Ana and Manu´s wedding

by Inma del Valle
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There are times when two people in time are destined to share this life. One way or another they come together. This is the case of Ana and Manuel. Thanks to their passion for music, they met.
On a beautiful day in July they said yes to each other. Although in July and Mallorca it was quite hot, the estate they chose was quite well equipped.
The wedding was at the Ses Cases de Sa Font Seca. A place full of history with rooms and lounges brimming with a special antique style. I was lucky as a wedding photographer of Mallorca  to be chosen for this great day.
First we went to Manuel who was with his son in one of the salons. Between jokes, he was trying to hide his nervousness. He looked very happy. They had been rehearsing at the piano before as the boy was going to play at the groom’s entrance.
His son helped him to get dressed and put his shoes on. There was a great deal of complicity between them that gave me the opportunity to take beautiful pictures of them.
Once we finished we went to the main bedroom. We appreciate the fact that the bride and groom are changing on the same farm as we can capture many more moments.
Their rooms were separated by a beautiful imperial hall. It took you back in time. it was a great setup forme as a wedding photographer of Mallorca.
The walls were wallpapered to match the curtains. The bed was canopied and magnificent.
Ana received us ready  with make-up and hairstyle done, she was radiant. In her room, her mother was also waiting for her, she was suffering more from the nerves of the preparations.
While Ana was getting dressed, her mother helped her. We were able to take some beautiful pictures of the dress that had a big tail and gave it a wonderful look.
On the large terrace next to the bedroom I captured in pictures all of its splendour. She was so pretty wearing that beautiful dress that it highlighted her beauty and her smile.
Her father came in to give her the bouquet and as always it was a very emotional moment.
Once those pictures were taken, we ran down the stairs. Manuel was already prepared to make the entrance with his father.
The Finca was beautifully decorated with flowers thanks to the mastery of Pedro Cladera of Floristeria Azalea, I always marvel at his art as a wedding photographer of Mallorca.
This wedding was special because the bride and groom are college teachers.
For the occasion the school choir had come. They were dressed in tunics to sing to the bride and groom and guests. There was also a grand piano prepared in the amphitheater where the ceremony was to be held. Besides, the groom’s son would play the violin and a friend would sing.
The groom’s entrance was very nice with his father holding his arm. The son at the time played the piano and was very special. We all felt part of something magical. Manu prepared himself at the altar to wait for the bride.
Ana, all excited and radiant, came with her father through the arches of the garden. The entire amphitheater was speechless as she entered. Manuel looked happy as he looked at her with a big smile.
The ceremony was magical, full of emotional readings from both sides. Music was the main protagonist. Especially when they put themselves at the piano to play a piece that is very special in their lives.I loved those feelings as a good wedding photographer of Mallorca.
Once the ceremony where we all cried was over, there was a fun time. Ana did a simulation of throwing the bouquet to the whole choir that was in the amphitheater. Kids are always amazing at weddings. We laugh at everyone’s faces and jumps.
Then we all went to the cocktail party where the bride and groom were welcomed with rose petals.
There was a time when I ran away with them. I wanted to take a few pictures of them in the beautiful gardens of the Finca.
The more relaxed bride and groom enjoyed themselves and I was able to take some pictures that would be a great memory for them.
We finished the cocktail for dinner and went to the main hall. Turquesa catering had prepared everything splendidly.
One thing I loved about the person in charge of running the event on the farm was that when we sat down at the table for dinner we were treated like part of the family. When you get this treatment, the work gets even better.
During the banquet there was a very special moment. Ana had a birthday cake ready for her father. He was in for a big surprise. He was turning 60, no less.  Everyone congratulated him and his face was full of joy and emotion.
I’m sure  daughter and  father won’t forget this moment. Me neither as a wedding photographer of Mallorca.
At the end of the dinner the bride and groom had a dance prepared and the great Dj Txema made them dance as well as only he knows.
Dj Txema is a dj with many years of experience, he loves to play music from the 80s and 90s. We had previously met at Teresa and Antoine’s wedding. It fascinated me at the time. No doubt, super recommended.
I love children and I made them dance and have fun. They gave me very sweet and great pictures.
We had a great day, very special thanks to Manuel and Ana. They are amazing and I wish them a life full of love and happiness.

Wedding Photographer of Mallorca


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