Photo shoot in Tulum

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum"

Photo shoot in Tulum

For me one of the most important things in life is to be able to travel. We have had the pandemic that has lasted so long. Unfortunately many plans and many things we wanted to do could not be done. Luckily it seems to be better for everyone and I have been able to travel again and do this photo shoot in Tulum.

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum magia"

Mexico is a country that I love and inspires me. Its culture, its landscapes, the people are so special. It is a set of magical things. I had the good fortune two years ago just in February 2020 to go to Mexico. Before we all got locked up I was able to have an amazing trip. Once the season starts it is no longer possible for me to go anywhere or have a vacation. That’s why I always try to get away before and discover new places.

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum México"

Travelling to México

We were going to go to Thailand but all of a sudden the covid for China started and I thought it would not be a good idea. Besides it was the Chinese New Year and it was going to be full of Chinese people. As an alternative Mexico seemed the best so I changed all the plans and went there. It was an incredible few days and just two weeks after returning I was confined.

I fell in love with this country so much that this year I wanted to go back. I was advised a lot of new places and I also wanted to go to others that I wanted to repeat. That’s why I did this photo shoot in Tulum because it was a city that attracted me a lot.

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum diversión"

It is a city that has several and very different parts. There is a huge contrast because there is the part of the center where the locals live. Here there are houses built in any way and everything is a bit chaotic. It is also the area where backpackers from all over the world stay. Then a few streets away, less than 10 minutes by car, begins the tourist area of the big resorts.

They are five star hotels built in the middle of the jungle. You have to take a bumpy road where motorcycles, cabs, buses are passing you like in Mario Bros. Suddenly you reach an area where one after another on the left you will find all the resorts.

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum pareja"

Resorts in Tulum

Most of them use a very typical decoration of that area with lots of wood and vegetation. All beautifully designed where luxury blends with nature without missing anything of modern life. Almost every hotel has its own beach club at the front and there are many parties and events during the high season. Electronic music is very popular here and the best dj’s in the world come to play … .

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum besos"

In one of these beach clubs I had the opportunity to meet this couple for a photo shoot in Tulum. They were there for a music festival and when I saw them I thought they would be ideal for a nice sunset photo shoot

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum guapos"

As soon as I saw the two of them I was really attracted to them and I knew they were perfect for my style of photography. I approached them and immediately introduced myself by showing them a bit of my work on instagram. They were so nice that they immediately accepted the offer and we went to a kind of dock that was on the beach.

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum felices"

Sunset in México

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum amor"

The colors of the sky for this photo shoot in Tulum were brutal. The sunsets here are perhaps the best in the world. I will never tire of enjoying them everywhere I go in Mexico. Two of the best are on the islands of Holbox and Isla Mujeres. People usually stay until this time to witness and make a wish or two.

As we were heading towards the end of the pier I noticed that hundreds of seagulls had landed as if waiting for us. I made them both run towards them to capture a very special photograph. It was amazing the energy with the two of them. We immediately connected and they let each other do all sorts of things. You already know that I’m not into posing and I’m a photographer of moments and everything is very spontaneous.

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum juegos"
"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum risas"

Photo shoot in Tulum

Well, with these two guys things flowed a lot and little by little between laughs and hugs the sun went down. It will be a moment that I will remember all my life because of the place and what we all experienced. When we finished giving each other a big hug they told me who they were and I freaked out. It turns out they are both dancers and they live and work in New York. I immediately told them that I was able to go in November and I loved it.

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum colores"

When I could see at the hotel their instagram accounts I could tell they are two great artists. When I sent them the photos the next day they congratulated me and loved them. It didn’t surprise me being artists that they appreciated the moment and the opportunity to do this photo shoot in Tulum. I thank them and hope to meet them on more occasions to make things just as interesting.

"ALT"sesión de fotos en Tulum puesta de sol"

Photo shoot in Tulum

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