Wedding at finca Ca N’Aí Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai fotos de pareja"

Wedding at Finca Ca N’Aí Mallorca

The place where this wedding was going to be celebrated from the start I loved it. I had heard of this finca but had not been lucky enough to have a wedding there. It is in the village of Sóller a little hidden like many wonders of this island. Without a doubt I was very excited to have this wedding at Finca Ca N’Aí Mallorca.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai bosque"

I had met Rosa and Hayo long distance through a video call. From the beginning there was a total chemistry with them and their wedding was going to be very special. As October 8th approached, the date they had chosen, the weather changed in Mallorca. A few days before it was as if winter wanted to come in a tropical way. We all got a little scared because there were rains and storms the days before and we feared the worst.


"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai vista ceremonia"

Wedding photographer Finca Ca N'Aí Mallorca

The day before their wedding at Finca Ca N’Aí Mallorca we met with them at the finca. We were looking forward to finally meet them in person and see the locations together. They are a lovely couple who are made for each other. Rosa has a totally charming character and a permanent smile. Hayo is Dutch but as if he were from the south of Spain he is super open and a sweetheart.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai tirantes novio"

The couple was sitting on the terrace that they would later use for the wedding party and they had serious doubts about the weather. There was a series of showers at certain times right in Sóller and that did not look good. They were considering setting up a tent to celebrate part of their wedding at Finca Ca N’Aí Mallorca.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai hermano novio"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai chaqueta"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai pañuelos preparativos"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai madre novio preparativos"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai risas preparativos"

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that it doesn’t rain at my weddings, I have that luck as a photographer in Mallorca and I planned to keep it. I also studied all the weather websites out there and I was sure that we were going to be lucky. They showed me all the plans and places where they wanted to do the wedding. This finca is without a doubt a pleasant surprise and I was delighted to discover it. It is surrounded by mountains like in a valley and has many places where you can do everything.

Wedding at Finca Ca N'Aí Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia pijama"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai vestido de novia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai zapatos novia"

Finca Ca N’Aí Mallorca is a Bio Retreat, rural-agrotourism hotel, only for adults with outdoor swimming pool. It has a fully renovated house in modern style but retains the typical Mallorcan rural style.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai vestido bn"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai tatuajes novia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai momento divertido"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai amiga en preparativos"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai anillos detalle"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai zapatos fiesta novia"

Consists of a plot of 120.000 square meters and is surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains. Undoubtedly this finca with mountain views in Mallorca is breathtaking. You feel like you are in a very private and exclusive place away from the world. However, just a few minutes away is Sóller which offers all the typical hustle and bustle of an incomparable touristic place.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia con amigas"

I said goodbye to them until the next day with great hope that everything would be perfect.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia preps"

Wedding preparations in Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai peinado novia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia en vestido"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai preparativos novia amigas"

As it couldn’t be any other way, there were some clouds for the afternoon but it wasn’t going to rain. We met with Arantxa Rustarazo that was doing the video for this wedding and with whom I love to work with. So we went to see Rosa in the room she had chosen to make her preparations. They were finishing the last details so we gave her two happy kisses and left with Hayo. The groom was with his group of friends and his brother.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novio esperando altar"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia llegando ceremonia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai entrada novia padre"

There was a great atmosphere with everyone joking and happy. The room was very nice with a big window that gave a lot of play. We started to put on his shoes, suspenders and jacket. He was wearing a brown suit with a mao collar shirt. Hayo and his friends were going to wear matching handkerchiefs on their lapels so they helped each other put them on. There were also small flower pins for the jackets. His mother came and joined the group and there was much laughter. In this way we left them and went with the bride.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai juntos altar"

Bridal preparations Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai pareja feliz ceremonia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai mirada con amor ceremonia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai ramo"

A few rooms over was Rosa, almost finished and beautiful. Her hair and make-up were perfect, very natural as she is, by Rebecca Spendlove. Rosa’s friends and sister were also in the room finishing their hair and makeup. Her mother came in for a moment and there was a great desire for everything to begin.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai palmeras"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai emoción ceremonia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai invitado ceremonia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai detalle ceremonia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai anillos ceremonia"

Little by little they all helped her to put on the beautiful Otaduy dress. It consisted of a dress and over a lace tunic very modern and elegant at the same time. She had chosen some spectacular cream colored shoes by Manolo Blahnik to complete the outfit. She was then helped with earrings and accessories. For later in the part of the dance she was going to change the dress and shoes for something more glamorous and festive.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai beso final"

Once she was ready, we left her to have a few moments of calm before everything started.

Wedding photography in Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai salida ceremonia"

We went to the welcome drink area where almost all the guests were already arriving. Hayo greeted them one by one with a smile. He looked nervous but very excited. It was going to be a wedding with many guests on both sides. Patricia from Ritual Mallorca Weddings together with Grupo Amida had everything perfectly organized.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai salida coche"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai fotos novios"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia dentro coche"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai beso dentro coche"

When the time came we went to the ceremony area. Everything was beautifully decorated by Otro cantar. They do very nice and tasteful things, everything was perfect and in harmony with the place. This wedding at finca Ca N’Aí Mallorca was very special, it seemed that we were in the middle of the mountains, everything was full of peace. The decoration blended with nature itself in balance.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai divertidas fotos de pareja"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai sesión de fotos"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai pareja entre arboles"

With all the guests seated, the groom’s groommen and the bride’s bridesmaids made their entrance. Then Hayo entered on his mother’s arm. He prepared himself at the altar to wait for Rosa who came in a classic Seat 600 driven by her father. They went down the stairs with everyone excited and Hayo being the first.  Finally they were together and happy.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai piscina cóctel"

Ceremony and Cocktail Finca Ca N'Aí Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai baile enamorados"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai baile entrada cóctel"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novio cóctel"

The ceremony was very special because there were readings by friends and family. Very nice words about them and love. About how they found each other and what an amazing couple they make together. The vows they read to each other explaining how they felt seeing each other for the first time and the days after. Both met at a spiritual retreat which makes it all the more magical being the way they are. They put on their rings and made their exit with their arms up very happily and everyone standing around them.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia feliz cóctel"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai flor durante cóctel"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai invitados cóctel"

I took them with Arantxa Rustarazo to take some couple pictures, this wedding at finca Ca N’Aí Mallorca was going great. The place where the banquet was going to be is like a forest of trees with its branches and shapes that look like sculptures. I loved it when I saw it the day before and wanted to use it. We took advantage of the place and the aisle of palm trees for their photos and we rushed back to the cocktail party.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai canción holandesa"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai paella amida"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai catering amida"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia cóctel"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai piscina zona cóctel"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai invitada cóctel"

They had the Monkey Doo Swing Band to put the soundtrack to the cocktail. We had just had them at the wedding at Finca Els Calderers and I love them. With their music they make the atmosphere super lively and festive.

The Amida group with their catering was bringing out appetizers and there were also several food stations. As always Amida catering had prepared an excellent selection and all the guests were enjoying it. There were even huge paellas prepared for the occasion. This area is very nice there is a lot of shade because of the trees and an artificial lake.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai banquete entre arboles"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai baile antes banquete"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai baile banquete"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai baile entrada banquete"

Banquet and wedding party Finca Ca N'Aí Mallorca

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai aplausos invitados"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novios encima sillas"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai de pie en sillas"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novios despues baile"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai banquete invitados"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai brindando banquete"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai discurso padre de la novia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai discurso madre del novio"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai invitados aplaudiendo banquete"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai brindis invitados"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai mesas banquete"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai beso banquete"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai bebé invitada"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai invitada banquete"

When it was time to sit down to the banquet some clouds threatened a little. The sky was covered and darkened but it was something punctual that passed and let us enjoy, a little scare. Both together made their entrance with a dance they had prepared with spectacular choreography. Then they were seated and there were speeches from Rosa’s parents and Hayo’s mother. The meal was magnificent and everyone enjoyed it very much. Between courses there were more speeches from friends that touched everyone.

"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novia cantando"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai actuación de la novia"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novio música"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai después actuación"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai conga"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai niño bailando fiesta"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novios felices fiesta"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai novios disco"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai zona baile"
"ALT"boda en finca ca-n'ai bailando pareja"

We went to the party area. Everything was beautiful and they had even brought an ice cream cart. It was prepared as a stage in that area with live music and Rosa gave Hayo a surprise. She had prepared a song that she was to sing playing the piano. Everyone was silent with emotion and Hayo couldnt  hold back a few tears. It was super nice and Rosa did it very well. Then the party began and the conga dance included, they had a great time. 

We said goodbye to the couple thanking them for everything and wishing them all the happiness in the world.

Boda en Finca Ca N'Aí Mallorca

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