Pre-wedding photos in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca bn"

Pre-wedding photos in Mallorca 

We are all over Spain suffering these heat waves that I don’t know if they are waves or tsunamis. Well here in Mallorca July and August are being two horrible months. It is impossible to do anything without praying for the temperatures to go down. Besides, the humidity of the island makes it worse, it seems to be even hotter.

For me as a wedding photographer I am in high season, I suffer from it but thank goodness I don’t stop working. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to meet great people and they ask me to do cool stuff. This is the case of these pre-wedding photos in Mallorca.

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca amor"

They are Lorena and Joaquin a lovely couple who live in Seville. They contacted me saying that they were going to travel to the island and that they wanted to do some pre-wedding photos in Mallorca. Apparently they are getting married in Seville in November, which is very smart. Seeing the weather with the climate change and that everything is changing. Maybe the weddings will start to take place from September onwards. Anything is possible, stranger things have been seen.


"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca mirando"

Vacationing in Mallorca

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca beso"
"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca paseo"
"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca diversión"

Well, this couple told me that they were sailing with a boat all over the island. They were going on vacation with their whole family and asked if we could arrange a date for them. They really wanted to take pictures before getting married and I was very excited.

Here as you know in summer it is very crowded and it is very difficult to find a place without people. Naturally they wanted to take the pictures in some sea area so we had to look for a location. They were going to get off the boat in Porto Cristo near the coves of Mallorca. So I started looking for places in that area. With this heat going from one place to another was a bit crazy. Besides, it was like an impossible mission in the middle of August. However, the day we met to do the pre-wedding photos in Mallorca I found it.

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca novia guapa"
"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca mimos"

Secret place in Mallorca

I am not going to say where it is because semi-secret places without people are very coveted, but I did find it. We went to pick them up at the nautical port of Porto Cristo and I finally met them. They were even more handsome in person and made a very nice couple. They were combed and groomed with a few changes of clothes that they brought on hangers.

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca risas"
"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca besazo"

It was hard for Lorena to let go of the fan her niece had left her with all the hot weather. With her long hair and all dressed up it’s hard to be glamorous and look good. The humidity makes everything stick to you and it’s not a very pleasant feeling.

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca pelazo"

Pre-wedding photos in Mallorca

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca vistas"
"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca beso con vistas"

Well, we went to the secret place I had found for them. We parked and went down some stairs that led us to some rocks. From there it was mandatory to wear flat shoes, so Lorena’s high heels made it difficult to walk. She behaved like a champion and with Joaquín’s help she overcame all the obstacles.

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca a caballito"
"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca novio guapo"

I made them do a lot of things with the sun on their backs and the truth is that they paid a lot of attention to me. Sometimes it’s not easy to be a model even if it’s only for a few hours. These pre-wedding photos in Mallorca were coming out great. We were all having a good time and little by little the sun was going down and it wasn’t as hot as before. Lorena and Joaquin had brought three wardrobe changes as I usually ask couples to do. They were quite color coordinated and looked great in all the pictures, which is not easy.

Island paradise

I am very lucky to live on this island. It offers me a lot of alternatives in terms of places to take pictures. Whether it is the beach area with the shore and the sea, or the view of the sea from far away. There are also many areas of pine trees that are green all year round and so also the countryside and the mountains. I love as a photographer in Mallorca to have so much variety.

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca en la roca"
"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca risas juntos"

We went after the pine forest area that was a bit upwards to a kind of cliff. There Lorena had a bit of a hard time because apparently she has vertigo. The truth is that I do too, but working I kind of concentrate and I don’t suffer it so much. So I tried to take those pictures quickly and without her looking down too much.

"ALT"fotos de preboda en Mallorca enamorados"

Little by little we finished these pre-wedding photos in Mallorca. We made our way back through the rocks and got into the car. Already in the marina we said goodbye with a kiss and wishing them all the happiness in the world. It had been a pleasure to meet them and spend this time together. A week later when I sent them the pictures they loved them, they will have a precious memory for life.

Pre-wedding photos in Mallorca

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