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Photographer architecture gardens Mallorca

Photographer architecture gardens Mallorca

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Photographer architecture gardens Mallorca architecture and interiorism photographer

Inma del Valle: architecture and interior design photographer in Mallorca
I have had the opportunity to photograph these gardens, so well cared for by the company Verd Soller.

These gardens, which began to be created in 1991 in Son Vida, have a trajectory and a careful maintenance to the detail. The owners welcomed me as if I were one of the family and gave me enough space to make the most of it.

As for the company Verd Soller, it is prepared to give you the best solution in the shortest time and with the best result.

I’m sure your lawn will be ready to enjoy immediately for any event, celebration or inauguration. They design, project and turn your space into a garden where you will feel so comfortable that you will not want to leave it.

It’s not every day you work so well in one place, I’m very grateful to its owners and to the owner of the Verd Soller company for trusting in my work.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about garden architecture:

First, we have the Leveled Design Architecture:

The most famous architects of the 20th century who founded this style were looking for an exterior aesthetic that would adapt to everyday needs and activities, so they began to include certain elements and patterns such as straight lines and levelling in the architectural structures of courtyards and gardens, eliminating from space what is not strictly necessary and useful.

Then there is the modern garden architecture with pond:
The plants began to be planted according to the pavements. In this type of architecture the maximum possible space is used. Geometric shapes and straight lines have been included in gardening and landscaping.

Architecture with wooden platform for swimming pool
In this one we try to keep the style as natural as possible. They use elements such as small stone paths, swimming pools, ponds that act as mirrors.

They use light for the aesthetics of the garden. We are looking for products that are ecological and biodegradable.

Minimalist architecture for a modern garden:
In this type of garden a harmony between beauty and utility is used.

Photographer architecture gardens Mallorca

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