Intimate wedding Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca amor"

Intimate wedding Mallorca 

Sometimes life brings some people to you in a very beautiful way. When you meet them you immediately realise that there is a great connection and that you want them to be an important part of your life. This intimate wedding Mallorca that we present to you today is a great example of this.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca postboda"

This is the story of two women who are very special. We met Alba and Alex I think at the beginning of the year, I’m not sure because lately the months fly by without us realising it. Alex wanted to surprise Alba by hiring me because Alba loves photography and is partly dedicated to it.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca beso postboda"

It turns out that they were looking for a photographer for their intimate wedding in Mallorca and Alba really liked my style. Alex, knowing this, took advantage of this and contacted me in order to hire me and give Alba a surprise.

A very special couple

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca preparativos"

We organised it by meeting up one afternoon for a few beers and introducing ourselves by surprise. As soon as Alba saw us she immediately understood everything, it was a lot of fun and we connected immediately.  As the song says, the four of us started a beautiful relationship from that day on.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca entrada"

I have to say that when you meet these two women, they make you smile as soon as you see them. They are a couple that you can tell they love each other very much and that they are there for each other to the infinite. They are surrounded by a magical halo of happiness and love. The more they told us about them and their wedding, the more we were looking forward to the big day.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca beso madre"

Intimate wedding Mallorca

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca ternura"

It was going to be an intimate wedding in Mallorca with few guests, just those who had to be there, and that was it. They wanted it to be a big celebration of their union with all their loved ones. A party where there would be dancing from the beginning and a lot of fun.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca risas"

They decided that it would be the 15th of October, a perfect month to celebrate a wedding without the summer heat. It was sunny in the morning and we arrived around 12.00 at the place of the celebration, which was the agrotourism Ca Na Susi.

We found that Alex’s mother had left the place where the ceremony was going to take place very nice. With a floral decoration and fabrics that were beautiful.

Alex’s mother deserves a special mention because she supports her daughter and helps her with all her heart, she has a young soul and is a lovely woman. You should see her dancing during the party, she didn’t stop….

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca cariño"

Wedding preparations

Some of the guests had already arrived and they were all dressed in white, very Ibiza style. They were very elegant and in the mood to party, we greeted them and went first to where Alba was waiting.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca lágrimas"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca caricias"

The day before we had arranged to meet and to see the place with them as we always like to do .Alba was a bit nervous and Alex was calm. On the day of the wedding it was the other way round, Alba was the one who was more relaxed.

She was waiting for us in her room with her brother and aunt. There was a very nice natural light coming in through a window and we took advantage of it to take some very pretty pictures of her.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca anillos en ceremonia"

Both wore dresses made by Lena & Lena who now have a shop in Inca. Malena made them both custom-made according to each one’s taste. They both looked gorgeous.

Alex was with her mother and brother a little bit more nervous and very excited about the day they were going to live. We were all looking forward to this beautiful intimate wedding in Mallorca.


"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca anillos"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca anillo"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca emociones"

Intimate wedding Mallorca

When we all got ready for the entrances there was some delay because one of the children made a prank by locking one of the brides in the room. It was one of those anecdotes that people tell about weddings. At the time this prank caused the Adele song for Alba’s entrance to play a little longer than usual which was fun.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca ceremonia"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca globos"

Alba made her entrance with her brother who was the most nervous of the whole wedding I think but he did very well and left her at the altar ready to receive Alex. She was smiling and happy and looking forward to seeing her.

Alba walked down the aisle with her mother, they looked excited as they walked and when she joined Alba the two of them embraced at the altar.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca salida"

The faces of the two brides as soon as they saw each other were pure happiness, their eyes lit up when they looked at each other at that moment, which is something they always do. I think they are one of the couples I have met who love each other the most and they always show it with every gesture.

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was to be conducted by two friends of theirs, as the official ceremony had previously taken place at the courthouse.

Several of their friends and relatives took the microphone to dedicate a few words to them. They all emphasised how happy they were that they had found each other and wished them all the best. We realised how lucky they are to have so many people who really love them. 

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca enamoradas"

Alex’s brother’s speech was especially moving and at the end they embraced and tears came out. Well, almost all of us were holding on because the affection, the memories, the feelings of childhood flowed there, I think we all shed a tear or two.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca entrada aperitivo"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca brindis"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca música cubana"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca música cubana"

Wedding surprises

The friends had prepared a song for them and suddenly some balloons came out and were blown up by everyone and they sang to them, it was great fun.

During the ceremony there was also a memory for the absentees but the truth is that they were more present than ever living with all of us these beautiful moments.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca felices"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca en pareja"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca juntas"

It was time for the vows, which they read to each other with phrases as beautiful as they were. They promised each other daily love and to share a life full of magic and illusion. They put on their rings and did the sand ceremony. Every time they embraced each other we all knew we were witnessing something precious.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca baile invitados"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca felicitaciones"

Post-wedding, aperitif and party

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca baile enamoradas"

They made their happy exit with confetti and we quickly took them away to take some photos. The light was amazing, it had clouded over a bit which was fantastic for this intimate wedding in Mallorca.

First I took some in a room and then in a nearby field under a big beautiful tree. Once together and relaxed there were kisses, hugs and lots of laughter with a confetti cannon. From there we went running to the aperitif and they made the entrance with music.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca diversión"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca mucha alegría"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca música"

They had hired a Cuban duo who we had worked with before and we love them. The party started right there with everyone congratulating and giving them hugs.

Alex’s mother was dancing with one and the other, the girls were smiling happily, more in love than ever. All the friends and family were having a great time, that’s the great thing about intimate weddings. There are the ones you really love and with whom you enjoy the most, everyone joined the party and danced non-stop.

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca baile con la suegra"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca niños"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca dulzura"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca baile madre e hija"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca hermano"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca beso novias"

Intimate wedding photographer

We said goodbye before dinner and promised to come back the next day to have a drink with them because the party was going to continue.

We ended up happy to have been able to share such a beautiful day with them and above all to have met them. It is a luxury to meet real authentic people like them and for sure we will keep them in our lives.

We wish them all the happiness and love in the world! Here’s to many more beers, games and table football with you girls!

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca celebración"
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca
"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca foto de grupo"

Intimate wedding Mallorca

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