Elopement photographer in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca"

Elopement photographer in Mallorca

What can I say about this couple? It has been a gift that has brought me this profession of elopement photographer in Mallorca. Their names are Dani and Bea and if there is an adjective for them it would be love personified. 

Dani called me one day out of the blue a couple of months ago from Madrid, where they live. 

I immediately realised that he is a straightforward person who knows what he wants. Besides, he has a very personal sense of humour which is striking.


"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca listos"

He explained that he and his partner Bea were planning to go to Mallorca. It wasn’t just any holiday trip for them to the island. He was very excited and told me that he wanted to hire me as an elopement photographer in Mallorca. 

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca trajes listos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca ramo"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca zapatos novia"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca preparativos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca pareja preparativos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca beso romántico"

Elopement in Mallorca

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca preparativos felices"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca detalle vestido"

Dani, as if he were a teenager totally in love, started to tell me about it. Apparently he and Bea were going to have an elopement in Mallorca. That means that the two of them were going to come alone to get married in secret. 

They had already decided on the venue, it would be at the court in Arta and they were finalising the necessary papers.

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca preciosa novia"

As an elopement photographer in Mallorca I loved the idea.

Besides, as they were coming alone they would need two witnesses for the wedding and they asked me if we could be them. It was great, I thought it was very original and we accepted immediately.

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca miradas"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca prendido"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca beso en el jardin"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca beso blanco y negro"

Elopement photography in Mallorca

The 7th of July arrived, which of course coincides with San Fermín. We headed to the hotel they had chosen to stay at while they were in Mallorca.

It was an incredible day with lots of sunshine and blue skies.

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca jardín del hotel"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca novia por detrás"

Bea had asked us for someone we could recommend to do her hair and make-up. She wanted something very natural and modern at the same time so we told her to call Ana Mujan from Ana Bridal hair and makeup. We have worked with her before and recently at the first wedding we had this year at the Hotel son Bleda. She is a great professional and does a great job.

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca novia entrando"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca entrada a la ceremonia"

When we arrived at the hotel we finally greeted Dani and Bea in person. We gave each other a big hug and they seemed even more charming.

Ana was finishing the last touches to Bea who looked beautiful. They were both smiling all the time and Dani especially was making jokes. 

We found Bea’s dress to be very elegant yet modern and we loved her choice. Apparently she had had a problem with another dress and had to make a last minute change. The truth is that she came out on top as it was beautiful. 

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca juzgados de Arta"

Apart from the bouquet from Rosazul florist, we loved the rings and the shoes. I immediately started to take details of them while Ana finished her make-up. 

Elopement preparations in Mallorca

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca ceremonia en Arta"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca poniendo anillos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca anillos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca poniéndose el anillo"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca anillo del novio"

We started with Dani first, who had chosen a very modern suit in keeping with his personality. It was light blue with no tie and white trainers. The only detail that made him look a bit like the groom of this elopement in Mallorca was the pin on his jacket. 

As it was such an intimate wedding and there were no guests, I wanted them to help each other get dressed. I thought it was very nice and original, they were accomplices of this adventure in everything.


"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca beso final"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca beso"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca firmas"

After Dani got dressed it was Bea’s turn to get dressed and once she had her beautiful dress on she was radiant with a smile that would not go away all day.

I took photos inside the room and outside in the garden which was very pretty even though it was sunny. I finished quickly and we rushed to the cars because we had to get to the courthouse for this intimate and romantic wedding.

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca el arroz"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca felices a la salida"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca salida juntos"

Elopement photographer in Mallorca

The courthouse in Arta really surprised us. The ceremony was not going to be in a cold and typical office but in the beautiful courtyard full of plants. 

As an elopement photographer in Mallorca I was very happy, because for the ceremony photos such a place was much better. 

The officiant was also very funny and had his own touches which made the ceremony even more joyful.

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca en el bar"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca beso enamorados"

Bea and Dani were happy to have been able to make their dream come true. They said “I do” and exchanged rings looking happy and full of love. We signed as witnesses and congratulated them with the shout of “Viva los novios” (long live the bride and groom)!

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca postwedding en Mallorca"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca camino juntos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca felices"

On the way out I wanted to catch them as if they were throwing rice and petals at them. Laughing, we all went to a nearby bar to celebrate with a cool beer and a toast with them.

There, as we chatted, they told us that they had very large families. If they had got married in the traditional way they would have had to invite more than 250 people and they didn’t want to do it that way. They preferred to do this elopement in Mallorca in an intimate and romantic way by themselves. Then they were going to go to Menorca where friends were waiting for them and they would celebrate with them, although it was not very clear when they were going to tell everyone that they were officially married. 


"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca preciosa pareja"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca momentos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca beso pasional"

Postwedding elopement in Mallorca

After all this we took the cars and went to one of my favourite places in Mallorca. It is a cove with a very large sandy beach and dunes with a walkway at the back.

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca prendido"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca baile"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca divertidos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca en brazos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca escondidos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca enamorados"
"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca postwedding"

As an elopement photographer in Mallorca I wanted to take a few photos of the couple once they were married as a memory.

You know that I don’t like the typical posed or static photos. I’m all about spontaneous and happy moments so I made them do fun things with each other. In less than an hour and with the July sun shining brightly I took quite a few photos.

"ALT"fotógrafo de elopement en Mallorca postwedding preciosa"

They were already looking forward to celebrating the two of them alone with a good meal and some wine. We said goodbye to Bea and Dani with two kisses wishing them all the best and looking forward to seeing them again when they return to Mallorca. 

They are an amazing couple who love each other very much and I am sure they will be very happy together. Thank you guys for trusting me and I hope to see you soon.

Elopement photographer in Mallorca

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