Ana and Maria’s wedding. Lgbt photographer Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Ana and Maria’s wedding. Lgbt photographer Mallorca


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Lgbt photographer Mallorca

First of all, I should say that every wedding we do is special, that’s for sure. All wedding photographers on Mallorca can tell you. But there are weddings that actually have a different meaning and are also unique. That’s why this wedding of Maria and Anna was one of the most beautiful of this season fome as a lgbt photographer Mallorca .

We did the Pre-wedding in Valldemossa in August. We had a beautiful sunny day, we got lost in those streets and we had a great time. After that day we were looking forward to September 29th to take their wedding pictures.

That day arrived and we were full of excitement because we knew what it meant for them and their families. The wedding video was going to be made by Somera Films with whom I love to work. There are wedding photographers in Mallorca who work with a specific videographer. I have worked with several of them and Guillen is one with whom I combine very well.

Preparations. Anna’s home

We went first to Anna’s house where she received us very happy, but at the same time nervous. It was noticeable because she didn’t stop moving and didn’t know very well what to do at the same time. In addition, her parents were just as nervous. In fact, it was totally normal because it was going to be a big day full of emotions.I was very happy as a lgbt photographer Mallorca

We looked for a place in the garden of Anna’s house. This way she could be with her bridesmaids and her family while she changed. The sunshine together with the trees in the garden formed an ideal setting. Wedding photographers on Mallorca are very lucky because of the beautiful houses on the island.

The charming mother in a beautiful suit helped her put on the dress. The bridesmaids dressed for the occasion looked happy as they waited. They would put on the shoes that were very special. The shoes had rose petals inside the transparent heel, they were beautiful.

Immediately afterwards the father came with the bouquet of wild flowers that we all loved. The bouquets were made by Pedro Cladera of Floristería Azalea. Father and daughter embraced emotionally, it was very emotional. You could see the great affection that reigns in Anna’s family. We were beginning to live what would invade us all day long.

Maria’s home

From there we went directly to Maria’s house. Her all smiling and elegant cousin opened the door with his suit and matching bow tie. Inside, Maria was waiting for us, already dressed and beautifully dressed . The very elegant cut suit enhanced her back. The sister as tall as Maria wore a long mustard dress. Her charming mother dressed in Carolina Herrera was happiness personified.

They welcomed us with such sympathy that time flew by taking pictures of them. Her little dog lived it all with her bow tie on, she is also a very important part of the family. We didn’t forget to photograph Maria’s shoes. Just like Anna’s, they were special with one heart in one heel and the word You in the other, spectacular. In addition, we photographed the rings along with Maria’s bouquet which was just as beautiful as Anna’s bouquet. I love being a lgbt photographer Mallorca.

The Finca. Lgbt photographer Mallorca

Then we went to Finca Son Collell where the ceremony would take place. The wedding photographers in Mallorca love this finca and we were very happy because Mas allas de tus sueños was the wedding planner with Sonia at the head. The catering would be Vicky Pulgarin and they had everything almost ready. It’s the second time we met them and we were delighted. Without a doubt it is one of the best both professionally and humanly. The level of their food and service is impressive.

In the Finca there was a very romantic air with the tables decorated in a very elegant way and the wrought iron chairs around them. The fountains dominated the ceremony area which was surrounded by trees and precious flowers.

Little by little the guests began to arrive. There weren’t going to be many of them, but without a doubt they were very important people in their lives. The waiters received them with cocktails on trays. They all went to the pool area.

Bride’s entering

The first to arrive was Anna accompanied by her mother and father. She was still very nervous and excited. You could see in her eyes how much she wanted to see Maria. Little by little she went to the pool area. We wanted that moment to be very magical and personal between them. We had planned everything, Anna would wait for Maria with her eyes closed in the central corridor of the pool. Then they would see each other for the first time. Now we had to wait for Mary to come. It was magical forme as a lgbt photographer Mallorca.

I don’t know the other wedding photographers on Mallorca if they like to personalize the moments. I like to create emotional situations to photograph and make couples accomplices.

Mary made the entrance with her sister driving the car and with her cousin and her mother in it. She couldn’t take it anymore and was also looking forward to seeing Anna. I knew she would be nervous and  wanted to see her now.  So we went to the pool where everything was ready.

Without a doubt it was the moment we were waiting for. Finally in the central corridor of the pool Maria approached slowly and Anna opened her eyes. It was the first time they had seen each other dressed as brides. The two looked at each other full of love and merged into a kiss, it was magical. We loved capturing that moment. The two had finally met and now they were going to live that special day together.


First, Anna walked to the altar on her mother’s arm. She was very quick and decisive as if her life were in it. She waited for Maria who then appeared on her mother’s arm. In this way the two were already together on the altar happy and radiant. Surrounded by the bridesmaids, witnesses, relatives and friends, we experienced a unique ceremony.

The sun was already setting and the light that was pale and orange was precious. A light that me as a lgbt photographer Mallorca  know well.

The most special moment of the whole ceremony was when the mothers of both read separately. They had prepared texts full of love and complicity with their daughters. Such happy mothers seeing how their daughters had found love. Welcoming this relationship with open arms were examples of true motherly love. Everyone’s eyes filled with tears, it was very nice to witness this moment.

Then they did the ritual of the sand and released two balloons in memory of those who are no longer there. The exchange of rings was another beautiful moment with complicit smiles between the two. Finally, the kiss put on a beautiful brooch with everyone applauding and the brides shouting alive! Anna’s happy face that went from nervousness to maximum happiness was living emotion. Mary was radiant and kept kissing her.

The two of them, after having signed, made their way out surrounded by confetti and petals, receiving congratulations from everyone. The grandmother and grandfather gave them hugs that were the image of the day. You can’t describe so much compression and love for someone. They were happy and wanted to live that moment with their granddaughters and tell them what they wanted. An example of tolerance, understanding and love.


After these congratulations began the cocktail where Vicky Pulgarín’s catering as always made everyone enjoy. Wedding photographers on Mallorca are very lucky because of the great caterings on the island. Then there was a moment to listen to live flamenco music and the brides danced happily. It was a very funny moment. Then we went to the banquet area.

There were special moments between dishes as the brides gave bouquets to the mothers and souvenirs to the fathers. They also gave away the bouquets and made speeches where they touched all of us. There was a video projection of when they were little that made us laugh and put the comic note. One of the surprises was a song where all the guests stood around the wedding table. Singing them all in unison to the brides along with the parents of both, was incredible.


Finally we had the dance of the two. They had prepared a dance with three changes of repertoire, it was a lot of fun. They were all having such a good time, especially the grandmother who didn’t stop dancing all night. Me as well as a lgbt photographer Mallorca I loved this wedding.

With all this we said goodbye to Maria, Anna and their families with a big hug. It had been a wedding full of pure feelings. The love between them and their families for them is a great example for everyone. I wish it were always like this and everyone would realize that what is important is that and nothing else.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting us photograph those moments on this beautiful day. We wish you a life full of happiness and love.

Recommendation of the brides:

Maria Velasco , married on 29/09/2018

Perfect treatment and unbeatable results

It is enough to see her photos to know that she is a spectacular photographer , but besides the quality of her work the treatment that gives you is excellent. We immediately gained confidence and got rid of the shame, we simply limited ourselves to enjoy our day to the fullest and she was in charge of immortalizing spectacular moments and giving us very original tips and ideas to give our “touch” to the report. The photos are spectacular. We are very happy to have shared this day with them and of course we recommend them to everyone! Thank you Inma and Blanca!

You can see the link of the recommendation here:–e60718/opiniones




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