Tips to make your marriage last

by Inma del Valle
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Tips to make your marriage last

by Rosa del Valle

My sister Inma’s persistence is something worth studying. Only the one who has suffered it understands it. If she sets her mind to something, it’s better to give in at first. So when asked to do something together, my answer was an unconditional yes. Better before than after.

This is the result, a blog born from joining what Inma knows how to do in a brilliant way, photos with soul and something, which according to her was what I was born for, to tell stories. Either because you feel attracted by her incredible photographs or because you want to spend a pleasant time reading stories or opinions about weddings told in a different tone. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as we did in creating it.

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First post in the Blog

For my debut on this blog my sister has asked me to write a first post giving tips to make your marriage last a lifetime. She asked me, who has divorced once and separated as many times. I guess it’s because she thinks that gives me some advantage. I’ve learned something from every relationship and that makes me consider them all as good. I have good memories of each of my former partners. I don’t see the need to regret thinking about what went wrong or what I could have done to make it better. If it’s the definitive person, even if you’re apart, and if it’s not, even if you’re determined to stay there forever.

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My first tip to make your marriage last and most important is to have fun together. As long as the laughter lasts, you can breathe easy because nothing is lost. The most important thing is to never take the step from “you make me laugh” to “stop being a jerk, you look like a 3 year old. That very thin line must never be crossed. If you manage to laugh in your intimacy, that relationship deserves an extra effort to preserve it, because if you don’t, those priceless laughs will drill into your brain, preventing you from moving on when you’ve lost them.

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Lots of laughter and enthusiasm

In a real relationship, laziness has no place. It may be a cliché, but “if you tell me to come, I’ll leave everything” is no nonsense. You can be lying on the sofa, in your pyjamas, relaxed, but if your partner says: “See you in 5 minutes and I’ll buy you a beer or whatever you like”, run. There’s no excuse to keep lying there, missing out on the best moments of your life.

You’ll know you’re with the right person if everything good is better when you can finally tell them and if everything bad stops being so as soon as you share it with your favourite person.

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The best tip to make your marriage last that I can give you without a doubt, is not to let an anger take away your desire to have a good time. When you are very angry, you have to be cold enough to ask yourself: Are we going to separate because of this or is it just another annoyance that will get us nowhere?

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If the answer is: “You’re stupid, why are we going to split up over this, then don’t waste your time. Ask your partner to make love as if there were no tomorrow. He will look at you as if you were crazy, but if he jumps on you without thinking, tomorrow nobody will remember the discussion.

"ALT"tips to make your marriage last"

Not everything is fixed in bed, but the time you spend inside generates memories that are not paid with money, memories that make you go to bed every night thinking that you would not want to be anywhere else in the world and wake up with that stupid and indelible smile of “today is going to be a great day”.

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Tips to make your marriage last

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