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Wedding photography in Mallorca, Inma del Valle photographer


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Wedding photography in Mallorca, Inma del Valle photographer
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A very special couple who trusted my work and let my imagination run free.
At Carol and Manu‘s wedding there were their closest people, the ones who really love you and even though they have travelled halfway around the world, they are there because they really want to.
Sixty guests were invited to a small but charming estate-finca , with the utmost care and attention to detail.
First we had a fabulous day in the middle of autumn, we all prayed that it wouldn’t rain….
I started by taking pictures of the groom in Marraxinet, the Asis Marraxinet hotel, a rustic estate with a very special charm, a place where you can breathe peace above all.
The groom was dressed in an elegant “Mafedo Nuvis” suit.
The bride was putting her dress on in her beautiful country house where there was no shortage of close friends and very cute nephews!!
In other case, the bride’s dress was by “Dreams of the bride”, her hair was in charge of “Kika’s hairdresser’s.”
The make-up was by “It style Porto Pi”.
Moreover, the flowers were the responsibility of the’Royal Florist’, she carried a really beautiful bouquet.
The entire ceremony and banquet was held at the “Son Caló petit event” estate, a cosy place with exquisite decoration. On the other hand, there was no shortage of lobster and other succulent dishes on the menu.
At the cocktail party we were able to enjoy a spectacular ham and cheese by Ca Na Laia.
The cake was really original by “Guindalia”,and it was delicious.
And finally the wedding rings by “Piña Grau”, simple and elegant.
The best thing of all was the dance that the couple did , a spectacular and very original choreography.
It’s nice to do weddings like this, I really had a good time.
I love wedding photography in Mallorca.

Wedding photography in Mallorca


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