a couple who I’m going to take their wedding photos this year. We also met Carlos Martin the hairdresser who was on his way home on his bike. We chatted and discussed the session with him, who had also done the up-do that Haza was wearing at the beginning.

As I said the island is small and that is another of its many charms.

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca estudio"

Hazal was supposed to go to ballet class which she had not long ago started, another thing she is trying. I think it’s great that she is pursuing her dreams and trying everything.

I am very happy to have done this photo session woman in Mallorca to Hazal, to know her better and I wish her all the luck in the world, she deserves it.

"ALT"sesión fotos mujer Mallorca vestido"

Photo shoot woman Mallorca

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