Wedding trends 2021

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Wedding Trends 2021

It is almost the end of October 2020. We all want to forget this year, I think that is the general idea and leave it well locked up somewhere. Let’s not be mentioned anymore and from now on think ahead. The new year is coming full of illusions and today I want to deal with the theme of wedding trends 2021.

The bridal sector

The world of weddings has of course not been on the sidelines and has been very much touched. I can say that most weddings have been postponed to 2021. Many couples called me and asked me for advice in desperation, I was very sorry. There are couples with dream weddings who have been planning every detail for almost two years and were very excited. I have tried to help and fit in new dates with all the other professionals in this sector.

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I always told them not to cancel and even if they had to adapt to the new rules they could get married and celebrate that day with their family and friends.

Therefore in this post dedicated to wedding trends 2021 I want to talk a little about what is going to happen and what will be in fashion.


You have to look at everything again with enthusiasm and think that they are going to be celebrated with the same enthusiasm and happiness. That you have to adapt and in the end it will surely be a day full of emotions and happiness for everyone.

Now is the right time to make weddings more intimate these are the wedding trends 2021.You don’t need to invite all those engagements you had with distant cousins you never see. Maybe that uncle from Bilbao you never see but who has found out you are getting married and calls you to ask. Nor do you have to tell him to come with his new wife that you have never seen in your life. Or maybe that boss of the boss that you congratulate at the Christmas party but that you don’t like every time he comes to the company and you have no choice but to invite him.


Now you’ll be able to have the persons you really care about from your family and closest friends. The wedding trends 2021 are to have no more than 60, 70 or maximum 80 guests. You will be able to enjoy that day and chat with everyone as it will give you time. You won’t waste energy on congratulations from people with the shrimp in their hands who you don’t know whether they are coming from you or the groom.

Sustainable weddings

Respect for the environment will finally be in fashion at weddings, it will be one of the wedding trends 2021. It is something I have been fighting for for a long time. All this has drawn the attention of the world to get a grip on this issue. It is possible to make entirely sustainable and beautiful weddings.

"ALT"wedding trends 2021 sustainability"

Today there are many companies and resources to set up an eco-friendly wedding. An environmentally friendly wedding is the best thing that can be done, from dresses using brands that use recycled materials. Flowers that can be dried or in season and then donated. Catering using local and proximity products. Lights using low energy bulbs and natural wax candles for example. Gifts can be eco-friendly and invitations can be online or made from recycled paper. There are so many wonderful ideas to achieve this.

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Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week was just celebrated last month. It has seen the new wedding trends 2021. In this edition, the firms that use recycled materials to make their wedding dresses have predominated. There are national firms as wonderful as Jesus Peiro, Yolancris or Pronovias that have made environmental values their own in their new collections.

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Without ceasing to be elegant and sophisticated, the new designs introduce materials into their fabrics such as recycled PET plastic bottles. Many dresses are also reusable as they are made up of several pieces that can later be used at other events or parties. In addition, they use craftsmen who are about to disappear to make them, thus giving their products a new life.

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As for styles such as wedding trends 2021 we can say that this season metal and transparent fabrics will be in fashion. In addition, embroidery with floral motifs, tulle skirts and feathers and fringes. They have tried to break with the minimalism and the sobriety without losing the elegance and the romanticism.

Florist and decoration

The same is true for the flower theme in the wedding trends 2021. Here in Palma, for example, we have Florist Majoris, who has dedicated many years to floral decoration. She uses seasonal flowers in her designs and also dried flowers and plants. She can create incredibly beautiful and sustainable centrepieces and all kinds of floral decoration.

"ALT"wedding trends 2021 decoration"

Wild and very aromatic flowers will be surrounding you during your wedding or in your bridal bouquet. Jasmine, rosemary, eucalyptus, lily, use all these kinds of wonders of nature. I recommend it to you because you will be delighted.

"ALT"wedding trends 2021 decoration lights"


Besides, as wedding trends 2021, the decoration is going to be very rustic again, although with glamorous touches at the same time, with incredible textures in the natural and organic fabrics. There will be constructions suspended in the air decorated with woods, lanterns, warm colour fabrics and fallen flowers.

Sustainable catering

The question of catering is also important in the wedding trends 2021. Seasonal and especially local products will be used. There is a return to vegetarian food with products from the local garden, vegetables and fruit.

There will be food stations for all tastes to be present and fusion food for the more adventurous.

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"ALT"wedding trends 2021 dessert"


The best thing is that as a wedding trend 2021 the food that is left over will be distributed to the most needy and so everything will be used. I can especially recommend Vicky Pulgarin and Tot a Punt as excellent professionals who will help you in everything.

It is time to react and do things much better than before. The wedding trends 2021 are coming with a lot of strength and to stay. I think it’s a healthier and more practical way of living your wedding day without giving up anything. You can have everything you’ve ever dreamed of and enjoy it even more. I would love to enjoy it with all of you as a wedding photographer in Mallorca in the new year.

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