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Musicians photographer Mallorca best

Musicians photographer Mallorca

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Besides photography, music is my other passion. If I can combine the two, I don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to do so.
By uniting my life as a singer and my life as a photographer in Mallorca, I am able to express what I feel and feel free.
It is necessary to bear in mind that thanks to music and photography I can transmit everything that my personality sometimes does not allow me.
Because of this, fortunately, I have been able to meet many professionals from the world of music. Not only in Mallorca but also in the rest of the world. I attend concerts regularly and I am also often hired to take the photos that they then post on their websites.
You can’t imagine the satisfaction I feel when I manage to reflect in a photo the euphoria and enthusiasm of the musicians. In general, anyone can admire in my photos that particular moment of euphoria that all musicians feel with their art.
Not only do I love taking photographs to portray the artist professionally, but also on a personal level. The image of the artist is fundamental for later approaching and connecting with his audience.
Therefore, I try to take photographs with fresh and natural air that reflect the personality of the artist. I need to capture his passion for music.
Music photography has allowed me to develop my creativity and potential. I try, therefore, to make photographic reports that document the life of the artist.
In this way, fans and audiences can get to know the most personal and profound part of the artist.
As a photographer I like to get involved in the artist’s personal project.
Therefore, this makes the work much more special and can better reflect the image that the artist wants to give of himself. After all, that’s what the public wants to see.
I do reports to musical groups, and I cover any event related to music. I also make photo books for musicians or groups in Mallorca and in any other city.
Finally, I offer availability to travel to other cities.
If you are looking for photos that convey what you feel through your music, don’t hesitate to contact me. With your art and my photos you’ll be able to reach more people.
Your fans will be able to get a closer look at everything related to your personal sphere as well as your artistic facet.


Musicians photographer Mallorca

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