Weddings in coronavirus period

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"weddings in coronavirus period scarlett johansson"

Weddings in coronavirus period

Today more than ever as a photographer in Mallorca I want to encourage all those couples who want to get married soon. We are living in a very rare time where many things are changing.

Still love goes on and the desire to bring together all the people you care about and celebrate it. We say YES to weddings in the coronavirus period.

Celebrities are still getting married

We only have to look at the number of celebrity weddings that have taken place and will take place. They are not isolated in all this and it affects them equally. But what about it? Well, love has come to them too, they have found their own person. They fell in love just like you and decided to get married yes or yes. Weddings in coronavirus period are celebrated all over the world that is clear.

"ALT" weddings in coronavirus period scarlett"

We have for example Scarlett Johansson who just married Colin Jost. He is comedian of one of the most famous American TV programs, Saturday Night Live. Scarlett of course we know her from her acting career where she has been playing the role of a Marvel superhero lately.

For her it’s her third marriage, so she doesn’t give up and still believes in love convinced that Colin can be the one. For him it’s his first marriage and hopefully his last. They were together for two years and they have joined the weddings in coronavirus period.

They were married in an intimate ceremony with their loved ones accompanying them. As we said in another post, intimate weddings are in fashion and we can say that they are very cool because you have a better time than in big weddings. There are those who have to be there and you can spend time with everyone enjoying this special day to the fullest.


Sustainable weddings

One of the lessons we are learning from this whole situation is that you have to be sustainable no matter what. Sustainable weddings are totally possible and can be amazing. As a photographer in Mallorca I am very aware of this.


What I want to tell you is that in this wedding in coronavirus period they had a couple of super cool details.

"ALT"weddings coronavirus period scarlett invitation"

The invitation was made in a striped paper of a notebook with a black pencil. In it they only said that they were going to get married and to reserve the date. Like any neighbour’s child, they added that they did it this way to save money. It was a funny note and we bet they did this on recycled paper of course. You can also make invitations online and thus be even more sustainable. You can see in this post of my blog many ideas for sustainable weddings. Click here.

Another thing they did that I loved was to announce their commitment in instagram through the account Meals on Wheels America. This is a charity that gives support and food to many elderly people there. It was a way to draw everyone’s attention to this organization. The message included a link to make a donation to that association. It is a great idea for weddings in coronavirus period. Everyone who needs it should be supported.

Royalty marries during the coronavirus

Other weddings in coronavirus period of celebrities, for example the one held in England for Princess Beatrice of York in July of this year. They had organized it for May but they postponed it for July. This is what I always advise my couples to postpone the wedding instead of cancelling , we have to adapt to the new circumstances. Incredible weddings can and do happen.

"ALT"weddings in coronavirus period royal wedding"

When the new rules for this type of celebration were known, the princess and her fiancé organized everything again and got married. She reused a dress from her grandmother from 1953 as a wedding dress. She arranged it to her liking and wore a very vintage and sustainable style by reusing it.

"ALT"weddings in coronavirus period princess of york"

Many wedding dress firms are now embracing sustainability and making eco-friendly collections which is wonderful. Companies such as Jesus Peiro, Yolancris, Pronovias have presented their proposals at the Barcelona Wedding Fashion Week. Using recycled fabrics and materials ,using local craftsmen’s workshops and designing dresses with pieces you can use again. Weddings in coronavirus period are making many companies adapt and look for new things that are for the better.

More celebrity weddings

Another wedding in coronavirus period was that of the singer Lily Allen. She married the actor from the famous series Stranger Things David Harbour. The venue was none other than Las Vegas at the Graceland Wedding Chapel with Elvis as a witness. She wore a vintage Dior mini dress very much in fashion.

"ALT"weddings in coronavirus period lilly allen"

It was an intimate wedding which is what everyone is aiming for now and it’s perfect. The humorous note was where they held the banquet, nothing more and nothing less than a famous hamburger restaurant. Everyone with their own way of being happy, totally original we can say.

"ALT " weddings in coronavirus period dior"

By all this we only want to say that life goes on and that love beats even the coronavirus. You have to adapt to new circumstances and not because of that not to celebrate your wedding. Weddings in coronavirus period can be even better, so keep that illusion and go ahead, I am very much looking forward to weddings.






"ALT"weddings in coronavirus period las vegas"

Weddings in coronavirus period

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