Wedding at Finca Els Calderers

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"boda en finca els calderers porsche"

Wedding at Finca Els Calderers

This season has been so beautiful because of all the amazing couples we have had. Each wedding has been very special with exciting, fun and unique moments. Without a doubt, this wedding that I am telling you about today has been one of the most elegant, both for the bride and groom and for the location.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers beso coche"

Having a wedding at Finca Els Calderers means working with the Amida Group which is always synonymous with professionalism. As a photographer in Mallorca I know that with them everything will be perfect in terms of what it takes to organise a wedding. That’s why I was so happy when this one arrived in July.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers perfil"

Wedding photographer in Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers zapatos de jimmy choo"

They are Carmen and Juan, the day we met over coffee I could tell that they are perfect matches. They know each other very well and look at one another with a lot of tenderness. As well as being nice, they are very attractive and elegant, which assured me that it was going to be a beautiful wedding in terms of photography.

Carmen is very stylish and when she showed me the wedding dress designed by Marta Marti from Barcelona I loved it. It was very her, modern and at the same time with classic details, very original and that was going to give a lot of play.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers preparativos"

Groom's wedding preparations in Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers preparativos novio"

So that July afternoon we started this wedding at Finca Els Calderers with great enthusiasm. First we went to the groom’s house as usual. I had arranged to meet the videographer Dani Mota there. I was looking forward to working with him again after Anna and Marcus’ wedding we had together. When I got out of the car I started to hear mariachis and I couldn’t believe it. Juan had already told me that his preparations were not going to be like everyone else’s. I was so excited.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers novio con mariachis"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers mariachis"

He had prepared a mini-party where his closest friends and family were present. On the porch of their family home they were all enjoying snacks and drinks while a mariachi band played. They were the same ones we had at Maria and Nico’s Mexican wedding the year before, I love them. I thought it was a great start for this wedding at Finca Els Calderers.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers novio elegante"

Everyone was in high spirits chatting amongst themselves happily enjoying the music. Dani Mota and I were happy to have the groom so enthusiastic and doing something out of the ordinary. He didn’t want to have the typical photos of him changing. He said that he would do that in five minutes and he preferred to have this moment with his family. We said goodbye to Juan who was wearing his Mexican hat, we would see each other at the church.

We left there singing Malagueña in the car to the rhythm of the trumpet and headed for the bride’s house.

Bridal preparations Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers"

When we called at Carmen’s house she met us at the door with Gus, her dachshund in her arms. He is beautiful and a very important part of the family, he has spotted spots and is very good. We greeted the parents and sisters who are lovely and were just finishing getting ready. All a bit nervous which is totally normal when it comes to a wedding but always with a smile.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers perrito gus"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers con gus"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers desde arriba"

Carmen was putting the finishing touches to her make-up and hairstyle. Both Antonia Riera and Laura Cubero had made her look amazing. Her make-up was very natural, which is perfect, and her hair was in an up-do that highlighted all her beauty. She was wearing a white gown with embroidery which we used to take some photos of her with Gus before putting on her dress.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers antes de la boda"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers retoques"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers velo marta marti"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers jimmy choo""

Wedding photographer Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers preciosa novia"

Her family’s house is divided into two floors with stairs and large windows that gave a beautiful light. When she finished wearing the incredible Marta Marti dress, the result was spectacular. Also, for the occasion she had a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that made the outfit perfect.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers novia feliz preparativos"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers entrega del ramo"

I made the most of the space and light available to take photos that look like fashion editorial photos. Her father, very elegantly dressed in a black tuxedo with a peak lapel and a light grey waistcoat, was in charge of giving her the bridal bouquet. There was a lot of excitement and happiness in the house. Everyone was prepared for a great wedding at Finca Els Calderers that day.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers cola vestido"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers elegante"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers casa de la novia"

Wedding ceremony in Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers escaleras"

First we had to attend the religious ceremony which was to be held at the Hermitage of Bonany in Petra. So we set off there to be ready when the groom arrived first. Juan came in his Porsche Carrera convertible. He was dressed in a black tuxedo with matching waistcoat and blue tie, very smart. He walked up the hill to the church which was already beautifully decorated with a red carpet.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers novio chaqué"

All the flower decoration was done by Floristeria Es Brot. We have been to many weddings this year with them and we love everything they do. They had decorated the sides of the carpet as you approach the door with baskets of flowers. The door also matched the bride’s bouquet. The very natural white and green tones dominated the atmosphere.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers llegada iglesia"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers salida coche"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers entrada iglesia"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers detalle manos"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers hojas de olivo"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers salida iglesia"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers salida"

Couple wedding photos in Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers fotos en porsche"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers amor"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers fotos postboda"

The ceremony took place and at the end of the ceremony everyone was waiting to throw olive leaves at them. The couple, now together and very happy, quickly got on the Porsche to go to the place of celebration for this wedding at Finca Els Calderers.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers preciosa luz"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers blanco y negro"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers abrazo"

I was able to take some couple photos while all the guests were coming. The light was beautiful and with the Mallorca countryside as a backdrop the couple enjoyed themselves while I was shooting with my camera. Carmen looked beautiful and very happy, in her Marta Marti dress she looked like a model. The sleeves were very playful and super elegant.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers fotos novia"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers vestido novia marta marti"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers marta marti barcelona"

The Amida group had everything ready, the finca was amazing and as soon as the guests arrived they started to bring the appetizers. Without a doubt Amida catering is one of the best in Mallorca. At every wedding we have had the opportunity to work with them, they prove it and we always recommend them.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers postboda"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers fotos juntos"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers de la mano"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers detalle jimmy choo"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers primer plano"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers mangas vestido marta marti"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers zona banquete"

Cocktail and banquet finca Els Calderers

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers música"

Carmen and Juan made a toast with cava at the entrance and together with the guests they enjoyed a lot, and the cocktail was entertained by the Monkey Doo Swing Band from Panela Productions. We always recommend live music at weddings because the party atmosphere and joy they give is unbeatable.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers baile"

Carmen and Juan received congratulations from family and friends, and happily walked around the cocktail area waving. There was also the opportunity to dance to the rhythm of swing and we can say that there was a party during the cocktail.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers catering amida"

It was time to move on to the banquet area. The decoration of the tables by Grupo Amida was very elegant. Olive leaves with candles and white flowers dominated the pristine white tablecloths. The garlands of lights above the tables were perfect to illuminate the eighteenth century stone main façade.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers servilletas"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers por las mesas"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers beso banquete"

Wedding party in Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers pareja feliz banquete"

Then it was time for the disco where the bride and groom were lifted on the bride’s and groom’s shoulders. Everyone was dancing and having a great time at this wedding at Finca Els Calderers. Amida catering with its open bar was making mojitos and all kinds of drinks.

"ALT"boda en finca els calderers novio banquete"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers invitadas"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers discoteca"
"ALT"boda en finca els calderers fiesta"

We sayed goodbye to the couple and thanked them for their trust, wish them all the happiness in the world and hope to see them very soon.

Wedding at Finca Els Calderers

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