Fashion editorial in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"fashion editorial in Mallorca"

Fashion editorial in Mallorca

Today I am going to tell you about a very special fashion editorial in Mallorca that I had a fortnight ago.

With a great team of great professionals in Mallorca I have a wedding editorial in March at Finca Morneta. For this I needed to find a model.

"ALT "fashion editorial in mallorca model with chair"

One of the things I like and care most is to be able to tell stories and feelings with my photos, to make them come alive. That’s why I need the model to be able to express perfectly what I want to transmit and tell. Not everyone is able to do that and I know it’s not easy.

"ALT"mallorca fashion editorial in the wind"

Model in Mallorca

For this fashion editorial in Mallorca I was lucky enough to meet Marcela. Her face already caught my attention when I saw her and I asked her if she wanted to participate in the wedding editorial that was going to take place in March. After we spoke she told me that she would be delighted and that she really liked my photos and my style.

"ALT"fashion editorial in mallorca open arms"

Generally, I like to have a first contact with the models before doing a wedding editorial job. It is very important that both the models and I gain confidence in each other. That we get to know each other’s way of working and create a relationship where we both feel at ease. I always like to personalise everything I do and that, as I said before, there is strength in the final result.

"ALT "fashion editorial in mallorca model with eyes closed"

Photo shoot on the beach

We arranged to meet the second week of February. This is a very changeable month in Mallorca, one day it can be sunny and very hot and the next day the opposite. It is difficult to plan a photo shoot at short notice because of this and you can’t control what will happen in terms of weather.

We met at a beach I like very much in the north of the island on a Monday at 17.00 pm.

Already in the morning it was cloudy. Everything indicated that the sun was not going to come out and I feared that it would be very cold in the afternoon.


"ALT"fashion editorial in mallorca open jacket"

On this beach the evening light is spectacular and the sunset is super beautiful. That atmosphere is what we had planned but unfortunately the conditions were different. Even so I was really looking forward to doing this fashion editorial in Mallorca with Marcela. There were going to be several wardrobe changes and we had already arranged for make-up and hairdressing with Lucia Jorge, a great professional on the island.

As we got to the beach it was getting colder and colder and I feared that Marcela was going to have a bad time. She had some fine dresses and shirts in her wardrobe and I was planning to do some things in the water


"ALT"professional fashion editorial in mallorca"

Trust in the photographer

When we met at the location she came with a smile on her face and you could see she was eager despite the weather. She said she didn’t mind and that she was willing and ready to do whatever I suggested.

"ALT"fashion editorial in mallorca on foot"

From the beginning she showed me her great confidence in me for this fashion editorial in Mallorca. That is something I loved and I knew I could count on her for what I wanted to do. I need that trust to have a total connection of the model with me and Marcela was giving it to me.

"ALT"fashion editorial in mallorca look"

Lucia Jorge put the finishing touches on the hairstyle and helped us with the wardrobe. We started straight away because I was very clear about what I wanted to do. I told her to bring a chair for the fashion editorial in Mallorca, I wanted to use such an object with the sea in the background. I explained to Marcela the feelings I wanted her to convey with her postures and her face. She understood immediately and put her heart and all her professionalism into it.


"ALT"fashion editorial in mallorca model's face"

Little by little we went from one scene to another, trying to do it quickly so that she wouldn’t get as cold as possible. It was very intense while she was changing costumes and she was enduring the cold. The light was very beautiful with the low grey clouds, the waves crashing on the shore. There was a very melancholic and romantic atmosphere that gave extra strength to this fashion editorial in Mallorca.

"ALT"fashion editorial in Mallorca laying down"

Sunset light in Mallorca

I made her run in the sand and release everything inside her and open up to me in a total way. I knew that at the wedding editorial that we were going to have later in March she would also respond to everything I was going to ask of her.

As the light was slowly fading away at the end of the afternoon we went to the pier further down the beach.

She was now totally open emotionally and I think she didn’t even feel the cold anymore. We had a few magical minutes where perhaps the best of the fashion editorial in Mallorca came out.

"ALT"mallorca fashion editorial in colour"

The light was brutal, her expression on her face, her total trust, our complicity… The last minutes gave me the chance to take some spectacular photos that I loved later when I edited them.

At the end we hugged each other knowing that we had achieved something very special. I am very grateful to Marcela for opening her heart and trust to me, she showed great professionalism in such difficult conditions. I’m sure we will do very nice things in the near future.

"ALT "mallorca fashion editorial model walking"

Fashion editorial in Mallorca

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