Professional photographers Mallorca. Juana and Llorenc’s wedding.

by Inma del Valle
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Professional photographers Mallorca. The wedding

First of all, I have to admit that being professional photographers in Mallorca gives you a lot of satisfaction. In fact, you get to know people who you might not have met otherwise. In addition, you experience different situations at each wedding that are unique.

This was the case in the wedding between María Juana and Llorenc. It was a hot but beautiful Saturday in August. The vineyards full of grapes were waiting to be harvested.


Immediately we arrived at the house they both share in Santa Eugenia. The first thing that catches your attention is the warmth it has and that every detail has been thought out. We also liked the wine cellar with its glass roof. It is spectacular and even more so knowing that it was Llorenc who designed the house.

First of all, Juana received us dressed as a bride as if it was the most normal thing in the world. We immediately loved her simplicity and friendliness. She was gorgeous and the dress highlighted her arms in shape. As professional photographers Mallorca we loved her elegance.

Then we met her really charming parents, both trying to help. Next Llorenc entered the room and we greeted each other as if we had known each other all our lives. His dark and athletic physique reminded us of a bullfighter.Essentially it was going to be a good day…


The most special person we met at that moment was Julia. Their daughter as soon as she looked at us with that little face conquered us. Meanwhile I couldn’t resist taking the first pictures of her right there with her mother. She had such a sweet face and such a tender expression. Definitely she would be the main character that day without a doubt.

As soon as we managed to get Julia to wear the crown of flowers, we went out into the garden. They have beautiful vineyards next door full of grapes that were about to be harvested. I really wanted to take some pictures of the three of them there. They were gorgeous and made a beautiful family.

The problem in these cases is the dress that gets tangled up with everything. In spite of that with a little patience we were able to take away what had been intertwined. It was going to be a very special day and the dress had to be perfect.

On the other hand ,by the fence the car they had obtained to go to the Church arrived. It was a beautiful olive green and shiny English Morgan. I took some great pictures of the three of them. On the whole it was very hot, but we were having a great time.


Next we went to the Church of Santa Maria where the ceremony was going to take place. There the first guests began to arrive and after greeting the priest we prepared. We loved all that was happening as professional photographers Mallorca.

This was going to be an atypical wedding. Apart from the fact that the bride and groom were already dressed and had seen each other. They were going to come together to the church. Whats more they were also in the same car with Julia, their daughter. In addition, they were going to walk to the altar together . I love it when different things happen that give originality to weddings.

The three of them arrived smiling and happy. Juana was radiant and Llorenc happy and nervous. It was noticeable that he was more shy, but he was having a great time. Then they greeted the priest at the door.Once all guests seated they entered together.

As the priest was a friend of the family the ceremony was very pleasant. It was a fun and consequently good photos came out.

Surprise at the ceremony

After the ceremony, at the end, it was planned to baptize Julia. It was something we all knew, but not the little one. That’s why when the priest put her the water on top of her head. She had a bad moment and started crying. Even so, it was a special moment, especially for her new godparents.

Once everything was finished, the bride and groom received the classic congratulations while leaving the church. They got into the car and went to La Granja de Esporles where the cocktail and the banquet would be.

Earlier on the road we took some pictures of them with the car. I also made them run along the road. It was fun to see them running being sportsmen and we all had a great time. I enjoy doing different things as  good professional photographers Mallorca.


Later in the Granja de Esporles beautifully decorated for the occasion we dedicated ourselves to go to every possible corner. I wanted to take some beautiful and natural photos. They are so charming that every proposal I made them seemed great. The gardens and lounges gave us a lot of fun. Finally, when I had the photos I wanted we went to the cocktail. They entered through the arches and a waiter was waiting for them with two glasses of champagne.

At this time all gathered family and friends congratulated them between hugs and kisses. The place of the cocktail surrounded by trees was ideal. We took pictures of everyone enjoying doing groups and chatting. Later, when the light was going out, we headed to the banquet area.


The tables of the banquet were arranged and everything was wonderfully prepared. We took pictures of the guests already seated .

Without a doubt we were fortunate at our table as we got to know some of the guests better. Essentially those who work with Juana. Definitely incredible people with a great sense of humor. We had a great time with them and we laughed a lot. It’s nice when you meet people like that and you enjoy working.

At this point the banquet went on with a selection of great dishes. In addition, we took the opportunity to photograph moments that occurred between dishes. Juana and Llorenc, with Julia’s help, handed out some little gifts. They were special memories of the three of them to all the guests and they remembered us too. Julia was happy giving jars with her name full of sweets.

Finally we all climbed into the main hall of La Granja. The dance was going to be held there. Juana and Llorenc did it to perfection. They had a very good rhythm and they knew the choreography perfectly. The truth is that they make such a good couple. In addition, the looks they give each other were full of complicity.

In conclusión , as professional photographers Mallorca we loved them completely and we left the party giving them a big kiss and thanks for choosing us for this great day. It’s lucky when you meet such authentic people and they give you all kinds of facilities. We wish all the best to them , for sure that they will have a very happy life. Thank you …

Recommendation of the married couple :

Joana & Llorenç , married on 04/08/2018

When gratitude is so absolute words abound

I could start by simply thanking the fantastic work done by Inma and her partner Blanca, but that would not be my style and I think that would not be enough, so I dedicate the following words chosen one by one carefully:

Today, looking back almost a week, we are amazed and excited to remember the happiness and naturalness that you managed to capture in images through your cameras.

You knew second by second you won our trust without hardly knowing us, minute by minute we created a bond and hour after hour we established the perfect symbiosis to make a special day something wonderful where we could be ourselves.

We keep the best of you, your professionalism, competence and know-how, your facility to capture the details and spontaneous moments that happen in thousandths of seconds and that are not repeated, and above all we keep your sympathy, freshness, simplicity and confidence that you gave us the day of our link.

Nor do we forget to thank you for the complicity and the fantastic connection you maintained with each and every one of the guests to the point of being like family.

So I can only say that when gratitude is so absolute, words abound.


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