Weddings in Mallorca 2021

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021"

Weddings in Mallorca 2021

This wedding season in Mallorca 2021 is almost over. We only have one more in November and that’s it. It has been very intense and certainly very special. We knew since we started at the beginning of June that every wedding was going to be full of emotions and magical moments.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 alegría""

After a year 2020 that we all want to forget, the weddings in Mallorca 2021 have far exceeded our expectations.

All the couples have planned their wedding thinking only about enjoying every second to the maximum. Most of them have been intimate weddings of less than 100 people and this has allowed everyone to have a great time.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 amor"

Magic moments

They have chosen each guest with the thought that they are someone who means a lot in their lives. Someone with whom they really want to share this special day.

At weddings in Mallorca 2021 we have seen incredible reunions of people who have not seen each other for years. Every couple has that special friend who lives abroad and for all the circumstances they have not been able to see each other.

Perhaps that relative, grandmother, uncle, nephew or niece who means so much to them and they have not been able to hug for a long time.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 abrazos"

It was incredible to see how they met again and cried with happiness. How they enjoyed talking and telling each other things, this time looking each other in the eye. Not through a telephone or a computer screen. To be able to touch a hand, to look into each other’s eyes, to feel the presence, was something very beautiful to experience.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas en méxico torre de champagne"

We all appreciate perhaps most that day when all loved ones can be reunited. They have been more than weddings, they have been unique opportunities to celebrate, to live…

Great professionals

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca 2021 I have been able to work with great professionals again this year. I have been able to realise again how each of us tries to help the other and make a great team for each wedding. We understand what a privilege it is to be chosen to be part of that day and we always give our best.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 ilusión"

From the wedding planners who have spent many months preparing every detail for the weddings in Mallorca 2021. To the caterers with their incredible menus that are better and better every year. The florists and their artistic creations full of colour and beauty. The make-up and hairdressers who, together with the dress and gown companies, make every bride feel like the most beautiful and special woman on the planet.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 emociones"

All the djs and people responsible for making people dance and have the time of their lives. Those well cared for and well prepared Fincas that are the dream setting for every couple to enjoy that day to the fullest in dream places. The video cameras that capture every magical moment in motion.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 alegría máxima"

Special couples

This year has been amazing and I love my job more and more because we create a day together that will last a lifetime. With my photos I capture all that and when I can send them to my couples and see how they are moved by them I am the happiest person in the world.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 momentos"

At weddings in Mallorca 2021 we have had everything from couples who have been together for many years, even with children, and who wanted to celebrate. Couples who have met through the internet and who have experienced the Coronavirus as a test that they cannot live without each other. Other couples who have met recently and do not want to lose a second to form a family and live happily ever after….International weddings with couples of different nationalities demonstrating that love is universal.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 felicidad plena"

We have had couples who have become part of our lives after meeting with us for their wedding. It is the magic of this profession that gives you the opportunity to meet incredible people that we might not have met otherwise. Thanks to this, we have been able to share a day as special as their wedding day and we have gained friendships for life.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas en méxico euforia banquete"

Wedding moments in Mallorca 2021

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 niños"

We have had ceremonies where we have heard happy and sad stories. In this wedding in Mallorca 2021 we have cried with joy and sadness. There have been absences that have marked a lot and although they were not present they have marked the day for all that they meant.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 divertido"

There have been speeches where they could not speak because they remembered moments from the past, when the sister who was getting married took care of the brother and he will never forget it. We have had couples who, on reading their vows to each other, have given a master class on how to love and care for each other. We have witnessed love that has known no barriers because they have been able to overcome everything and are ready to fight and enjoy with their partner forever.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 elegancia"

Weddings in Mallorca 2021

It was all so beautiful that when I got home in the early hours of the morning after 10 hours of non-stop work, I was full of emotion and happiness. The next day when I was looking through the photos I just wanted to retouch them quickly to send them to the couples and make them feel the same as they had experienced that day in photos forever.

There are couples that mark you forever and moments that I will never forget. The best thing is that love goes on and on despite everything that happens in the world. These weddings in Mallorca 2021 have been proof of that.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 bailes con amor"

Now that the season is over, I like to reflect on how everything has gone and look forward to the next one with even more enthusiasm. I thank all the couples and professionals who have trusted in my work. It has been beautiful and we will come back in 2022 all together to live new stories full of affection and intense emotions.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 emociones"

Weddings in Mallorca 2021

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