Wedding editorial Telva Novias

by Inma del Valle
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"alt" editorial telva novias"

Wedding editorial Telva Novias

On your way to Manacor from Palma on the motorway you will surely have seen a building in the shape of a castle on the left-hand side of the road. It is the Fabrica de Cristal de Gordiola, a place marked by the history of the island with incredible spaces. A very special place because of its architecture and the works of art it houses. It was to be the place chosen for a wedding editorial for Telva Novias, a spectacular place where nothing like this had ever been done before.


As soon as the project came to fruition I went to see all the spaces in Gordiola and I literally fell in love. It has different rooms that are used as a shop, museum with collections, office, warehouse etc…. And then of course there is the factory with all the workers handling the glass and creating those beautiful shapes. The kilns lit up with red flames and sparks coming out of them and an incredible light shining through the different windows. As I saw it all, my head started the creative process and thinking about what we could do there.


"alt" editorial telva"

Gordiola glass factory

Since 1719 the Gordiola family has cultivated this artistic glass tradition. For three centuries successive generations have maintained and ingeniously modelled this art. Each piece is unique, none is the same due to the technique they use, they have their own models, style and identity. You can find their glass from Mallorca in the best places in cities such as Paris, London or New York.

If we combine this historic site with a great team and dream dresses, the wedding editorial for Telva Novias was going to be spectacular.

"alt" editorial telva"
"ALT"editorial de bodas telva novias modelo Andrea"
"alt" editorial telva"

Great team of professionals

We have the collaboration of two Spanish wedding dress brands that are triumphing internationally, Jesús Peiro and Yolancris. I have worked with them before in editorials and I always love to use their dresses. All their creations are super original and also have that classic touch that they know how to combine with the modern and current.

For this editorial the group Tot a Punt and Otro Cantar were going to set up the whole structure of the decoration. They had planned to make several set-ups as if it were a real wedding with all the details. From the aperitif and chill out area to the ceremony and banquet areas.

In addition, we were able to count on make-up artist and hairstylist Allison Tregarthen. I have worked with her on several editorials and I love everything she does. We understand each other perfectly and I was very happy that she collaborated in this Telva novias wedding editorial. We also had the florist My crazy flower love for the floral decoration which was going to be amazing with a very natural colour palette and lots of wild flowers.

"ALT"editorial de bodas telva novias ceremonia"

Preparations for the editorial

For this occasion we needed a model that could fit with the elegant line that the editorial was going to have. I was able to contact and get Andrea Rodriguez to be part of this great team. I had been wanting to work with her for a long time so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. We also had the luxury of Coolook Jewellery who were in charge of putting the perfect finishing touch to each dress.

When the Jesus Peiro and Yolalcris dresses arrived, Andrea came to my house to try them on and I was able to have a mini photo shoot with her. I always like to have a first contact with the model in this case to get to know each other. It’s easier later on during the editorial so that we can communicate well, she knows how I work and what I want from her. We immediately understood each other perfectly.

"alt" editorial telva"

It was going to be two days of editorial for Telva novias as there were several spaces and decorations set up and there were several wedding dresses depending on the location. Also, for me as a photographer, working with natural light is very important, I love to use it as much as I can. Light can totally change the atmosphere of a venue. There was a special one where I wanted to take advantage of the early morning light and that was going to have to be on the second day.

"alt" editorial telva"
"ALT"editorial de bodas telva novias exteriores"

First day of the editorial

The first day of the editorial dawned sunny and cloudless, everything looked perfect and we couldn’t wait to get started. We got everything out of the car and hung up the dresses. Allison was already putting the final touches to Andrea’s make-up and she looked beautiful, she had just had an exam that morning as she was studying Biochemistry. She had done well so everything was perfect. The bridal style we wanted was sophisticated but natural and with a lot of elegance. So the hair would be loose with soft waves and the make-up would be very natural.

"alt" editorial telva"

I started by taking photos of all the decorations that Tot a Punt had already set up in the roofed area of one of the buildings. Everything that would be the banquet in case a Plan B was needed in Gordiola. In addition, they had done an incredible job decorating what would be the Chill out area with a space in a very elegant white tone. There were sofas and low tables decorated with flowers, all very modern.

"alt" editorial telva"

The light came in through the windows and I loved it as soon as I saw it. Meanwhile, they were preparing everything that would be the outdoor area with tables decorated with different tableware and in another area everything for the aperitif with sofas and low tables.

Editorial Telva Novias

I started with Andrea in the banquet area, I wanted to take advantage of all the light I had at that moment. I like to work with a good atmosphere and having a good time so I had brought some music with a loudspeaker for this Telva Novias wedding editorial.

After that area I made her change her dress and we continued in the chill out area. They had also prepared a curtain of lights that gave a very elegant air to the whole set.

Andrea was doing great and as we had a tight schedule we tried to get the photos we wanted as quickly as possible.

"ALT"editorial de bodas telva novias ramo"
"ALT"editorial de bodas telva novias zona chill out"

The next place was to be the Gordiola Museum, which is impressive. A few days before we had gone to see it and I fell in love with the light coming in through the windows. Andrea this time in a Yolancris dress gave it her all, dancing around and doing whatever I asked her to do. As I was taking the photos, I realised that they were going to be spectacular.

From there we went to a room next to the shop they have in the factory. We had placed an armchair right in a position underneath a variety of Gordiola’s different collections.

"alt" editorial telva"

Amazing decoration

This time I loved the light coming in from the right side and I was able to get what I wanted and thought when I saw the place a few days before. From time to time Allison would touch up Andrea who looked beautiful.

We continued that day in the outdoor space of the garden where they had prepared everything for the ceremony. The decoration of the Tot a Punt and Otro Cantar group was brutal with beautiful wild flowers from My crazy flower love all along the wedding aisle. I love natural and spontaneous photos, at that moment Andrea’s face and everything around her helped to get amazing photos.

"alt" editorial telva"
"alt" editorial telva Inma del Valle"

After this we went to the banquet area in the evening light. They had prepared several tables with different decorations matching the magic of the place. We put lights hanging as if they were garlands that gave a very special and romantic air.

With a little cold, we finished that day happy with everything we had achieved and we made an appointment for the next one.

"alt" editorial telva"

Second day of the editorial

In the morning when we woke up we had some clouds but when we arrived at the Gordiola Factory a wonderful sun appeared. I had planned to take some very special photos inside the factory’s space where they make the glass. I wanted Andrea to stand in the middle with all the furnaces lit with flames burning.

The light coming through the roof windows at that hour was brutal. In addition, there was a Chesterfield sofa where I sat her in the same space and with an oven behind it sparking. That mix between industrial and elegant worked very well for this Telva novias wedding editorial.

We continued with some more photos of the stairs and the well area which was beautifully decorated. You could recreate with all five senses the wonderful weddings that can be celebrated here.

From there we went to another nearby house of the Fabrica where we continued to take some more photos and we were tired but happy to finish.

"alt" editorial telva"
"alt" editorial telva"

It had been two very intense days but they were worth it. I would like to thank Fábrica de cristal Gordiola, Tot a Punt, Otro Cantar, My crazy flower love, Allison and Andrea for being such a great team. Of course to Jesus Peiro and Yolancris for the spectacular dresses and for always trusting in my work. I hope we can do such beautiful things again very soon.

"alt" editorial telva"
"alt" editorial telva"
"ALT"editorial de bodas telva novias noche"
"ALT"editorial de bodas telva novias pendientes"
"ALT"editorial de bodas telva novias puerta madera"
"alt" editorial telva"

Wedding editorial Telva Novias

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