Exclusive wedding in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Exclusive wedding in Mallorca

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We are finally starting the new season with a lot of enthusiasm. We have some amazing couples coming from all over the world. As you know, one of the things I like most about my job is meeting new people. Also, if they come from another country I love to get to know their traditions and customs. The first week of June I was lucky enough to have an exclusive wedding in Mallorca.

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They are Emma and Marcus, she is English and he is Irish. We were introduced to them by the wonderful girls at Juliet’s wedding planners. They were looking for a photographer and Vanessa thought we would be a great fit. We had a video call and within five minutes there was a great feeling.  They told us how they wanted their wedding to be, their tastes and plans. It was going to be elegant and modern like themselves. 


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fotografo de bodas en españa

We met in person a few days before the 3rd of June which was the date of their wedding at Finca Comassema. Vanesa had organised a meeting at the finca for the groom, who did not know it and to see us in person. They also came with their parents, siblings and friends.  I found Emma even more beautiful in person and her fiancé Marcus was all kindness. They have known each other for many years and you can tell there is a lot of complicity between them.


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Exclusive wedding at Finca Comassema

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The team that was there for this wedding was first class. With Juliet’s I always know that everything is going to be perfect and that the wedding is always great. I have worked with them many times and I love them. The caterer was going to be Amida, always offering great quality and professionalism.

The bride’s hair and make-up were going to be done by Jose Ojeda and Sergio Quesada. I was lucky enough to work with them on the beautiful Mexican wedding we did together. So I knew I could trust them and they were going to make her look beautiful.


On the day of the wedding I left the house totally happy knowing that it was going to be a great exclusive wedding in Mallorca. First we went to Marcus the groom’s place to take his preparation photos. He told me the day we met that he was going to be with several friends, his groomsmen, brother and father. I wanted to do something fun and for them to have a good time so I asked them to wait for me in their boxer shorts.

Groom's preparations

We arrived at the hotel where they were staying. Marcus works for Aston Villa, the English football team, as a nutritionist. He was with all his friends in high spirits making jokes and what we didn’t expect was that his father was the most festive one. He turned up giving it his all and being the life and soul of the preparations. Marcus’s mum also came along and wanted to be there too, enjoying everything that was going on. I photographed them putting on their suits inside the hall and upstairs on the terrace. I went to where the bride was thinking how much fun we were going to have at this exclusive wedding in Mallorca.

Emma was staying at the same hotel but 5 minutes drive away in a private villa with a pool and amazing views of the mountains. I walked in where Jose and Sergio were putting the finishing touches to her. They had left her looking stunning. She looked very elegant with a vintage 50’s feel.

Bride's preparations

In the villa were her bridesmaids, her father and mother, all dressed up and very elegant. To take the photos of the preparations I chose a large window where there was good light. From the part of the garden full of lavender and rosemary.

With the help of her mother and bridesmaids Emma started to get dressed. The final result when she had finished putting on her dress could not have been better. It was one of the most elegant I have ever seen, from Kate Halfpenny in London and it fitted her perfectly. Very modern and elegant with a Mediterranean touch very appropriate for this exclusive wedding in Mallorca.

 She also had a very special veil that her mother had worn on her wedding day with her initials on it. We went out to the pool area and with the mountains in the background. I took her picture outside with everyone else looking forward to the wedding.

Wedding at Finca Comassema

When we finished with the bride we rushed to Finca Comassema. I have had the opportunity to work there several times and I love it. It is one of the most beautiful and well-kept fincas in Mallorca. Perfect for all its surroundings for the style that the couple wanted.

The guests started to come and Marcus and his groomsmen were there to welcome them. After a nice lemonade in the welcome drink they all moved to the ceremony area. Another great professional at this wedding was A di amore’s florist Marinella. I love working with her and she had decorated everything beautifully, reminding us that we were in the Mediterranean. Nothing could go wrong this day even the sun that was very present was hidden from time to time to give some good shade.

Marcus took up his position at the altar, preferring to wait for Emma like this. We were all waiting for the bell to ring and the bride to come down the aisle. First her bridesmaids appeared and then she did. It was like a dream to see her coming down the stairs. Marcus excitedly had a smile on his face seeing her look so stunning.

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Cocktail and banquet

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The ceremony was brief but emotional with several speeches from friends and family. They tied the knot and walked down the aisle happy and looking forward to the rest. In the safareig and tree area Amida catering had prepared several food stations. Their waiters were passing around with trays of different appetizing snacks for everyone.

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The couple, according to Irish custom, stood at the entrance to the cocktail area. All the guests lined up to greet and congratulate the bride and groom. Their fathers and mothers were also at the couple’s side to receive their congratulations. As they did so they moved on to the cocktail party. A live band from Panela Productions played live music to liven up the evening.

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The guests were chatting among themselves enjoying the place, the food and the good music. I took the opportunity to take some photos of the couple and their families. 

From there we moved on to the banquet where a cloud threatened for a few seconds with a few drops of rain. Fortunately it went away quickly and we didn’t have to change places.

The father of the bride and groom made speeches thanking everyone for coming. Marcus had a few words thanking everyone and for Emma a few sentences full of love. The looks between them said it all.

At the end of his speech the reception began. As always Amida’s catering was amazing serving everyone quickly and efficiently. The food was delicious.

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First dance

Once the banquet was over we went to the area where the cocktail party had been held for the first dance. The lights hanging from the tree here in Comassema produce a very nice effect. Panela productions had brought a live rock band for the party. Everyone was already in high spirits, dancing and enjoying themselves.

We stayed a bit longer to photograph the people at the party and then we left thanking the couple. It was a pleasure to do this exclusive wedding in Mallorca and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

Exclusive wedding in Mallorca

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