Winner of the Wedaward 2021

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT "award-winning photographer mallorca"

Winner of the Wedaward 2021

I couldn’t be happier and more grateful. Two of my wedding photographs have won at the Wedaward 2021. After such a hard year for all of us and not having sent photos to international competitions for two years, 2 of my photos have been awarded.

One of them is from the Indian wedding that took place at Finca Es Lloquet- The secret place without a doubt one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever had.


"Alt"award winning photographer in mallorca"

That wedding lasted two very intense days full of emotions and unforgettable moments. I will never forget those colours in the dresses, that decoration full of flowers, the mandap fabrics flying in the wind. It was incredible as a wedding photographer in Mallorca to live that experience and to have been able to capture such magical and full of life photographs.

Thanks to the wonderful kindness of Reshma, Tom and their families I was made to feel part of the celebration the whole time. I was able to fully enjoy the amazing and beautiful traditions that happen during an Indian wedding.

I found all the rituals and the meaning of each one of them so beautiful.


Even though they were afraid of the weather, they always had a smile on their faces. The way they lived their wedding day with so much feeling was so beautiful to me that I enjoyed every second I was with my camera in front of them to the fullest. That’s why I am so happy to have been awarded at the Wedaward 2021 with this photograph

Winner of the Wedaward 2021

"ALT "award winner wedding photographer contest"

The other winning photograph of the Wedaward 2021 is also very special. Anneke and Simon are a couple that I am very fond of. When I met them I immediately realised how much they love each other. They are so kind and sweet that we quickly connected. They trusted me completely and they let me photograph their great complicity and those sweet looks they have for each other.

Their wedding took place in a private Finca that they rented and decorated themselves. It was a special wedding partly because of the lighting I used for their couple photos. Taking advantage of the evening light I took them to a field where the sun was setting and we played with the light from two sparklers. At that moment I took the winning photo of the Wedaward 2021.


There was a swing in the middle of the field between trees and I took advantage of the little natural light and some sparklers. I made them hold them up and a very special and magical atmosphere was created.

Wedding photographer in Mallorca

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I am always very focused on getting the best out of this important day. I want to capture those unrepeatable and emotionally powerful moments. When couples live that day they almost don’t notice most of the things that happen around them. With all the nerves and the adrenaline rush it is not possible to understand everything that is going on.

Besides, everything happens so fast, the hours fly by and the hugs, the kisses, the congratulations, the tears of joy are like a bomb that explodes and fills you up.

Every moment is unique and we know that even more today with all that we have lived these months. Every hug is very important and being able to experience something like this with the people we love is sometimes unrepeatable.

"ALT" destination wedding photographer mallorca"

These Wedaward 2021 award-winning photographs represent my way of seeing and experiencing weddings.

I always like to explain my style as a photography of moments and feelings. When you look at them again in a while I want you to feel the same way you did that very moment. That it stirs you up inside so that you say wow what a blast it was to have experienced that and to be able to see it now again in the photos.

I thank Reshma and Tom, Anneke and Simon for having trusted me. Without their cooperation, kindness and love it would not have been possible. These two awards of Wedaward 2021 motivate me to give it all even more and that is already difficult for the next weddings, I am really looking forward to it!

Winner of the Wedawards 2021

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