Wedding trends 2022

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Wedding trends 2022

Don’t ask me how this season has gone because it has been incredible. Suddenly we have been able to start doing weddings in June and it has been non-stop. As if we were in PortAventura and we were on the Shambala, well, the same.

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Of course, we have lived very, very intensely each of the weddings we have had. On a personal and human level it has been a rush of emotions where we have had everything. On a professional level, it has been a beautiful job that I have enjoyed to the fullest.

Today that the year 2021 is almost over, I want to talk about what we believe will be the wedding trends 2022. Because in no time we are eating the grapes and without realizing it, couples are starting to say “I do” to each other. For this reason and according to everything we have experienced and knowing the plans of my couples I can tell you a little.

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Intimate yet intense weddings

It is clear that we have learned something these two years with the Coronavirus and what we have lived since then. We have realized that we have to live today and above all enjoy to the fullest with our loved ones. Those with whom you would drink the last beers of the desert and tell them all the most intimate gossip. The friends who wanted to try the bread you had learned to make during the confinement. Those who told you it was good even though you knew it wasn’t. Those friends who would sign up for an online weight lifting and mat dragging class with you, just to be with you on your cell phone screen.


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It is very wedding trend 2022 that you want them to be there more than anyone else. There will be intimate weddings where there are those who have to be there and who you know will give their all. They are the ones who understand very well the importance of this celebration for you.

These guests will be given more priority than the ones you had no choice but to invite before. Whether it’s the second cousin you only see on Facebook or that friend of your father’s who invites him to go fishing every last Friday of the month. The doorman of your house who used to bring you heavy bottles of water to the fifth floor where you live will have more priority than many other guests.


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Weddings with personal details

In addition, in wedding trends 2022, weddings with very personal details are on the rise. We have amazing brides who tell us that they have been sewing ideas that they had to use in their wedding. A lot of work with no reservations spending 8 hours a day doing it. Others who have been looking for the exclusive bottle of wine with the label specially designed to give that day. Or the braided bracelet with your name and favorite colors. That special sauce that you like so much when you go to their house for example.


Others make all the floral decoration of fabric and recycled papers because they are very conscious about sustainability. So less is more as Coco Chanel would say and they are going to be personal weddings with a lot of feeling and heart.

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Three-day weddings

Besides, weddings are going to be extended as much as possible so that the party doesn’t end. Wedding trends 2022 point to a “get together” party the day before. This means that those who don’t know each other will get to know each other and it is an excuse to have a party the day before. Then there is the wedding day itself in between and the day after. Where with the hangover they make a brunch for those who still survive. This is how all the wedding gossip is commented on, of course.

In addition, we can add that sometimes those who come the day before or the day after may not go to the wedding. It is something that couples who invite those, we will not explain now why they do not go. They are people who may not be as close family or as close friends. The second cousin we were talking about who has a new girlfriend, or the human resources of the company, or the neighbor of the third floor… So that the day of the wedding, as we said before, those who should be there will be there.

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It is also a wedding trend 2022 that all this is done during the week, maybe on a Friday or Saturday, so that people from abroad can take their vacations. They take advantage of a few days and stay in Mallorca enjoying the island as much as they can. We have for example a couple that one of them is Italian and the other one is from a city in Spain and they will get married in Mallorca. It is like a beautiful place in the middle where they can go to all their loved ones and take advantage of their vacations before and after.

Wedding trends in 2022 wedding planners

Of course, whether it is an intimate wedding or one with more than 150 people, which there will be, you must have a wedding planner. It is a very important part, especially to avoid a divorce just before you get married. If you want to have everything well organized with the best suppliers. You have to rely on the perfect good work of the best wedding planners on the planet who are in Mallorca without a doubt.

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No parties, big parties as wedding trends 2022

Another thing and very important is that the level of partying is going to go up many decibels. It was already seen in some weddings of this year 2021. One of the strongest wedding trends 2022 is to get the party started as early as possible.

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We have weddings this year where the cocktail is going to be more important than before. It will be longer with delicious things of course with the incredible caterings we have. In addition, there will be live music that will cheer up from minute one to the most stopped up of the event. Whether you want to dance or not, you will dance a lot. You have to consider wearing comfortable shoes to hit the dance floor, spin around and at the same time hold the glass with the shrimp.

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Weddings in Mallorca 2022

Couples are in the mood to go all out and enjoy and celebrate like there is no day after tomorrow. Live music, cool dj’s, entertainers who do everything, are one of the most important wedding trends 2022.

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As you can understand, the banquet will be shorter. If you have eaten and drunk everything at the cocktail party, then there is no room to eat three courses. So what many people are going to do is to have a single course, dessert and coffee. It’s ideal to sit down for a while, clear your head and get ready for the open bar and dancing. Also, in some of them there will be no protocol of any seating plan. They will be long tables where everyone chooses where to sit and so different and interesting things will emerge.

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As you can see everything is already underway and there will be many incredible weddings in Mallorca in 2022.

I am ready as a photographer in Mallorca to give it all and more. It will be a year full of very strong experiences. I hope to see a lot of reunions, a lot of tears, a lot of laughter, a lot of good vibes. It is a rush to turn all those moments into unforgettable photographs. They are the best memory to relive that day again in a few years. In the meantime let’s enjoy Christmas and the new year wishing everyone a year 2022 full of health, love and wonderful weddings.

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Wedding trends 2022

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