Best wedding photography Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca pareja puesta de sol"

Best wedding photography Mallorca

This wedding was one of those we had been looking forward to for a long time. From the first call there was a total feeling. I immediately loved all the illusion that they transmitted as they told me the plans they had. They are Diego and Simone and they live in Switzerland.

We arranged to have a video call together to get to know each other better. For the best wedding photography Mallorca I travel a lot and at that moment I was in the north of Spain so it was the best way to see each other.


"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca guapos"

During that video call they told me a lot of things about them. Diego is from Zaragoza and Simone from Naples. Both live in Switzerland and have known each other for seven years. They love Mallorca and were looking forward to bring their families and friends together on the island.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca colores"

Wedding in Mallorca

They had chosen Finca Can Salas thanks to a friend who is a yoga teacher. It is located in Banyalbufar on the way to Port des Canonge, that road with so many curves. Sometimes they use it as a spiritual retreat site for yoga meetings. We arranged to meet when they came to Mallorca, we really wanted to see them in person.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca vistas de día"

And September came and with it their wedding the first week. Before the big day we went to see them at the Finca, to do the best wedding photography in Mallorca I like to see the locations first. We gave each other a big hug when we saw each other, they were even more handsome and lovely in person.

Meanwhile, smiles lit up their faces from side to side. They were nervous about everything that was about to happen and looking forward to it all at the same time. They had arrived almost a week ago and had many friends sharing the Finca. During that time, they had taken the opportunity to go on boat trips, enjoy themselves together and party a lot.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca trajes"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca anillos y zapatos"

Finca Can Salas in Mallorca

Finca Can Salas was spectacular with terraces with views that looked like we were in Santorini. Right at the entrance there is a kind of cloister where they wanted to make the banquet. The facade has a set of windows with green shutters and beautiful glass.

In the back there is a porch with a swimming pool and those spectacular terraces where the most spectacular thing of this place happens. In the evening here is one of the most spectacular sunsets on the island. We were going to live a very magical LGTB wedding here.


"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca bañera"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca preboda"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca baño"

The great Spanish Italian wedding in Mallorca

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca preparativos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca risas preparativos"

Wedding planner Mallorca

The day of the wedding arrived, which dawned a little cloudy. When we arrived at the Finca we met Patricia, the wedding planner of Love Forest Wedding Co. with whom we were looking forward to work. She was already arranging the banquet tables, everything was beautiful. Then we went up to see the couple who were waiting for us, I was really looking forward to this wedding.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca zapatos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca chalecos"

Emotional wedding Mallorca

Diego and Simone were smiling and waiting for us with their suits in their cases. Meanwhile, their families were about to arrive and Diego was especially excited for his grandmother. He has a special connection with her and wanted us to take lots of pictures of her and together.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca pose preparativos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca beso preparativos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca mimos preparativos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca poniendo chaqueta"

LGBT wedding in Mallorca

Besides, the very next day was her birthday, 86 years old, and for her to have already traveled by plane was quite an adventure. Diego told us that the other day they had had a very special moment. Just at the time of the sunset over the sea they had shared that experience together.

She, being from Zaragoza, had never seen a sunset at sea and it was very special for both of them to live that moment. That’s how this wedding was, full of love and precious feelings.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca juntos preparativos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca beso juntos preparativos"

We were upstairs on the second floor, their room was there. There is a hallway that connects several rooms in that area with a large window leading to a terrace. The light and the tiled floor were brutal. I saw it the day we went and we decided to have them change there. Their friends were coming and going as well getting ready and everyone was happy laughing and making jokes.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca vistas piscina"

Wedding preparations in Mallorca

For the preparations we had talked with them before, in a guys wedding changing together is very special. We had just done it with Manuel and Jean Pierre at Finca Son Mesquida Nou. The result was both romantic and fun, a very good connection is created before everything starts.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca entrada novios"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca entrada pareja"

First, we started by taking them to the bathroom for a bubble bath. With glasses of wine they enjoyed a relaxing moment. There was laughter and music with both of them in the tub. From there we went upstairs to continue.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca lugar ceremonia"

Stylish wedding couple in Mallorca

The suits that had been custom made in Zaragoza Diego and Simone were spectacular. Both different with their own style and details. The hairdresser who had come earlier had made them even more handsome which is difficult.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca ceremonia"

Exclusive Finca wedding in Mallorca

They were very happy and were looking forward to the whole thing. Diego was with his permanent smile that lit up his face and Simone was looking at him with love. They started by putting on their shirts and vests.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca momentos ceremonia"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca risas ceremonia"

We had a problem with a belt as I had to open an extra hole in it. Simone with the nerves had lost a little weight the last few days. Doing the best wedding photography Mallorca I am used to do a lot of things to help apart from photos. We asked Patri from Love Forest Wedding Co for a couple of glasses of white wine for them which in the hot weather was well received.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca miradas"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca votos emotivos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca votos"

Once they were dressed they both looked amazing, what a couple of models they were. We left them alone to have a quiet moment before everything started.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca abuela anillos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca abuela"

Ceremony with spectacular views in Mallorca

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca abrazo"

Almost all the guests had already arrived. We had El Bandarra de Panela as our caterer who was making his debut with this wedding and we were very excited. They were offering a welcome drink and when Diego and Simone came down they welcomed everyone with hugs and kisses.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca lágrimas ceremonia"

There were people who had not seen each other for a long time and it was incredible to be able to live those moments. The best part came when Diego saw his grandmother and she saw him looking so elegant. It’s incredible the connection they have and at 86 years old she was so happy to be there.

They all sat down and the ceremony began, led by Benjamin and Sanda, great friends of theirs. The two entered together hand in hand accompanied by a guitarist playing “Entre dos aguas” by Paco de Lucia. There was such a beautiful and magical atmosphere. As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I was enjoying a lot.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca salida novios"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca salida feliz"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca salida beso"

Wedding photography in Mallorca

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca enseñando anillos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca anillos"

They talked about how they met and many of the things they have experienced together. How important it is to be able to find a person to share life with. They read each other’s vows which made us all emotional. This couple loves each other madly and it is beautiful the way they look at each other.

The magical moment of the ceremony was when the grandmother gave them the rings. They melted in an embrace with her with a lot of meaning. Love is love no matter how and with whom, it is wonderful the acceptance in their families.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca beso fotos pareja"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca risas postboda"

Couple pictures photographer in Mallorca

They tied the knot and left amidst applause and petals, completely happy. All the guests began to congratulate them one by one with kisses and hugs. When I could I quickly took them to take some couple pictures. I always try to do it as fast as possible knowing already where to go and what kind of pictures to take.

Depending on the style and taste of the couple I prepare everything in advance. So we got back to the cocktail party quickly so they could celebrate with everyone.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca fotos postboda"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca fotos de pareja"

Cocktail and banquet Finca Can Salas Mallorca

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca felicidades"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca felicitando"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca felicidades de la abuela"

During the cocktail they now had the music of Pedro Rosa with his voice and guitar. I have known him for a long time and he is an incredible Brazilian musician who with his bossanova gave atmosphere to this magical place. The sun was setting little by little and the colors that appeared were like a movie.

The horizon turned a spectacular orange with a brutal light. We were all mesmerized by this moment. Undoubtedly one of the best sunsets in Mallorca, very appropriate for this beautiful couple. It looked like they were being blessed by nature.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca cóctel"

We moved on to the banquet area which was very pretty with garlands of lights. They made the entrance the two of them running between the tables and all the guests doing the napkin waving. This high is always unique and fun. They sat down smiling amidst shouts of “viva los novios”.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca risas amigos"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca invitadas cóctel"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca invitados"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca abanico"

Amazing wedding in Mallorca

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca puesta de sol"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca puesta de sol foto"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca amor"

There was almost at the end a very amusing game that the friends made for them. They sat them on two chairs with roses in their hands each. The friends kept saying phrases about them and they had to raise the rose if they thought they were entitled to that statement. It was also very funny because in each sentence they had to tell someone of the guests to take a shot.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca luces banquete"

Party time in wedding Mallorca

With all the good atmosphere we headed to the dance area. They had organized it on the terrace where the ceremony had taken place. It was amazing with everyone happy giving it all and dancing with them. The best part was when the grandmother started dancing with Diego there at 86 years old happy to share all this with her grandson. I loved being able to capture all these moments for the best wedding photography Mallorca.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca entrada corriendo"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca pañolada"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca servilletas"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca entrada mesa nupcial"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca juego rosas"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca tequila"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca"

And so we say goodbye to them, thanking them for everything and wishing them all the happiness in the world. We hope they have a great time on their honeymoon and we hope to see you soon.

"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca baile con abuela"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca abuela disco"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca primer baile"
"ALT"fotografía de bodas Mallorca disco"

Best wedding photography Mallorca

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