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"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 luces comassema"

Wedding trends 2023 Mallorca

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and all those get-togethers with friends and family are behind us. It’s amazing how time goes by so fast. Sometimes we wish that all the good things would just drag on and never end. But we have to see it in the best way and think that they are phases and when a good one ends another one begins that will be better.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 emma marcus"

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I am gaining strength and a lot of enthusiasm to face again the wedding season 2023 Mallorca. It is going to be amazing and I am very excited because I have some couples that promise a lot. There are couples of all nationalities and cultures which I love. So this post is going to be about wedding trends 2023 Mallorca. We have compiled from different specialized sources what they think is going to triumph this year, let’s see what awaits us:

Original weddings from the start in Mallorca

After covid, couples who get married do so with a lot of enthusiasm. They have had a lot of time to research and plan. This trend in weddings 2023 Mallorca comes from last year and is going stronger. It is all about surprising the guests from the very beginning. To make it an unforgettable wedding because of the fun they had and for that, long live the imagination!

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 puesta de sol"

The truth is that we can expect everything from improbable games, treasure hunts, costumes and dances at all hours, and the latest inventive props. Costumes and dances at any time, accessories of the latest invention. Anything goes and at any time, the typical weddings are over, and the season is open for surprising and original celebrations.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 novia feliz"

That is why it is very fashionable to get married in a place far away from the place of residence such as Mallorca. Dreamy fincas, rustic houses that have nothing to do with the traditional wedding hall. Social media has created a tremendous boom and couples are influenced by it, wanting their big day to be the BIGGEST.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 mariachis"

The music and party the most important thing.

We will never say that they will no longer play Paquito el chocolatero because anything goes but …. If there is a rising value that is the music, djs and entertainers.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 novia al aire"

There are couples who feed their lives with electronic music, pop, etc… Nobody wants to stay at home, it’s boring and we were already too much at the time. So couples go out a lot, the weekend and vacations, are used to go to concerts, festivals, see djs etc… That’s why they want their wedding day to be a constant fun with music as a very important factor. They want the party to start as soon as possible, even if it is necessary to shorten the ceremony and so on, it is an essential element.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 cantante italiano"

Special music moments in Mallorca weddings

For example, one of the most thoughtful themes are the songs for each occasion. The entrance of the bride and groom (if it is not religious in a church of course) with the perfect song. Everyone has a favorite song but it is a trend in weddings 2023 Mallorca to give it a touch, a twist. Some will want to do a choreography, others will want the guests to do the chorus and everything will have its months of rehearsals beforehand. You have to coordinate and make it perfect of course so there is entertainment on that part.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 luces noche comassema"

Then there is the surprise at aperitif time and many will resort to live music where the party will start until dawn. It can be by a dj / entertainer or a group or band. You have to be in great shape to enjoy it to the fullest.

Having said all this, one of the biggest trends in weddings 2023 Mallorca is La Hora Loca. Imported from Latin America it already had a strong start last year and this year it will triumph. Which I love as a wedding photographer in Mallorca.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 fiesta chicos"
"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 rogerio cubano"

Weddings with gastronomic show

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023"
"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 mas juegos"
"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 juegos"

More and more couples are asking for everything related to catering to be a unique experience. That the dishes are very elaborate and their guests say wow! They should be surprised by the flavors and even if it is a deconstructed omelet, it should be the best in the world. There will be surprising ingredients such as edible gold and an incredible dessert buffet.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 monkey doo"

And of course we must not forget that sustainable and 0 km products are essential to prepare the menu or menus. Both traditional dishes of the area and exotic dishes of all kinds. There will be many hours and a lot of wear and tear and you have to feed and hydrate yourself.

Lighting and decoration at its best

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 cortinas luces"
"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 luces noche"

The lights take on a protagonism of their own, the more garlands, candles, lamps and chandeliers the better. Structures on top of the tables combining lighting and floral/vegetable decoration will continue to be in trend. The aim is to create a breathtaking overall atmosphere. It will be very elaborate and will be integrated with the chosen decoration. The colors nude, blue and beige will be favorites, of course there will be the magenta chosen color Pantone 2023 very lively and cheerful as much as these trends weddings 2023 Mallorca.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 chicos humo"

Everything will be very spectacular and minimalism is no longer played with. Flowers will be everywhere, even hanging flowers as we say in structures for the presidential table. Many dried flowers such as feather duster, palm, oats or spikes will be used.

In the bridal bouquets cascades with lots of greenery and in a relaxed tone with the bride’s look.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 cubano"

For the tablecloths the vichy designs with big or small squares, are trends in weddings 2023 Mallorca. They can be red and white or black and white, beige, etc…

Ceramics and everything handmade, wicker, whether in vases, saucers, centerpieces, etc. are top. You have to excite the guests with all the senses. Even the aromatization is very important and will be used in certain areas.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 deco flores"
"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 deco mesas amalfi"
"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 deco"

It will try to create an ecological sense by using as much sustainable as possible to achieve a natural atmosphere integrated with the location of the event. More if everything happens outdoors of course which continues to be a trend in weddings 2023 Mallorca.

Fun club style open bars in Ibiza

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 chicos disco"
"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 en brazos"

One of the trends in weddings 2023 Mallorca is to create a club atmosphere at the party. There will be LED screens, lots of smoke, disco balls and color changing lights all over the place. The cold fire shows or fireworks if they let you do them will be the bomb, never better said. Besides some Drag Queens show, stilt walkers, magicians, fluor makeup and of course a 360 degrees video booth. You have to dress up with colorful bohas, weird hats and accessories.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 humo noche"

The purpose is to dance and have fun until dawn having given everything. Of course there will be the very important resopon where pizzas and fast food restaurants will be very important. Not forgetting a tattoo artist with his “tattoo corner” that will make you remember for life this unforgettable wedding.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 conga"

In short, the goal is that the guests leave the wedding and talk about it for the rest of their lives. That the experience has been like going to an amusement park with the senses to the fullest. That they comment on how this or that was, that they do not surpass the happiness they had that day with anything else. This trend already has a name: “Wedding fest”.

We will tell you all about it this year wedding by wedding and we are sure we will have the time of our lives.

"ALT"tendencias en bodas 2023 anna"

Wedding trends 2023 Mallorca

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