Model photo shoot in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca dreamer"

Model photo shoot in Mallorca

This past week I had the good fortune to meet another extraordinary person. This job as a photographer in Mallorca gives me a lot of joy in this respect. His name is Bau and he wanted me to do a model photo shoot in Mallorca.

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca almond blossom"

We met to take photos first in the studio and then outdoors. He came with his lovely girl Laura, they have been together for four years and they are a super nice couple. As soon as I saw him walk in the door I was thrilled, I mean it.

He is one of those people who have something special that you notice as soon as you see him. His smile and his eyes win you over, he’s amazing. I immediately felt like taking pictures of him and discovering everything he has inside.  

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca elegant"

Studio photo session

All the clothes he brought were super stylish and we immediately organized what he was going to wear. We started in the studio taking pictures of him and I realized that it was going to be very intense and that I was going to enjoy this model photo shoot in Mallorca.

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca in studio seated"

At the beginning, as is normal, it was hard for him to loosen up, it’s not easy to get in front of a camera for the first time. I always try to make the models feel at ease little by little and for that I try to get to know them better. I ask them questions about their lives and their tastes and that’s how they relax.

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca cool in the studio"

Bau to my satisfaction as I love gastronomy is a chef and works in a very famous Italian restaurant here in Palma. It is called Il Forno a legna and it is in Establiments, his girl Laura also works there as a waitress.

It’s funny because it’s a place I like a lot and not long ago we were eating there. I remember seeing him in the kitchen and then when he finished work he went out on his bike. The food was spectacular and it is a highly recommended place.  

"ALT "model photo shoot in mallorca colours"

He and Laura met 4 years ago and they have a dog called Messi because Bau is very much a Barca fan as he himself says and a cat called Lucas. As you know I love animal people and it goes without saying that they loved my dog Noah.

"ALT "model photo shoot in mallorca in the studio"

Sunset session

"ALT "model photo shoot in mallorca at sunset"

I was very clear that I wanted to dedicate time to this model photo shoot in Mallorca. That’s why I decided to leave the studio even though I had already taken some photos and go out to shoot on location.

I wanted to return to the studio to continue later. The important thing was not to miss the evening light and to make the most of as much time as possible. Now the countryside in Mallorca is so beautiful with the almond trees in bloom and many wild flowers with such intense colours everywhere.

"ALT "model photo shoot in mallorca magic moment"

I already had a place in mind for him half an hour’s drive from Palma and we all went there. Due to the cold weather and the fact that the weather is crazy and changes every day there were not as many almond trees in blossom as before. Still everything was very nice and I started the model photo shoot in Mallorca outdoors.

"ALT "model photo shoot in mallorca with coat"

Natural elegance

"ALT "model photo shoot in mallorca"

Bau was so elegant in his coat and white shirt that he didn’t need anything else. I loved his big smile and he did everything I asked him to do. It was very easy to take pictures of him and he looked good in all of them.

He had brought some clothes with African motifs and I made him wear them. Everything looked good on him and with his shirt off and a pair of trousers he looked like he had been a model all his life. The landscape was beautiful and the sunset light was brutal, the sun was setting little by little.  

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca running"
"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca black and white"

We found an area with lots of yellow flowers and I asked him to sit on a stool we had brought. With those coloured striped trousers and that look on his face, he began to tell me things about his life.

Great session in the field

He is from Senegal and because of all these problems with the Coronavirus and so on he had not been able to go and see his family for two years. It is really hard to be so far away and not see your loved ones. I hope that all this will end quickly and that he will be able to do it soon.

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca among flowers"

There in the middle of the countryside the whole scene looked like something out of a movie, the colours, the light, his presence. I was really enjoying this model photo shoot in Mallorca.

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca smiles"

There was little light left and the sun was going down so we finished and went back to the studio. Without any haste I made him change his clothes several times and I even got him to dance to Mark Anthony.

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca elegant in studio"

This man apart from making good pizzas and talking to dogs, which he told me later, is a lot of fun. It was a pleasure to do this photo shoot with him and I’m sure he will get many opportunities as a model.

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca flower field"

I know I will see them again very soon because I am going to Il Forno to eat delicious food and to give them both a hug. I thank them for having trusted me and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

"ALT"model photo shoot in mallorca portrait"

Model photo shoot in Mallorca

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