Mallorca Weddings: Carlota and Joan

by Inma del Valle
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Mallorca Weddings
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Fotographer in Mallorca 

A few days ago, I experienced one of the most fun and atypical Mallorca weddings of the year. Last year I had it in May and this year I had it at the end of the season.
The groom didn’t want anyone to help him while he was getting dressed  although his parents said,”But how can you get dress by yourself?”hahahaha and the bride said to me “If you don’t have time to take pictures while I put on my dress, it’s not the greatest illusion of my life…” hahaha!
On this basis, I said,”Oh, my God, this is so great!” An unusual and funny couple, a super nice Finca like Son Mir and equally open-minded parents.
It all started at the same Finca,I arrived with the groom an hour in advance to inspect every corner. It is important that you know where you are by the time you catch the bride and groom after they throw them the rice  and you have 15 minutes to pick up the best moments of that happiness.
First of all, I started with the groom. His parents were upset and didn’t even know what to do because he refused to let it all be typical. I took him all around the farm and took pictures of him in the most original places I could find.
Then I arrived with the bride. As usual, there was still some make-up to be done and I took the opportunity to take pictures of the groom while he was receiving guests.
This wedding was undoubtedly the wedding of the handsome and beautiful ones hehe. All the guests seemed to be coming from the Cibeles catwalk…. A wedding with 150 guests, mostly friends and very funny.
You only have to look at the pictures to see that you breathe joy in every moment.
The father had already taken several people to the altar and was in his sauce. After dressing the bride and having about 10 children in a herd come out to get their baskets… (Magic moment), we went to the place where some funny chickens were walking.
Yes, the way to the altar already had its own guests…hehe. At the bride’s entrance they threw soap bubbles and it was spectacular.
Throughout the ceremony we read friends anecdotes of their lives, we laughed a lot…. I have not seen a ceremony where the bride and groom laugh so much. Normally everyone takes it as a solemn act, where they swear eternal love and that takes absolute seriousness.
These bride and groom took everything with indescribable joy, well yes….I think you can see it in the photos.
When the ceremony was over we went to a vineyard next door, we jumped over a fence and took pictures in a private part of the Son Mir estate… Yes, as you can hear. An area where you can’t go through…. I felt like taking the pictures there.
There was an incredible pool, with brutal mountain views. It was a beautiful day, everyone could enjoy in the middle of October 8th wearing straps without getting cold while dining outdoors.
The best came in the bouquet run, not only did the bride want to throw the bouquet but the groom also had a bottle of Chivas to offer to the invited friends…
No one could imagine that the groom also had something to throw away and, of course, the men had their own fun to get the little bottle….
It’s a good thing that the boyfriend didn’t jump from above, because I wouldn’t have liked to have finished the session in Son Espases….He had a calm mind and put the bottle in the ground.
Ah! I forgot…. at this wedding there was no cake!no cake cut, there was an exquisite dessert made by Marc Fosh. Nothing for the cake-sword moment … (Thank God).
Finally, there was a disco moment but no wedding dance! The rest of the diners did the dance and I ended up dancing”El despacito” by Luis Fonsi with everybody….madness!!
The family was lovely and almost 90 percent of the guests were friends of the bride and groom. There was a lot of vitality and joy in the air. Few couples I’ve seen laugh so much at a wedding.
How easy it is to have a wedding where they give free rein to your imagination and trust in your work. A luxury!!
From the beginning, they told me “Inma we trust your style. All we want is for you not to be on top of us and get the best of the wedding”. I immediately answered them: That’s done!!
So I felt so good the whole time. It’s all very easy when you have no pressure anywhere and you can do your job freely.
I haven’t talked about the finca yet, the Son Mir finca is beautiful. It gives a lot of play in terms of lighting and exteriors where you can take pictures. It has a super nice mill and a beautiful orange grove.
Everything was taken care of in detail. I have done many weddings and few have been as carefully prepared as this one.
People didn’t wait an hour between plates. The decoration was carefully designed. Marc Fosh’s catering was wonderful, nobody was left hungry.
For those of you who think that a wedding in October can be a cold one, I can tell you that most of them were in short sleeves or straitjackets… It is true that a jacket is not bad if there are no stoves at the banquet.
Come and get married in Mallorca, it will be a wedding with a dream environment.

Mallorca Weddings

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