Weddings photographers in Leon

by Inma del Valle
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Weddings photographers in Leon

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Mabel and Diego’s wedding was definitely one of my favorite as weddings photographers in Leon. From the beginning they were willing and confident in my work. For me it is very important as I know that they trust my style and let me do my work in the best way.


We started with the pictures of the groom in a charming hotel, the hotel staff allowed us to take pictures in the suite and in the hotel hall. In this place I wanted to do something where I wanted to highlight the elegance of the groom and the architecture of the place. I like this kind of places very much as weddings photographers in Leon.

The hotel was a great place to take pictures from different angles and depths. After I finished the pictures with the groom, I went to the bride’s house. A house with a garden with an exquisite decoration as they have a furniture and decoration company. The truth is that it was all very easy. In the other case, the bride as you can see is beautiful, her family is lovely. They let me set up the stages I wanted inside the house. It’s nice when they treat you like if you’re family.


I have to say that Mabel and I have been going to school since we were kids and this helps too. I was very lucky as a weddings photographers in Leon. After the church we headed to the amazing restaurant they had chosen. I loved coming to this place to take pictures and listen to Enya’s music. This wedding was full of surprises: the bride played the piano.

The delivery of the bouquet was very exciting and there was live music. As you can see on my website there are different types of weddings because I like to customize each one of them depending on the place, the lighting and especially the taste of the bride and groom. It is always a photojournalistic style, there are no forced poses and you can breathe the dynamism in each photo.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best weddings I had.

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Weddings photographers in Leon

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