Philippine wedding in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca beso escondido bn"

Philippine wedding in Mallorca

At this wedding I really enjoyed taking pictures of all kinds. I love the variety of cultures and traditions. Usually I do a lot of weddings every year with couples of different nationalities.  So I was really looking forward to this Philippine wedding in Mallorca.

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca sonriendo dentro velo"

I always say that good teamwork goes a long way and here I had it. In the video I was accompanied by the great Arantxa Rustarazo. Everything I do with her, be it weddings or editorials, are very special. The two of us have a special connection that translates into a lot of creativity. So everything looked great.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca fotos de pareja"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca novia muy feliz"

Wedding at Finca Son Mir

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca bailando con sombrillas bn"

This couple is very nice, from the beginning I loved them. Richard and Allison live in London but have lived in Australia so many guests came from there. The wedding was to be held at Finca Son Mir, one of the most beautiful and well cared for properties in Mallorca.

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca mirada a camara"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca novia muy feliz"

We arrived early to see the different areas and have everything ready. For this wedding we had Wonderweddings as our wedding planners which is a sign that everything will be perfect. They were setting things up on the banquet tables which looked spectacular. Then we went to see Allison the bride. Her hair and makeup artist Marta Lula was with her and we greeted each other. She was a little nervous but not too much,  really looking forward to everything to start.

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca sonriendo al novio"

The bridesmaids were in short floral pajamas, two of them pregnant we were told. They had arrived a few days ago and had already been able to see a bit of Mallorca.
Allison’s mother and Richard’s mother were also in the room. It was going to be an amazing Philippine wedding in Mallorca.

Philippine wedding preparations in Mallorca

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novio feliz preparativos"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca preparativos novio"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca abrazo de hermano"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca preparativos padrinos"

From there we went to see Richard. We gave each other two kisses and told him how happy we were that the big day had arrived. He was looking very elegant in his custom made suit. Light beij color and linen fabric was perfect for this Philippine wedding in Mallorca. His groomsmen were already dressed to match the groom, including the brother. All of them with their brown loafers looked like they were straight out of a magazine editorial.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca detalle zapatos"

We had them go downstairs to the big room with a few beers. There we took pictures of them putting on their jackets and having a good time. They were joking and laughing, ready to have a great day.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novia maquillaje"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca brindis preparativos novia"

Bridal preparations finca in Mallorca

Afterwards we went with Allison and her bridesmaids. We gave them a bottle of cava and toasted to the bride and groom’s health. Allison looked gorgeous with her makeup and hair done.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novia reflejo preparativos"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novia arregleglándose"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca preparativos en familia"

Little by little they helped her put on the dress which was beautiful. Very elegant and modern at the same time as she is. Her friends, sister and mother put on her shoes and so on. Also the father had his moment giving her the bridal bouquet, all excited.
It is a very nice family where you can tell that they love each other very much.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novia lista"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca detalle zapato"

Ceremony at Finca Son Mir Mallorca

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca lugar ceremonia"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca invitadas ceremonia"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca ceremonia con sombrillas"

With the bride ready we went to the ceremony area. Richard was not going to make an entrance, he told us. He preferred to wait at the altar for the bride with her groomsmen. All the guests took their seats and we started.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novio espera"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca espera en altar"

So that moment came and she looked spectacular. Her face said it all, she was very excited and it was hard for her not to cry. Richard received her all happy with a smile. It is very special when that moment arrives when couples see each other at the altar.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca entrada novia con padre"

The ceremony was to be conducted by a friend of theirs which is always much better and more personal.
There were speeches by two people in between songs where everyone sang along with excitement on their feet. Finca Son Mir‘s cloister was beautiful with half in sun and the trees in between offering shade. Many guests had Japanese umbrellas to protect them from the sun.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca ceremonia Finca Son Mir"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca pareja durante ceremonia"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca pareja ceremonia"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca ceremonia por detrás"

Wedding ceremony Mallorca

The moment came when they promised to share their lives with each other and the one with the rings. They gave each other a kiss at the end and left with their arms up in the air all happy among the petals that were thrown at them. What a beautiful couple they make, they are very special.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca esperando anillos"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca anillos ceremonia"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca felices ceremonia"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca beso ceremonia"

Catering Marc Fosh Mallorca

The cocktail party began immediately where the couple approached the guests to receive their congratulations. In this wedding we had Marc Fosh catering that as always offered great service and quality. Everyone enjoyed the sangria and various appetizers while a saxophonist played.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca salida novios"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca salida pareja"

A little later we took the couple along with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids to take pictures of them. The sun had already lowered a bit and we took advantage of the Japanese umbrellas to play with the light.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca brindis pareja"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca abrazo del padre novia"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca felicitaciones"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novios cóctel"

The bride and groom had their moment alone where Arantxa and I had the sunset to make them original and different things. Allison said she was having a great time so everyone was happy because that’s what it’s all about.

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca divirtiendose"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca niño con sombrilla"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca niño con sombrilla"

Wedding photography Mallorca

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca pasillo de sombrillas"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca sombrillas bn"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca fotos grupo"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca fotos pareja sombrilla"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca fotos pareja son mir"

The entrance to the banquet was going to be interesting as they were going to enter dancing in pairs. Apparently it is tradition and it was not going to be less in this Philippine wedding in Mallorca. When the guests were already seated they entered doing the show very funny, they even rehearsed it a few minutes before.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca luz fotos pareja"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca miradas con amor"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca fotos de pareja divertidas"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca fotos con sunset"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca sentados fotos pareja"

One of Allison’s friends was the master of ceremonies with the microphone and announced what was about to happen. With the couple already at their wedding table, Allison’s father made a speech thanking everyone for their presence. Then between courses, so did Richard’s father and one of the groomsmen. Almost at the end of the dinner before dessert, the groom and bride.

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca arriba"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca pareja bn"

It was very funny because they made jokes about how they met and started dating. Apparently Allison started playing team sports to match Richard who loves sports. He teased her as if to say that he was not very good at it but it was good that she made the effort. Everyone raised their glass to them and wished them happiness.

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca mirada novia"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca finca son mir"

Philippine wedding photographer Mallorca

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca finca son mir"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca decoración mesas"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca detalle platos"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca detalles florales"

And once the banquet was over we went to the other area where the cake was ready to be cut. It was from Mom & Mom Repostería, beautiful, perhaps the prettiest I have seen so far. Then it was time for the bouquet toss where there is always a lot of anticipation and laughter. Allison went to change her dress for the first dance and came back with another beautiful model.

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca todos juntos"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca de la mano"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca ensayando"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca momento"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca groomsman sombrilla"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca amigos bailando"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca carcajada"

They put themselves in the middle of the circle that everyone made for them and gave it their all. With the music prepared by Lo Music they did phenomenal even with a pirouette with her spinning in the air, it was great.

"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca divertido"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca entrada bailando"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca servilletas invitados"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca entrada al banquete"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca entrada banquete bailando"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca risas invitados"

Everybody joined the dance and went into the disco after dancing outside for a while. We stayed for a while and said goodbye to them. I had loved this Philippine wedding in Mallorca, they are lovely. We thanked them for everything and wished them a lot of happiness in their new life and hope to see them again soon.

"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca mesa nupcial"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca niño banquete"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca invitados mesa nupcial"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca discursos banquete"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novia en discursos"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca niño banquete"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca discurso hermano"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca novia con chaqueta"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca brindis"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca escuchando discurso"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca lanzamiento de ramo"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca ramo amigas"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novia durante disco"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca risas con bengalas"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca beso con bengalas"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca baile nupcial"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca baile nupcial en el aire"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca baile nupcial original"
"ALT"boda filipina en Mallorca novia sonrisa"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca bridesmaid"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca pareja invitados"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca con amiga bn"
"ALT"boda filipina en mallorca baile disco"

Philippine wedding in Mallorca

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