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by Inma del Valle
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I would like to tell you something about the last photo session that I did in the restaurant Es Pinaret. To start with, I would like to highlight the beauty of this place because it leaves you speechless.

As soon as you enter this beautiful place, I realised about the magic that it radiates. Besides, nobody can deny the peace that can be breathed inside. The owners came out quickly to greet me. How kind and charming they are!

Although I usually do not have any complaint about any customer, on this occasion everything was special. Undoubtedly, they are the typical people who think: “The better I treat people, the better job I will receive”.

In first place, I started taking pictures of the entrance and the exterior of the restaurant. I had to take photos in the morning and in the evening to have photos with different light of the same place.

As you can appreciate on the photos, the restaurant was situated on a privileged location Ses Salines is only a few kilometres from the most spectacular beaches in Mallorca.

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I have to point out the great job of all the waiters. Without doubt, all of them colaborated to make the photoshot a success. Of course, I also took pictures of the owners and staff. The environment is excellent and there is a great spirit of cooperation. All of them make everything work in an exceptional way. They treat the clients in a familiar way.


Once I had finished the photos outside, they invited me to enter their incredible kitchen. There, we continued with the session, taking photos of the starters: Carpaccio of octopus and shrimp with mango. Everything was delicious!


Then, we started with photos inside and outside at night.Inside, we can appreciate an elegant decoration. They pay attention to all the details.


When the night arrives, everything is even more beautiful. Thanks to the lighting, everything becomes more special. Furthermore, they hold different art exhibitions that turn the place into a more interesting place.

30 minutes after opening the doors, it was completely full and people did not stop entering trying to enjoy the food. It is important to book in advance  if you don´t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the place.

 Finally my favourite part: Photos of the main dishes. (I had previously enjoyed a glass of wine while I tasted the starters that I had previously photographed.)

They have some dishes that people cannot resist: prawns with garlic, burrata, salmon asia, sirloin, loin pork, lamb, beef steak…All of them are cooked with art.

Here you can see some of photos of  the following dishes.

photographer Mallorca product

Apart from all the above mentioned, it is impossible not to mention their barbacue…impressive.

Not only before but also after cooked, everybody can appreciate the quality of the meat.


This was the perfect ending for the photoshot.

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