Family session in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"happy family shooting in Palma de mallorca"

Family session in Mallorca

One of the photo sessions I enjoy most is the family session in Mallorca. I think it’s great to be able to share a few hours with them and get to know a little bit.

Without a doubt, one of the most responsible things in life is being a parent. First of all, I think it takes a lot of determination to plan and carry it out.It is a subject that cannot be taken lightly and at some point in life the decision comes.

"ALT" "family session in Mallorca love"
"ALT" "family session in Mallorca"

Family life

If you’ve been lucky enough to have parents and siblings you may have a reference. I know many families that have several siblings and are used to something like this. They love to have a life totally full of people in their house and see it as something very natural.

I know other people who may have grown up alone, have been only children and that influences them. They may want to have many children and create their own family. It may also make them not want to have children or only one because they have been happy that way.

In any case, every time I do a family session in Mallorca and take pictures of parents with their children, it gives me a lot of tenderness. As a photographer in Mallorca, I had a great time at the family session in Mallorca you can see in this post. They are lovely and the way they are handling their child’s growth is great.

"ALT""family session in Mallorca in arms"
"ALT""family session in Mallorca up"

Parents who travel

They love to travel all over the world, they have visited many countries. We were talking about some of the places they have gone and their experiences.

They were in Thailand where I would have liked to go before all this Coronavirus stuff. I had to stop that trip for fear of how close it was to China. Besides, it was the middle of the Chinese New Year and I thought that many would go to Thailand. So I changed it at the last minute to my regret and decided to go to Mexico to the Riviera Maya. Which was also an incredible trip, it has to be said.

They had been to Thailand and recommended that I go there in the future because they had a great time. Above all, they liked the part of Asia and Japan. They, like me, are in love with different food and the Japanese one they  love it. So I have a couple of trips pending.

Talking about it in this family sesión in Mallorca, they told me that they were very determined to continue traveling with their son. Little Gerard is not yet one year old and has already been to Formentera. They are very clear that they want to share with him all those experiences. They are very capable of adapting to be able to continue travelling with him.

"ALT" family shooting in mallorca"
"ALT" family shooting in mallorca"

Family session in Mallorca

In this family session in Mallorca I wanted to take them to a very special place. Of all the island of Mallorca one of the beaches that I like the most is Son Mesquida.

I find the back part spectacular with all the dunes, it´s like you are in another country. It´s like going to the desert all of a sudden with all those natural dunes so well taken care of. They have renovated the wooden stairs that are suspended above and you can walk on them.

As a photographer in Mallorca I wanted to take some beautiful pictures of them in this family session in those natural dunes with the dim light of the morning. Since the little one had to be well rested to be calm, we planned it this way.

We met very early at 8.00 am in Cala Mesquida. As soon as I saw the little one I fell in love. He is so cute and has spectacular blue eyes. I knew right away that it was going to be a very nice family sesión in Mallorca.

They looked very much in love and have been together for many years now, I loved that.

We started walking up the stairs and found a dune where there was some shade. In spite of being so early in the morning the summer sun was beginning to beat down.

"ALT" family funny shooting in mallorca"

Family Session Experience

They both did things to keep Gerard entertained and more or less posed.

One of the most difficult things in a family session in Mallorca with young children is to keep them still. It's easy for them to keep going and be restless all the time. That's why you have to take advantage of the experience and try to be quick. Above all, you have to know what to do and how you want the family session in Mallorca to go.

There were changes of costumes, the color blue suited him very well with his little eyes. Once we finished in the dunes we went to the beach area.

At the end of the walkway we reached a beautiful area of rocks and sand where I took some pics of the three of them.

"ALT" Happy family shooting"
"ALT" Happy family shooting"

We also took advantage of the time to take some pictures of the two of them alone as a couple. They had never had the opportunity to take pictures like this before. So they loved it and had a great time playing and running around the water on the shore. I loved seeing how in love they are with each other, it's a beautiful family.

Once we finished the family session in Mallorca they decided to stay on the beach longer. We said goodbye until the next week when I would give them the photos. Little Gerard will undoubtedly have a very nice memory of this stage of his life.

I thank them for trusting me as a photographer in Mallorca, I am sure we will see each other again.

Family shooting in Mallorca

"ALT" family shooting in mallorca"
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