Wedding at Finca Son Berga

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 son berga"

Wedding at Finca Son Berga

The first thing I can say after having done this wedding is: Long live love!  In all its forms and forever, because these two women we photographed at their wedding are a great example.

When I met them they were planning their wedding in such an exciting way and I liked them so much that we became friends right away.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga postboda"

They are Eli and Patri, the first thing they told me was that they wanted to have their wedding at Finca Son Berga, a super magical place that I love. They started to tell me all the details that they were going to organize. How their families were just as excited and that they were looking forward to the date. After many years of relationship and adventures together they wanted to celebrate with all their loved ones something as beautiful as their wedding.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga amor"

Wedding photography at Finca Son Berga

Unfortunately as we all know the Coronavirus arrived and many wedding plans were ruined. Their wedding at Finca Son Berga unfortunately had to be rescheduled. Thanks to the great team that they themselves had chosen, we all came to an agreement. To be able to work with these great wedding professionals is a great luxury. Their wedding at Finca Son Berga was finally going to take place on Friday 24th September 2021.


"ALT"boda en finca son berga enamoradas"

The big day at Finca Son Berga

When the big day arrived we headed to Finca Son Berga full of happiness and looking forward to having a great time. When you know the couples as well as I do, you are part of everything that happens that day. You live it with so much excitement and joy that it is a tremendous rush.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga alegría"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga guapa"

The week had been eventful in terms of bad weather. With several thunderstorms and almost tropical rains that last for an hour and leave everything muddy. On Friday we woke up to cloudy skies but no rain at all. This wedding had to be perfect so we didn’t expect anything else.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga la madre"

The Finca Son Berga was spectacular as always, so well kept and beautiful that it makes you want to do every wedding there. Eli (whose name is the same as the bride’s) is the one who runs it so well and it is always a pleasure to take photos there. First we found that the company of my dearest Gabriela Floristería Majoris was already there putting their beautiful touches of colour with their spectacular flowers. They were also there like Danku her other decoration company that makes such beautiful things and we love them.


"ALT"boda en finca son berga abrazo"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga ceremonia sonrisas"

Catering at Finca Son Berga

The catering was going to be in charge of the great Vicky Pulgarin and her team led by Nines who is a sweetheart and manages everything to perfection. We had not been able to meet them this season and we were looking forward to it. It is always a pleasure to work with them and they treat us so well. Besides, the culinary quality of everything they do is incredible.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga ceremonia"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga lagrimas"

As a wedding planner we counted on Sonia from Eventos más allá de tus sueños for this day. Knowing this from the beginning we were totally sure that it was going to be a perfect wedding. With her everything is so well organised and beautiful that it is a pleasure.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga arena"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga anillos"

Bridal preparations Finca Son Berga

When we arrived at one of the rooms for this wedding at Finca Son Berga we met Eli who was almost ready. I have already said that we had a great team for this wedding and the make-up artist Allison is an important part of it. We have worked together on many occasions and her results are always spectacular. Allison was putting the finishing touches on Eli who looked beautiful.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga salida"

Eli was a bit nervous but her mother Eva and her brother were there to support her in everything. Little by little the big moment was approaching and the nerves were logical or let’s say that the excitement was coming to the surface with every passing minute.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga brindis"

Amazing wedding dresses

Patri arrived and stood in the next room, taking care that neither of us could see the other. First I took the preparation photos of Eli who looked so beautiful in her dress and Carmen María Mayz headdress, the shoes were from Salo Madrid.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga postboda"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga miradas"

Her mother in a beautiful green dress helped her to put on her gown and her brother gave her the bridal bouquet. Eli has many siblings who all came with their wives and children and we took the opportunity to take photos of them together for this wedding at Finca Son Berga.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga novia apertitivo"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga aperitivo"

Beautiful brides

Then I went with Patri who was dressed in a very different style to what she normally wears, with an elegant neckline that looked very pretty on her. Her sister María José, who is very similar to Patri, helped her with everything, she was already dressed up and spectacular. Patri’s dress was from Somnis Mediterranis and the shoes like Eli from Salo Madrid, the headdress was also from Carmen María Mayz. Both of them were going to be very excited when they saw each other at the altar, what a beautiful couple of brides.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga arco de luces"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga cortina de luces"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga luces"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga beso"

Wedding ceremony at Finca Son Berga

Once all the guests were seated in their respective places, we were ready for the brides to make their entrance. First Eli was going to enter on her brother’s arm from the door on the right. She looked happy and excited and was looking forward to seeing Patri and enjoying the wedding at Finca Son Berga to the fullest.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga felices"

She took her place at the altar along with the children who had come in down the aisle throwing petals and were all dressed up in the cutest outfits.

Patri came up the stairs and came from behind with a joy and speed that made us all smile, what a wedding we were all looking forward to….

"ALT"boda en finca son berga palos de luz"

Emotional ceremony at Finca Son Berga

The ceremony was incredible, there was laughter and moments for the speeches that made us very emotional. Especially one of Patri’s nephews when he read the speech we were all open-mouthed at what he said and how he said it.

We also had the sand ceremony where they mixed sand from the Canary Islands with sand from Mallorca and it was very nice.

The ceremony was very well done even though she is a councillor but she did it all with a lot of feeling. There is so much love and affection in these families that we were all very happy to be able to be at this wedding at Finca Son Berga.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga banquete"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga tarta"

Couple photos at Finca Son Berga

After they tied the knot and signed with the witnesses, they left together happily. They had a cocktail and we left to take pictures of them as a couple at the top of Finca Son Berga.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga beso a la madre"

The light was spectacular and the two of them, now together and more relaxed, left me for a few minutes so that I could take advantage of it.

They were happy and beautiful. In 10 minutes I took a lot of amazing pictures and we ran off to the cocktail party. I don’t need to spend much time with the couples because I already know what I’m going to do to them. I don’t want them to miss anything of their wedding at Finca Son Berga.

Sonia from Eventos más alla de tus sueños was already on standby to take them to the cocktail party. Everything was going very well.

Cocktail and banquet Finca Son Berga

"ALT"boda en finca son berga amigos"

Once at the cocktail party they made their entrance and began to receive congratulations from all the guests. The trays with appetizers made by Vicky Pulgarin were going around the cloister and were a great success. Everything looked great and was delicious.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga disco"

After everyone had been greeted and given hugs and kisses we all moved on to the banquet area. The decoration was beautiful and the lights were already shining giving a very elegant and romantic touch to this wedding at Finca Son Berga.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga diversión"

Banquet entrance at Finca Son Berga

They made their entrance dancing between the tables, the guests had coloured tubes that were lit up. They all waved them in the air and had a great time welcoming the brides.

I took them to the part of the famous light curtain of Son Berga for a few more photos. The lights and them made a perfect combination that I made the most of. I was loving photographing this wedding at Finca Son Berga.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga mesa nupcial"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga decoración"
"ALT"boda en finca son berga mesas"

Wedding details

The guys from Lo Music Espectacles Agustin and Tomeu were there during the whole wedding cheering us up with their good music.

There was a gift to Eli’s mother who was very emotional and it was very nice. Also the brides gave little bags with gifts to the guests. There was mojo picón made by Eli who is from the Canary Islands, salt from Ses Salines and olive oil from the island.

Vicky Pulgarin’s food was a great success as always and we enjoyed it very much, besides all her team works like a dream and we love to have weddings with them.

"ALT"boda en finca son berga "
"ALT"boda en finca son berga vicky pulgarin"

They brought the cake which was very pretty and cut it, from there we went to the disco area which was already prepared and the two danced happily.

We said goodbye to them with a big hug wishing them all the happiness in the world. I am sure that we will meet them soon and they will tell us how their honeymoon was.

Wedding at Finca Son Berga

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