How to enjoy your wedding to the fullest

by Inma del Valle
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Enjoy your wedding to the fullest

By Rosa del Valle

Weddings should be like trips. The preparations should provide half the fun and the event itself, the other 50%. In order to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, the most important thing is NOT to OBSESS

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Your wedding doesn’t have to be the best, the most original or become a trending topic the next day. Are you thinking about borrowing Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos wedding dragon? Do you want to arrive flying on the dragon’s back, while listening to The final countdown sung by Europe live? If that is not the case, I regret to inform you that your obsession with being the most innovative is going to be just that…a dream, an illusion…and as the days go by, a frustration.

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Enjoy your day

The second aspect to bear in mind if you want to enjoy your event: Don’t try to please all the guests because you won’t succeed. The sooner you understand, the better. It is your day, do not forget, look for and choose exclusively what you like. Whatever you do and despite all your hard efforts, you will be criticized.

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It might be because of the food, the table layout (this section is often more criticised than the others) or due to your clothing, but they will criticise you. Do you think your guests will really appreciate that you have paid for menus for vegans, coeliacs or even for some strange guest who follows the cotton ball diet? Do you really think it’s so important that coffee will be served with soya milk, almonds or even buffalo? If you’ve reached that point, let me tell you that you’ve lost your way completely. This level is usually only reached by those who started out saying, “We want something simple, intimate, just for the closest family”.

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To enjoy your wedding to the fullest you should make a pact with your partner before starting the preparations. For the question: Who will take care of everything? there is no right answer. The closer the event gets, the relationship between nerves and tolerance towards your partner will become inversely proportional.

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Don’t be mad at your partner

If you want to avoid phrases like: “I can’t wait for the day to pass” or “I don’t know if I’ll leave you there at the last minute”, it’s better to reach an agreement before the preparations. If we don’t agree on something, we stop and fuck. “Why do we have to invite your friend, Fernando the creep?” We stop and fuck. “Your parents don’t have to tell me who’s going and who’s not going to my wedding “. We stop and fuck. Conclusion: Whatever happens, whatever you disagree about, we stop and fuck. Everything will flow and go smoothly until the end and if it doesn’t, don’t even go because you’re not missing much either.

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The most important thing to enjoy “THE DAY”, is to be grateful for being with the people you love. It doesn’t matter if things don’t turn out the way you wanted. In the end, everything is just that, anecdotes along the way and eventually, those will be the memories you remember. There is no more boring sentence to hear than: “Everything went very well. Thank goodness everything is over”.



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How to enjoy your wedding to the fullest

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